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    #controllingidea How do you feel about "vitaphilia" for love of life? or is that just making it more complex?

    Alternately, you might look into the concept of negentropy as metaphor. I recently read a good James Tiptree Jr. biography by Julie Phillips, and there was a lot of interesting stuff on Tiptree/Sheldon's ideas about negentropy as a life goal/reason for living
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    #showusyourboobs -- The one thing I can suggest: Be really sure that it's not something you might regret in a few years. I have no suggestions on setting up a paysite. Hopefully other people on here do.
    PS: You're a beautiful woman, I imagine you'd make a fair amount of money.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2011

    I agree with Warped Savant, think of the future comicbookbunny, if you are comfortable doing it by all means. There has to be an online service to create the sites, there is for everything else.
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2011

    You should get yourself a controller of some kind, and chances are that will net you a license for a slimmed down version of Ableton Live. Things like the Korg Nano Series and the Akai LPD8 are nice things to have around, or M-Audio keyboards. Live is an awesome bit of software, and very easy to get into.
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    @Warped Savant and @Beamish #showusyourboobs Defiantly wouldn't be bothered with it later on- I'm planning on keeping it classy nothing hardcore (no sex and no sexual acts with my twat involved- just pictures of it) Keeping it geared to strip tease at most. I've got no problems with nudity what so ever and i'm a huge fan of fetishes heh.
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    Siri, so far, has been somewhere between decent and good. The voice recognition isn't always up to snuff but it could be just the way I talk (which is sometimes too fast) and it does have some limits to what it can do (for instance, it can record a message to someone, but you can't dictate changes to the message). However, I'm liking it for easy stuff like voice-dialing or searching the web for on the fly stuff.
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    #Controlling idea

    "Vitae Invictus" - "Life, unconquerable" or "Life, invincible".
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    Whitechapel is the Best Place.

    that is all.

    (thanks everyone)
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    How long have you been thinking about setting a site up? (Just to make sure it's not a impulse idea.) And, like I said, I think you could make a decent amount of money as long as it's secure so that people have to pay to log on and I find that having it so that people can't right click and save the images. Sure, there's ways around that, but I would figure it's better to dissuade people as much as possible from paying for a month, downloading everything onto their computer and sharing it all on sites life 4chan and what-have-you. (I'm talking in the long term once there's a fair amount of pictures up.)
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    #showusyourboobs side tangent:
    @Warped Savant: I would strongly advise against disabling right-click. If you do it with scripting (ie. it's a regular webpage, but you have used javascript or something similar to disable the right-click context menu functionality), it's still incredibly easy to get around for those that care, and infuriating/insulting for those that don't. The other option would be to do an entirely flash-based website, which I also advise against because I hate those things with a passion (if you are interested, I am sure there are a number of articles out there that can explain why flash-based websites are bad).

    All right, tangent rant over, you may continue.
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    Would there be a Whitechapel discount involved? /perv
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    @Warped Savant I already have my flickr site set up to do the fetish pictures (sans boobs unless i marked them as friend) I like doing it I just don't get paid for it heh. I've been wanting to do it for a while (years) never felt that anything would come of it- lately friends have been urging me to do the site.
    The draw would be a on a bit more personal level the pay means you get to see the boobs of course, you get to send requests of what you want to see, have chats and maybe a personal video sent to your in box. Maybe a tier level of subscription. level one you can see pictures of teh boobs Level two is boobs and chat plus you can request pictures to be done with your favorite fetish in mind, level three all the above and you can request video fetish fun sent to your inbox only)

    There really isn't much you can do to keep people from yoinking content- there is always screen capture. My boobs/nekked are already around the net just a bit harder to find at the moment ;) I think having the other things available as levels would still bring in money and clients and I wouldn't loose too much to people who have snipping tools.

    @government spy of course it's a consultant discount! what fetish should I do for you ;) hehe
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    I started on a new day job, which involves TV-screens in public places running ads. One part in the job is to normalize the sound and optimize it for public places. Some of the ads have just narration, some of them have music and narration both. I'm currently using SoundForge and just Normalizing the speech-only bits to -3dB, and the speech+music with RMS to -15dB and that's it - the end result is more or less okay. Nevertheless, all you sound wizard out there, is there something else that's straightforward I could do for it? Note that hi-fi quality is not needed, just reasonable uniformity of perceived sound levels and clarity in an environment where there's a lot of people, so there really is not time to thinker with each clip individually.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2011
    @Vornaskotti #soundforpublicplaces

    You'll definitely want to run a compressor (and probably a limiter) over the audio -- this will increase the perceived loudness of the sound, in a way that helps cut through whatever background noise is going on.

    I've never personally used SoundForge, but most audio editing packages have plug-ins (or built in effects) for compressors and limiters.

    In layman's terms, a compressor is like an automatic volume controller... Imagine playing the sound, keeping your hand on the volume control, turning it down when the sound gets loud and turning it up when the sound is quieter. This is what the compressor does, but as an automated effect, it can do this very quickly, and react instantly to changes in the volume.

    The effect of all this is a reduction in dynamic range (the difference in volume between the loudest and quietest parts of the audio). Your waveform will end up looking a lot less "spikey", and the audio will sound louder, even at the same numerical volume. This is what they do to TV commercials (which is why they always sound louder than the TV show), and pop music.

    For audio playing in public places with some amount of background noise, compressed audio will cut through much better.

    If you have the narration and music as separate tracks, I'd recommend compressing the narration somewhat strongly, and the music lightly (or not at all). Then tweak the volume of each so that the voice is easily hearable over the background music. Then normalize the whole thing (as you've already been doing).

    I can't offer too many recommendations for specific settings & values, since these are presented differently from program to program, but most should have a "preview" option that will let you hear the different compressor presets in realtime. The way to learn is simply to experiment with the settings & presets you have, run them, look at the waveform and hear how it sounds, then hit "undo" and try some others.

    Let me know if you want/need further tips... (I rarely get the opportunity to exercise my audio-nerdness these days!)
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    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2011
    Go out. Go out a lot. Go do wierd stuff. Eat strange food and look at world renowned art and go watch a foreign film that would never get shown at a provincial cinema. Go to a festival or a market on the weekend or take a trip out of town if it's making you crazy - you are in a massive transport hub after all. The great thing about London is that you are never actually stuck where you are.

    I grew up in a tiny village in the country and there was nothing there except fields and trees and houses. For this reason, after ten years, I am still living in London. I like being able to get a pint of milk on any given day without having to travel further than a five minute walk. I like not having to drive anywhere ever. I like being able to go to gigs and still get home in the middle of the night without it being a massive deal. I'm a member of the BFI and the Tate and I go to both regularly.

    London is all the things you described it as unless you go do stuff. Then it is all the things you described it as but at least you can do a billion things here that you can't really do anywhere else in this country.
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    Cheers, I'll try fiddling with those. Unfortunately all the audio is usually smashed on just one track and the total mix of music+speech & speech only tracks is the challenge, since they should be more or less in the same perceived volume. But I'll try fiddling with the compressors and limiters and see what happens!
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    Compressors and EQs are your friend. Like all of the most rewarding friends, they are also thoroughly infuriating.
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    Although I do hope it works out for you and some people have given some great advice/suggestions for how to get on there, I think it's also OK not to love London...

    Have worked there for 15 years but deliberately never lived in it, as I just think it'd finish me off - I just don't like the place. There's bits of it I like, yes, but mostly I just find it a toxic place that sucks the life out of me.

    But there are a lot of people I know who wouldn't dream of living anywhere else and who love all the things I hate, so I guess different places suit different people.
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    #showusyourboobs -- Since you've thought about it for awhile, I say go for it. And yeah, you guys are right. People tend to want to save stuff like that so disabling right click save would be a bad idea. If you do decide to go for it, let us know how it's progressing.

    And where to sign up ;)
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2011
    #showusyourboobs — disabling right-click would just encourage people to use screen shots. People are assholes. Also: nerds.