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    Hello Whitechapel!

    I am writing a book………….big whoop isn’t everyone?
    I’ve been trying to be a writer for years now and have finally taken the plunge, but seeing how I am completely unsure if my skills will pay said bills I’ve started posting the book online as I write it.

    Not the usual way to do these things I know but it is the only way I believe I will truly start and finish a project.

    So far it has had surprisingly good reviews from the small amount of friends who I’ve pestered to read it.
    But I’d like some real criticism, some more honest remarks from people who don’t know me and won’t care if they offend me.

    Frankly I respect the views of this bored, you all appear to be a bunch who won’t shot me down for the sake of it but rather attempt to help me (I hope)

    The book is lightly edited so you can except some grammar and probably some spelling mistakes. Especially at the start is it was only being edited and thrown online by myself.

    The website is

    I hope you enjoy it and come back to read more each Monday.

    Oh and if I’ve broke some rule by posting this I apologise in advance.

    Edit: Blurb Attached

    The 3rd is dead.

    Like a stone cast into a great lake, word of his death ripples out

    into the world, with it tales of a stranger capable of smiting

    the god-like rulers known as The Three Lords.

    The Cowboy

    Capable of the unthinkable. This stranger rides on a quest for vengeance

    accompanied by two unlikely allies who find their

    fates interwoven in ways they can scarcely imagine.


    The last of her clan and peaceful nomad of the barren wastes.

    Bound by an ancient oath of blood she will travel to a world

    she never knew existed.


    A feared and renowned assassin who serves the 1st lord ruler above all others.

    Can this arrogant warrior be trusted not to betray his new allies and, what questions

    drive a man to turn his back on all he knows in the pursuit of answers?

    Vast armies and deadly assassins move in a bid to stop

    this group of unlikely heroes. The growing rumours

    have reached the ears of the remaining lords. A saviour has come

    to restore balance to the world. If only humanity

    knew, their very Saviour is one of the very kin who aided in its destruction.

    The 4th has returned.

    The world will never be the same

    [Edit to switch the category -- I think "printheads" is probably the home for writing, even in an e-form -- and to linkify the URL. --Si.]
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    Hi Peter,

    A couple of things:
    -It might encourage more people to check it out if you give an idea as to what type of book it is. That being said, not saying what type might make more people click on the link* to find out.
    -Do you want people to edit it as well as give an opinion as to what they think?
    -According to this, this thread should probably be under Web Nuggets. Maybe one of the mods will change that for you?
    -Good luck. I hope it works out for you. I'll check out what you've put up when I get a chance.

    *Edit the URL so that it's a link. Some people are lazy and might not be bothered to copy and paste.
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    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2011
    Thanks for the edits Si

    And thanks for the advice @Warped Savant

    Readers are more then welcome to give advice and any edits they may have noticed. I'll handle implementing them so not to course any issues.

    Really I should have sorted out a blurb, I’m currently working on that. When I have one done I will throw it on here.
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    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2011
    Thanks to all who visited yesterday.

    Anyone have some advice or critiques?


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    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2011
    Morning all, Act five is now online of the on-going novel 4th. Finally a few questions answered.
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    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2011

    Added the blurb to the start of this thread

    Chapter Two starts today