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    I was going to ask all the musicians/creators-of-sound of WHITECHAPEL a few questions on their recording setup, instrumentation, and the like on the MUSICIANS, BANDS, and NOISEMAKERS thread but figured that wasn't really the right spot. So I'm starting this for people who would like to discuss such things.

    I've just upgraded a level in Cakewalk's SONAR series and am digging it already. I know a lot of people don't use Cakewalk, but when I was like 15 my parents got me their Guitar Tracks software (which is like 30 bucks now; and I don't think they're even updating it anymore) so I'm used to the system. Plus, I've got some bills to pay and am simply unable to drop the amount for ProTools. Maybe someday.

    But it really is amazing the quality of home studio one can have in their own home nowadays on the cheap and easy. In a room in my basement I've got a set of turntables (they're Stantons from a few years back), and an MPC (the 2000XL, blue model) running into a little mixer. I use a line-in/analog to USB adapter to run any one of those things into my laptop. When I want to record guitar, I like to mic an amp/acoustic (line-in w/ guitars weirds me out) out in the garage. So I'll take a XLR to USB adapter and run a cord out there, or just bring my laptop out there will me to lay down guitar. For bass, I just line in.

    All of this was very cheap, and the quality of recording is pretty decent. I was looking into getting a new MIDI controller soon -- I fucking hate hashing out all the notation on a PianoRoll view -- anyone have any suggestions for a cheap and easy MIDI controller (keyboard style; keep in mind I do have an MPC)?

    All of this is leading me to ask:

    - What kind of software do you use?
    - Hardware?
    - How do you record live instrumentation (if you do)?
    - And, if you're so inclined, show me pics of your recording space because I'm a techphile and would love to see it.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2011
    It's not mine, but I've been working with Thomas Dolby for the last 2 years, and he gave KEYBOARD magazine a really nice interview and tour of his lifeboat studio, with all the gear and details you are asking about.