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    Well, I already posted this in the "musicians/bands" thread, but it was a while ago. I'm not really a videographer or anything, but I've done what I can with what I had. Basically a short abstract video to showcase the music.

    And so:

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    Ok, everyone here has really amazing and well put together videos, and I'm not sure that mine will really rate. Here is me having been asked to tell a "sexy story". I think I may have posted it here a while ago.

    Q: Tell me a sexy story.... from fox on Vimeo.

    Also, I was asked about impressions:

    Q: Do you do any good impressions? from fox on Vimeo.

    There is also the two stop motion animation shorts me and my old partner did. The first started as a test, and we just kept going. The second was planned as a longer sequel, but that too, we pretty much just made up as we went along, which ended up being pretty Evil Dead-ish.

    MARCH OF THE PUMPKINS 2 from Stefan Decarlo on Vimeo.

    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2011
    OK, I've just done a first pass of my animation showreel, so here it is:

    It contains much of my major piece for last semester, Tipping Point, which you can see here in it's entirety using the password: aim
    Password: aim

    I'm working on that one a little more, then sending it to festivals, who can be funny about stuff being online, hence the private link.
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2011
    @Seb Nice!
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2011
    @oddbill - Thanks! Now I just need to work on more things to put in the showreel :)
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    Another abstract piece, but the complexity of whole thing proved to be fatal on Windows Live Movie Maker, so I had to turn over to Adobe Premiere Pro and it may not be my best film, but the result is quite interesting for something shot with a smart-phone ...

    Weirs, seems that embeding videos doesn't really work now ... so here to White Light District ...