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    ok i know its not as interesting as seeing bunny with the hashtag #showusyourboobs underneath ;) , but ive got another internet question

    i run a very small business, and well, the recession and rising healthcare costs are starting to kill us. im working twice as hard to pull in sjust about the same money as last years returns blablablabla im trying to pull more customers essentially. we have a little website thats very basic, and i want to get us google keyworded. whats the best/cheapest way to do this for two words? not sure if i should just go straight through the Goog or what not, ive never set anything up like this.


    (please no other random advice. its not MY business, i just get paid to run it. i am just looking for this one thing.)
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2011 edited

    I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-40 bucks per groomsman, 5 total (counting the best man)

    The Deus is a superb idea I will keep in mind, thanks for the heads up. I usually drink Imperials, ales and stouts-But I'm always open to recommendations from Whitechapel!
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    I use Google adwords in my business.

    It generates hits directly, obviously, but I think it also helps raise our position in the listings.
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    I got mine Excalibur letter openers.
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    Yeah, I help the boss run his Google AdWords account and it seems like the best option... Not that I've looked elsewhere, but they've got a robust set of features and obviously it's tied directly in to Google's search page which most people use.

    If you decide to use it and want some help figuring it out just ask here again and I'll probably have some insight.
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    Making sure your site is well tagged and organized and links out to other sites can also boost the organic ratings of a page.

    I work at a marketing firm that does a lot of stuff with search but that's about all I know. That and Google AdWords is kind of what everyone uses.
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    #showusyourboobs -- As a sincere offer: If you want to have someone help test it for bugs, glitches, goofy coding, etc. I willing to spend some time doing just that. (And no, I'm not offering for the obvious reason of being a male. I'm offering because testing sites / coding is something that I genuinely enjoy doing.)
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    #tired of london
    where do you live? London is a big old place and the area you live in can seriously affect your viewpoint.
    Also try to find some secret places (for example just off NEW compton street there is a beautiful garden thats open to the public, or a cocktail from cahloo callay, (i think that's the spelling) or sunday afternoons at the Flask in highgate......basically London needs to be explored or all you get is shit food and expensive drinks and packed tubes, also Londoners are way more friendly than mancunians in my opinion, and lots of londoners are actually from elsewhere so can be pretty interesting folks...
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    Cufflinks every time. You'll find a billion online places which make funny/clever/precious cufflinks to suit all personalities and interests (ie: video gaming - get 'em some SPACE INVADERS links). They wear 'em on the big day, everyone gets to admire your generosity and taste, win win win. Throw in a tie-pin or whatever to the mix if you're feeling flush.
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    thanks all, ive set up with them. will see how this all works out. sadly i already found out i cant do exactly what i wanted, which is get keyword-linked and promoted in search order. i spoke with them and they gave me some info how to get moving in that direction, but it appears adwords really only works for those little ads that pop on the side/top that most of us probably dont even look at, haha. not THAT worried as my target demo is not necessarily internet savvy, and they dont automatically filter out the stuff that we do.

    fingers crossed! i have a pretty good job that im starting to really like and get good at...but business really is dropping off and not only does it suck, it is causing a cloud of anxiety to follow me around.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2011

    Couple of suggestions:
    1. Engraved flasks - Many malls have a place that will do engraving for cheap
    2. Non-engraved steins or nice flasks - Just because it doesn't have the reason for the gift doesn't mean they won't know who it is from or why they got it
    3. Nice dice sets (because you said they were nerds/geeks) - There are a couple of places that do sets of dice in previous stones or metal.
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    I have a shot at an unpaid review position for Subtitled Online.
    They want a 1,000 word tester review in a week, of an anime film or series of my choice.

    Settling for the obvious Mononoke / Nausicaa / Laputa (ohfuckit, all of Miyazaki) / Ghost in the Shell / Akira... would feel lazy.

    I'm currently fancying either Death Note (because it's my favourite, despite really belonging in the 'lazy, obvious' section) or the first 8 episodes of the new Hellsing (the Ultimate OVA thingummyjig) but haven't made my mind up yet.

    Whitechapel, make my mind up for me! Something decent, deep, mature(ish), y'know, review-able.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2011
    #AnimeReview - a movie rather than a series?

    Not giving a shit and fancy something really out there? Do 'Mind Game'.

    Something slightly more sensible but still 'cool rather than mainstream'? Go for '5cm Per Second'.
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    A film would certainly be more sensible! Problem is I just couldn't think of a good one that wasn't in The List.

    'Cool' would, I imagine, score me some points.

    Cheers, I'll check both of those out now.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2011
    I am now trying to resist watching Mind Game again before I go to bed. I can actually blame Warren for that one...

    he linked this clip a few years back
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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    Grim Meathook Future Fiction


    I have an urge to read fiction depicting dystopic futures of severe economic collapse and resource exhaustion. Far past the point of, say, Bladerunner, to where the vast majority of the severely reduced population leads a serflike subsistence existence stripmining old landfill sites for trace elements and pure DNA samples, while a few overlords with resources live in castles of tech wizardry. The dark corollary to Clarke's dictum: In the absence of resources, any technology is indistinguishable from magic. Post-apocalyptic, but without the apocalypse because nobody could afford it. That sort of thing.
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011

    Thanks for kind words and suggestions, folks. It's genuinely much appreciated. Been a bit up and down lately with a number of other things, and I just don't think this town's helping. Deep thoughts a-thinking.
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    Have you done The Men In The Jungle by Norman Spinrad? I know He Who Shall Release Attack Eels raves about Bug Jack Barron but I think this could fit your bill....
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011

    John Brunner:

    Stand on Zanzibar
    The Sheep Look Up
    The Jagged Orbit
    Shockwave Rider

    Ian McDonald's Brasyl has several main narrative threads including one set in the past but large parts of it will meet your requirements.