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    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    I wonder if there are enough of us doing this to make the thread work:

    Post your videos! They must be videos or films that you have made yourself, or appear in, or worked on in some significant capacity - video or film that you were involved in the creation of, in some way.

    Don't post it if you weren't involved in making it!

    They can be silly one off things you got on camera, or they can be full fledged real film productions. I know @oldhat has made some insane stop motion animated shorts, and we all know @vornaskotti is working on the eagerly anticipated Iron Sky. @HeyApathy has those videos of the game that was made out of his artwork.

    Let's make this a thread, like the art and photography ones, to share video/film projects we are all involved in.

    Here's something I did today - a very quick camera test of the currently available light in our semi trailer art space. I'm going to be making a kind of supernatural horror short in here:

    (I used about a minute of music from a track by our own @IronImp. You should go get music from him, as he makes great noises.)

    (Full disclosure: I started this thread because I have a few video projects finally coming together, and wanted to have a place here to show them off. I'm hoping there are enough of us doing video or film that this thread works. If it turns into just me posting over and over again, I promise I will not try to keep it artificially alive.)

    Show us your moving pieces!
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    Oh, I was dreaming about a regular video threat ! Okay, oddbill, I'm writing this secretely at work, I can't watch your video for the moment, but I'll do it later. Anyway, it looks much more evolved than my pieces.

    I've got to confess something obvious about my vids : I'm new into that. I started it because an editor asked me if I could edit one of my published photographies in a "special web version" and I turned it in a video. So for the moment, I don't write any story. It is more a way of "painting in movements" and I gather photographies and films more in a thematic way, than a truly narrative one. Here, the narration is supposed to emerge from the editing (never very easy).

    So yes, somehow they are what this threat should fear most : "abstract stuff" (I think this is Warren's main reason why there never was such a threat).

    The "exercice" means also a very low quality of image, I started doing them with my phone. There is a last film I'm currently editing that will still be low-tech, but the next one will be HD and I'll soon start using a professionnal editing software.

    So, here is my latest video. It's called CAB RIDE and it is entirely shot from a London cab at night.

    So now you can trash it, or love it. And there is much worse on my blog Les Fonds du Tiroir (under "Films").

    P.S. WhiteChapel seems to take some time when you embed videos. They don't show on the preview, but it works after a few ...
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    I won't be posting here much, seeing as I don't do a lot of video work, but I'll put up a somewhat older video project I did.

    This was a final for a digital design class I took. I wrote it and directed it. I lucked out with it, as my boyfriend at the time was friends with the guy who was the lead in every play at my college that year, and he convinced him to come and act for me. I was able to use the gallery I worked in as a set while it was empty between hanging shows. I paid everyone with fudge.

    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011 edited
    @oddbill - Great idea for a thread! Lovely tests you have there. The film's going to look great!

    *Edit. I'll be back soon with actual videos that I can embed on wc. I'm working on my final project for my masters in animation, due in a month. 2D loose, flowy animation with lots of runnning and escaping stuff. Since I can't embed right now, here's some links. I've got some test shots from my new animation up on flickr and a couple of older animations on my personal site.
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    @Seb those test shots are great! That's like, 101 Dalmatians era Disney quality work!

    @Kieran - believe me, your pieces are far more evolved than what I've posted. I was just testing out a camera. Your cab ride impressionist video is lovely! I don't think anyone here is going to object to abstract work. Also, the low res camera is an excellent tool for this sort of piece. One of the most interesting things I've come to realize as I play around with video is that people can accept almost any kind of image quality. We are so used to seeing all sorts of low rez or distorted or grainy imagery done as deliberate choices, to convey mood. But if the sound you use is less than professional, that's what makes a piece feel amateur.

    What you and I have done by laying music over the images is avoid the difficulties of constructing professional sound by subcontracting it to the score. But the most important aspect of a solid video presentation seems to be, surprisingly, the sound.

    @Fishelle - that's a really solid totalitarian parable, and I love the 1950s school behavior instructional film thing you've done with the Milgram experiment. You're absolutely right about the actor you got, his performance sells the film!
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011 edited
    Here's a video I did aaaages ago (well...2008) as a promo for the film The Adventures of Power. It was supposed to be his arrival in Toronto. Forgive the...crappiness of the lighting. It was a surprisingly bright day and the camera was...less than ideal.

    Next up was part of a really fun project where I worked on DVD extras. This was an "office-style" shoot that featured Toronto-famous comedian Trevor Boris and Canada-Famous-Son-Of-Former-Prime-Minister Ben Mulroney

    And here's a promo video I did back in 2009 for Crush Luther.
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    @oddbill -> Thank you for the review !

    True sound is a pain in the arse ! On my first videos I mostly used public domain or creativ commons sounds, but I soon realised that I just can't ad something so important that was made from somebody else ... except classical music. So I had to take a try at music something I've absolutely never did... It's not good music, but I think it reaches its purpose.

    Ive also got to admit that I edited it with Windows Live Movie Maker, which is a fun tool to start, but it is very weak regarding the sound editing. Almost impossible to be precise.

    I'm currently working on three other pieces. Two of them are supposed to be the last of a "low-teched" series. One may still take some time (mostly a morphing through pictures thingy) and one is a weird trip shot in Amsterdam and this one will a be pleasant nightmare to edit and there will be music and sounds. The third film, will be HD and shot in Rome.

    Anyway, would you have some advices about a good (and free) sound library ? Most of the webpage I found are quite expensiv and none has a really complete library ?

    Ok, now I need to open a dictionnary and try to find the word "subcontracting".
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2011
    Thank you! You have no idea how nice it is to have someone watch that and have an intelligent response.
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2011 edited
    Allright, here is another piece of videos. I wasn't that much inspired by the titled, but it is still one of my favorites.

    I did the whole movie from the scratches of three single pictures using whatever works.

    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2011
    so here's this...done for a 48 hour film project here in town where the movie had to be written, shot, and edited within 48 hours...this is the rough cut, since the editor was too drunk to get an early start on the last day of production, with almost half the script accounted for...i am the guy with the goatee rambling and smoking....

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    AWESOME! I do motion work so this threads for me! Also if anyone needs post work done on anything let me know.
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    The main project I had to worry about this semester gone was a 15 second animation project. Oh how we laughed when our teacher said 15 seconds was going to makes us hate our group mates and the subject...Anyway, here it is!

    Most of the work was done by everyone except me, so hopefully I can make something by next year that is actually mine.
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    (Hmm, why not...)

    See, I've got a gig coming up at the end of next month (on the 27th), and I figured it'd be interesting to do a live soundtrack kind of thing. So basically I've been asking around for a silent (or as yet soundtrackless) movie to play on. Lengthwise anything from 30 to 90 minutes goes. Abstract stuff is good, but not an absolute requirement.

    And here's what I sound like: Taphead.

    I will be recording the gig, so you'd definitely get a soundtrack out of the deal, should you choose to use it.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2011
    I filmed a minute of rain from my balcony this afternoon:

    I love days like this.
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    I've written and directed two short films. I'll embed them both here, but I recommend watching on YouTube -- especially due to the second one's subtitles, which are uncomfortably small in the embed.

    The first, PIANOFORTE, is a black-and-white silent comedy about a sadistic piano teacher and his student/victim. The intertitles couldn't be translated from Portuguese effectively, but they are not essential, since the majority of the film is pantomime.

    The second, PORCA MISÉRIA, is a dark comedy about four gangsters having a meeting which they have trouble keeping friendly. Click on the CC button to activate English subtitles.

    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2011
    I know someone who can take care of your child.

    That was an incredible delivery of that line. Holy shit!
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    @oddbill: Once the actor, Max Mendes, understood just how psychopathic I wanted him to look and sound, he nailed it. I was very happy with the actors. And regarding your camera test -- those decayed, brownish walls look very, very promising.
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    I, for the life of me, am all thumbs when it comes to embedding video. I've tried several different approaches. Is there something I'm missing here?
    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2011
    When you preview your post, even if you do everything right, it doesn't show that it's embedded. That makes things difficult.
    If it's youtube, you can click where it say video/mp3 in the comment box, and paste the url, and it will work. It won't seem like it's working, but it will.
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2011
    One of the things to be aware of about youtube it that, when on youtube you hit the share button and select the "link to this video link", by default it seems to feed you the shortened link, the "" version of the link. This will not embed here.

    On youtube, when you click share and want to copy the link, click the "show options" link right after the shortened url that appears and select the "long link" checkbox, then copy the longer link that appears. Then bring that here, and in the post click the "video/mp3" button and paste in your longer link. That will work.

    Other video sites like Vimeo just will not embed here, so if you want to show us something you've done there, you just have to link us to it with a regular link and let us click through.