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    The newer Appleseed films might fall in the no-duh section

    Sword of the Stranger is amazing.

    Origin is good too.
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    @Warped Savant danka I'll likely put out a call here for people to poke the site.

    My current problem is finding someone to build it. I messaged a company with my specifications and they asked what my budget it- from what i thought it was the other way around they tell you how much all it will cost. From what I've seen it will cost me 4,000 on the low end. Wanting something good I was expecting them to let me know "well you want a cheap ass looking piece of shit" it will cost you X if you want something nice and crisp and artistic (like you specified) it will cost Y. I already have a fantastic graphic designer <3 so I know i have someone to throw pretty things in there. I've had plenty of offers to "help" but I've got the hubby for that part. He just can't do from the ground up.

    I've also cut down a lot of the things I was going to put on there. No tier system and no chat (but there is a contact me section) I'm defiantly not going the flash route i've run into a few sites run on it and found it pretty but frustrating.
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    Funny you should mention it, just finished reading Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker. Grim, very grim - remember Threads, back in 1980whatever it was? Well this is what happens next. A punch little read and about as far from happy happy joy joy as it's possible to get, there were bits where I could actually smell the shit.
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    I used to do websites for certain adult services so I can probably help you out though my dreamweaver skills may be slightly rusty. I can also help some with getting your site known in appropriate places. You can find my email in my profile.
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    Cheers peoples, there's loads to think about.
    I may as well say that, @Flabyo, you have turned me into a blubbering wreck of a man. 5 Centimeters Per Second is outstanding, *sniff*

    I can second Riddley Walker, mad, muddy sort of a thing, it is.
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    I have a Nokia 5800 xpress music and I use the browser to make quick check ups on some places (email box, 2 message boards, facebook and google reader). Since the past week when google chanced readers' design I can't check anything on it. Whenever I click in one of the items on my feed the browser shuts down. Anyone have the same problem or heard about it?
    (wrote this on the cellphone)
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    BTW, there's something you need to also factor in: if you are running a website that's actually a service, not just a hobby/vanity thing, there's the matter of maintenance and ISP reliability. It's not enough just to kick the site up, there needs to be someone committed to updating the content management system, and you need to have a service provider who you can call and shout at when the site goes down from traffic or some other reason.

    That said, web design companies can cost quite a lot. It might be useful to look for freelancers running their own small outfit, get some kind of portfolio from them and give the sites to tech/web savvy friends to check. I know some people up here in Commie Reindeerland who've done such work, I'm sure there must be freelancers like that over there too.
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    5 Centimetres Per Second is one of the few films I don't look away from, even for an instant, for fear of missing even one perfectly rendered frame. Best-looking animation from any genre, for my money.
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    Actually, a pal who has done this for a living might be interested in building this service, he's currently maintaining other similar projects and he's specialized in doing functional and good web shop and net service stuff using cheap or free tools. He's based in Finland, but that shouldn't be a practical problem. Drop me an e-mail and I'll connect you two: janos ├Ąt iki dot fi
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    British Pathe` (I think thats how they say their name) has put their enitre catalogue on youtube. Those whitechaplers in the UK please help me out, since I'm not sure if its satire or real.

    I think its satire...

    Tips For Aspiring Secretarie

    I think its real...

    Playboy Bunny Girls and The Playboy Club
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    Yups. there are ones even more condescending out there.

    I really wish that the Playboy bunnies (and playboy magazine) were as classy as they were back then. We bought a few of the old magazines today actually- they had all of one pin up featured nothing gratuitous and no snatch shots. There really are a lot of articles and it was a men's magazine not just smut. Now I'm not a fan. When the club started they almost had a gesha-esq quality to them. Sure sex sells but it needn't be raunchy.
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    I was having a friendly argument with some friends today, and the subject seemed like a natural one for Whitechapel (ie: strange, a bit worrying and in the end utterly ridiculous). It is thus - if someone were to set off a nuclear warhead in the main chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, what would happen?

    Theories discussed included,

    a) The pyramid would be utterly destroyed with chunks of rock raining down across Cairo
    b) The core of the pyramid would be destroyed with the rest of the structure falling inwards
    c) The structure would be thoroughly cracked and shaken, but more or less settle back into shape
    d) The combination of nuclear force and mystical power would open a gateway into another universe (or at least summon Nyarlathotep)

    Any thoughts fellow 'Chapelers?
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    Don't kids these days learn ANYTHING?
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    If you mean the Royal Chamber, it's faced with granite but has several airshifts leading upwards.

    Most of the blast would probably be deflected up along the shafts, most likey blowing much of the top off the pyrmaid and leaving the base more or less intact.

    This depends on the size of the bomb obviously.
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    d), and the aliens would be super-pissed.

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    [wikipedia RAMPAGE]

    The Little Boy was 15 kilotons and detonated 2000m above Hiroshima, leveling every building in a 2 mile diameter.

    Modern Trident missiles can fire warheads with a yield of up to 475 kilotons, and they don't pack just the one. They can load up to twelve independently targeted warheads per Trident.

    If we're talking about just one of these, only 1/12th of it's potential power, that's still 30 times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed an entire city from over a mile up... and submarines these days can carry anything up to 24 Tridents.

    I don't think a few layers of sandstone would do anything at all.

    I'd go for,

    e) Pyramids - gone. Cairo - gone.
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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2011

    What you're basically proposing is an overground underground nuclear test. Looking at the first underground nuclear test I came across: Sedan, 1962, was a 104kT bomb buried 200m down. You can find footage on Youtube.

    The detonation lifted 11 million tonnes of earth and left a crater 100m deep and 320m wide (for scale, that loop at the bottom right is a road). By comparison, the Great Pyramid of Giza is estimated to weigh around 5.9 million tonnes.

    I concur with @TEOI - I think you can safely say goodbye to the pyramid. Cairo probably wouldn't be a good place to be either.
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    All exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I shall inform my friends to modify any insane plans they've formed appropriately ;D
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    So i know I'm both reviving what should be a dead thread AND answering something that has already been resolved BUT, I watched this anime a few months ago and it was fantastic and took me a couple of days to get the name of it. In any case, I loved this movie so much (and I'm horribly judgemental of anime):

    It's utterly fantastic and you all should watch it and now if it ever comes up I can search back into this thread because really, who the hell can remember a name like that?
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