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    if you mean PC, you should have irfanview

    you have to open it and press C to open the screenshots menu, but then you can just leave it minimized and hot-key screenshots to a folder. It also is very good at quick repetitive resizing and moving actions. I guess there might be more automated stuff for some of what it does, but it does a lot of things.
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    Ohh yeah, thanks! Yep, pc indeed. See, I didn't know Irfanview had that option, otherwise I'd grab it ages ago. Tested it and it works perfectly (set the key as Alt + Num 0, just so I don't end up doing weird wrist twisters while trying to hit both keys with one hand, heh). So thanks again :)

    #screenshots solved :D
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    @Soviet Rocket
    #changing careers
    Going through a similar thing. about to move to LA {will post more in the spleen venting thread}. I've been unemployed for over a year, feeling pretty hopeless, moving to LA for a shot at getting a job in a VFX/post-production studio. I know that I'll probably end up working a shitty job full time and then interning for free to start out, but I want to work in film and television so this is what I have to do. I think I know what you're feeling, and really, it may be the stupid answer, but it's the right one for your heart, soul and peace of mind.

    So onto my question, anyone know of any #jobsinLA?
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    New Question: #Disabilty&Income

    So. I'm on Disability in the US. I need this Disability because I am incapable of keeping a full time job or being able to support myself, especially since one does not get health coverage in the US without having a full time job, or likes to bleed money. I need some spine surgery and eye surgery and maybe some brain sorting, so the health coverage is KEY. That being said, I'd like to imagine that I could eventually find a way to work creatively to the point that I could support myself, because living on the dole sucks. I want to know how I could legally arrange my finances into some kind of LLC or other corporate entity so that I could do things like photograph events from time to time, but use that money to feed the ever draining costs of artistic supplies, website fees, computer parts, etc. I'm not trying to be sheisty here, I've done the math and I really don't think I've ever broken even, if I compare artistic income against cameras, computers, godaddy fees, transport, etc.

    So. How can I start a corporate entity for myself without giving myself anything that resembles an income that would screw up my SSDI / SSI ?
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    New question: #cleaningapiercing

    So I just got my ears pierced for the first time today and was given some studs to wear for a little while before buying some others to put on. Now...the lady told me to clean it with alcohol every day, but I forgot to ask for elaboration. Do I take the earring out and clean it or just clean the area?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Alcohol?! No no no no no. Use Bacitracin, or neosporin, or something that won't just dry the fuck out of it. Don't take the piercing out, but do rotate it. Beware of hair getting wrapped around the post.
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    I was always told that a salt water solution was best for keeping piercings clean as they heal.
    association of professional piercers
    sound advice to be found here.
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    @nelzbub hit the nail on the head. A saline solution is the best thing. H2Ocean is a great product that matches the bodies own saline level. 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to 8 oz of warm water, soak for about 15-20 minutes twice a day. As someone who has had many piercings this is the best thing for them. My first piercing was a labret,and the dumb bitch who was supposed to be a professional, that did it A: told me to use a watered down hydrogen peroxide solution and B: gave me an extra long stud. The two things combined ate away the gum around my two bottom teeth. Since peroxide destroys healing tissue.
    @oldhat how were they pierced? By gun or by needle?
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    I'm, not a fan of antibiotics as a just-in-case solution, not when there are other ways of killing bacteria. I've always used alcohol or salt water.
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    Okay so Neosporin just traps the moisture in there and since it's an antibacterial ointment, it also breeds little superbacteria if you don't use it all day every day. Also, if you look on the tubes of antibacterial ointment, it always says "not for use on puncture wounds.

    Seconding the H2Ocean, but also adding:

    Dr. Bronner's soap. It's INCREDIBLY gentle. Other non-comodogenic cleansers are also good, but I just like Dr. Bronner's.


    - Girl with 10 piercings.
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    @Dorkmuffin -

    Really? Neosporin is bad? Huh. I know that when I got my piercings, Bacitracin was always the go-to ointment recommended, but maybe that's changed?
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    Sea salt soaks are your friend. At least once, if not twice a day, dissolve 1/4 tbsp of non-iodized sea salt in warm water (as warm as you can stand without burning yourself) and soak your piercing in it for 5-10 minutes, and wipe the crusties away with a paper towel, NOT a q-tip since the cotton fuzz stays behind sometimes. Ears can be awkward to soak sometimes but just lay your head down over a mug and that should do the trick.

    As said, H2Ocean also works, and a gentle soap cleanser (NOT an antibacterial one, though antimicrobial is fine) in the shower, like DorkMuffin said, works too.

    Oh hey I just scrolled up and realized that randomentity said the same thing I did. Well, there you go. Srsly, warm saline soaks.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2011
    @Rachael - yeah, neosporin is bad because it's a thick goop that traps in moisture and doesn't let the piercing breathe. I'm not sure what Bacitracin is, but it's a cream that can be rubbed in they're usually okay, it's just the thick goopy ones that feel like vaseline are real bad.
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    What they all said. In fact, when I get any piercings these days I don't even do anything. I don't touch it, don't soak it, don't move it. I leave it the hell alone. I come from not wanting to get the crusties off myself, as I'll generally just end up moving the jewelry and getting it into the hole, which can scratch one's soft innards and cause complications with healing. I do take ridiculously hot showers though and make sure to give it a good spray & soak with my hands. Usually just the water pressure from a good shower head combined with ridiculously hot water will clear everything away.
    But for the love of god, never use neosporin, peroxide, bacitracin or anything similar as they all eat up healthy tissues and dry it out. If you think you have an infection, I recommend tea tree oil - which you can cut with vitamin e oil if it's too harsh on your skin - since it does not destroy healthy tissues. Sea salt soaks are also good if they're a little weepy, since they should clear anything out without drying it too badly.
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    Christ, I guess I'm lucky I'm not covered in pussy blister scars.
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    Dammit now I REALLY want a new piercing! Currently stretching my 1/2" lobe to 5/8"
    Also I never want to read "pussy blister scars" ever again.
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    In that, the context of the discussion ruined the phrase for you?
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    I didn't read "pussy" as a form of "pus" the first time I read it. DO NOT WANT.
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    New question: #AvoidingProcrastination

    When you need to put some time aside for something important (be it creative or professional), how do you go about not squandering that time? I find myself slowly becoming a professional procrastinator. Professionally I'm fine (for the most part), but when I sit down and try to exercise a little creativity I just seem to use the time I've set aside to dick around and do other things. Do any of you have particular techniques that help?
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    I do two things. First, I set time aside every day to Do The Work, so it becomes a habit. (Not that I successfully use it every day, but as a rule.) Second, I report on my progress every time, which makes me accountable for it. This is a technique I got started doing on the old Panel & Pixel web site, and now I do it on, which has a thread dedicated to that purpose. My productivity has "soared" from getting-nothing-whatsoever–done to slowly-getting-some-stuff-done. :)