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    • CommentAuthorCaBil
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2008
    If you check back to my first post (here) I didn't say much, simply because I was trying to get ahold of the amount of writing I need to do. Today I managed to do my daily tasks, write up a review for my manga review site and write my 1500 words that I need to just to keep up with my commitments for the Serenity project (which I am still trying to determine how much I can talk about it.) and start work on my first 3 pages of Zephyr Dray

    Basically I took the idea that Serenity was about a western in space, and that the characters, no matter who they were in the RPG, will still have the same hard-luck life that the characters in the show did. In trying to put together the links between traditional and space westerns, I thought of the link of legends. In the west, or at least our perceived view of the west, the legends of the past were mythic. We are talking about The Seven Cities of Gold, El Dorado and Antillia. So Serenity, as a western, we need to have a mythic past that was still accessible, as compared as being back on Earth-That-Was. The only way I could that is think about of Exodus of humanity from Earth to the 'Verse. Artifacts and items from that time would serve as the same mythic purpose. And cause many of the same problems.

    But my project at TokyoPop is called Zephyr Dray. It's about a year and half old by now, having gone through several permutations. I usually work from setting and theme in towards the characters and story. For some reason it is just easier for me to start that way. And bit by bit, this story evolved into something similar to steampunk, but not quite. Steampunk has an Victorian edge about it in it's traditional form, but this is not Victorian. It is frontier American, but not the great western expansions as we traditionally think of them in the later half of the nineteenth century, but the original frontier of the first half of the century, where the Appalachian mountains were fierce barriers, where the Great Wilderness Road defined generations and even the formal was not very. At time that railroads were still new and people traveled by prairie schooners and Conestogas.

    Which means, of course, hideous amounts of research. I spent a couple hours last night trying to research early rail passenger cars, found a wonderful British museum site, which told me of all the cars it had in its collections that I knew would give me the look and feel I needed, but did not have a single picture of them. I eventually found the references I needed, and inserted the images into the script, but that bit of research stopped me cold until I got it done. Which means I am still on page one, but now that I have the setting (with the art references in place) the first three pages are all one scene with the same setitng, so hopefully I will not have to go google diving until after I send in the first three pages, and keep my editor happy...

    And with that, I go back to work.

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