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    @Oldhat - hahahaha

    @Argos - guy sounds like a bit of a dick. Clearly more of a problem with him than anything else, and probably butthurt he didn't manage to say the right thing?

    @Rachael - fear of failure? It could be. I think with me it's more of a meta-fear - I'm so terrified of wasting time (because literally I have to compress EVERYTHING into two days a week because of the hours I work and commute) and doing nothing that I do precisely that...

    @Allana - these people are fucking evil. I'm getting really paranoid about this at the moment, as my mother in law has used our address for various things and we're getting debt collectors letters because she's not sorted things out, or she's expected my partner to sort them knowing that she's in a real state at the moment and can't hope to deal with her mother's bloody admin as well. Now, I don't know for sure if things are connected, but recently one of my credit cards which I have a large balance on put my rate up by about 5% out of the blue, my own bank have given me a card but not with the limit that I'd wanted - I don't want her fucking up my hitherto spotless credit rating. She even gave my mobile number to Sky TV, who I've had various rants at about but they refuse to remove it citing 'data protection'. So I told them the other day when they rang that she'd been eaten by cannibals and wouldn't need the service any more. The next time I'm going to pretend to be her husband and demand that they enable the filthiest pornography on air...

    Anyhow... today I've felt brilliant. Which I really don't understand. It happens so infrequently... not tired, clear head, limbs aren't heavy, good mood, able to concentrate and even work through a massive pile of jumbled invoices (I'm handing the management of our departmental budgets to a colleague - YAY!) which had been bugging me for ages. Despite getting up at 4am to get into the office for 7, I'm still feeling fine now. The last time I felt remotely OK like this was one day at the back end of August, and before that, two days in April. I wish I could bottle it, but it'll probably evaporate tomorrow. The last time I had a sustained period of feeling like this was 2000. For about 12 weeks. It's days like this that remind me how I am normally.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2011
    @argos - Heh, poor Ben. He's always been cool to me but he really dug himself into quite a hole the other day. Dude, stfu and draw ;D
    @brit - hang in there! you've always been sweet to me and things will be better soon!

    I think it's Thursday today? So it's been a week since I had to spend over 24 hours in this damn store because this bullshit movie has been occupying this entire block since last Monday. I've had some crappy nights but that was probably the shittiest one in a while. Good thing it's a furniture store so I napped on one of the beds lol, boots on and everything. I couldn't shut the back doors because there was these thick cables going straight through the store to connect to condors outside, UGH. Luckily the guy who does security for the pool hall next door lent me a chain so I could be safe.
    Stupid me I didn't tighten it enough and some mother fucker slithered through. Good thing I had the loud "Ding Dong!" doorbell plugged in to make it obvious. I stood up and took the screwdriver out of my coat pocket ready to stab this fucker but it was some little jizz stain from the movie crew "I left my jacket in here." What a piece of shit. This time I tightened the chain up and took perodic naps since I was paranoid all damn night.
    I filled out some W9 form with one of the location managers so I'm still waiting for that guy to pay my ass. Also I saw Ryan Gosling that night taking pics with girls. Pretty underwhelming unless your boobs are growing and period cycle are just beginning but he seems nice.
    Only tether to sanity from all that bullshit was my cat and playing Arkham City, which I already beat the shit out of. It's the greatest Batman experience ever but that game genuinely depressed me for a while. Where the fuck does Batman go from here? It really 1-ups Nolan's Dark Knight on the nihilism scale. He better have something special up his goddamn bat sleeve to top this shit!
    I dunno what else. My entire spine has been aching for months now. I've been sitting down at work all day for most of the year as opposed to the last couple of years I was standing at a counter and felt great. So sitting is going to be what kills me. Fuck. Anyway, I need to start a new Space Shark. Been dicking around too much.
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2011
    Aww, you guys! Be nice.
    But I will so take out the newspaper on anyone who needs it, Argos.

    And I additionally hope that Flecky returns to regale us with his stories. Highlight of my day, that boy.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2011
    had a rough couple of days. Been arguing with my husband, ran out of my belly meds so the backlash of that is really killing me. Haven't been able to eat much of anything all week due to stress and my stomach....which is a really bad thing, because I'm pretty sure I weigh about a hundred pounds now. As soon as I have the slightest problem getting food into me, the weight just melts away...arg. gotta start shoveling lard down my gullet or something...:P

    Someone I thought was my friend left me hanging when I really needed his help. Oh well...I was planning on doing a few projects with him and his company, but fuck it. It'll just give me more time for more profitable things...
    I think I might have scared away the dude I was going to try to do some singing with (local irish folk song historian type). I asked him to send me some songs he wanted me to try out. He asked me to give him examples of what I liked to sing. I told him I was up to try just about anything but I sent him some modern examples and a few names of some folk songs that were within my range.... He said he'd never heard of fiona apple or flogging molly...
    He didn't seem as eager after that and delayed our meeting to an indefinate time. Maybe I'm being paranoid...just seems like a lot of people have been blowng me off lately. bar fell through for my show Im guessing (no reply) now I have to start completely over. It's really pissing me right the fuck off. I can make the bar money...quite a bit of money if I'm given the chance...I've got a kick ass show I can put together with tons of professional pop culture artists, a dj, a live band, some cosplay models and a few collectibles vendors for some flavor.
    I've got a cool little artsy/locally supplied bar and grill (they have organic locally grown and raised food stuffs that's absolutely delicious), that's willing to help me out for free but they're in a bad neighborhood and some of my artists weren't so happy about the crack whore that got arrested outside during my last show...
    some....some of my artists were amused as hell and went out to watch...

    Sigh...back to work I guess...gotta do something to keep my mind occupied. Gonna bug the bar again....
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2011
    Agh, Pooka, venue hunting is SUCH a pain. Don't give up! I'm sure you'll find someplace usable soon.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2011
    Hello Whitechapel, I know there's some of you here with troubles that make my little gripes pale into insignificance, and to those of you who have I wish all the best and a speedy resolution to your problems. I am however, bored shitless, so, with nothing better to do but arse about with my clever phone, I shall tell you of my day.

    It should, as always, have been simple; start 04.00, deliver to two shops in central London, do two collections out near Wembley, go back to the yard. Easy. You'll be done by lunchtime. Hang on, where have I heard that before..?

    So, by the time I've done the second shop I'm running about an hour ahead of schedule and it's looking good. I get to the shed in Greenford for the first collection and yes, they'be got stuff for me BUT, it's not what's on my paperwork. So, the phone calls begin. After a while, one of the people who said they'd ring back actually does and it turns out that my stuff is at Wembley, which is handy as I was going there next anyway. Shame it took them an hour or so to work it out but hey, it's better than having to go up to Birmingham.

    So I go to Wembley.

    At Wembley they have a really nice canteen with comfy sofas and free coffee. Which is good because I'm going to be there a while. Nobody knows what i'm meant to be picking up and when they phoned the office someone said they'd ring back...

    After a few cups of coffee and a walk around the block, my phone rings, the warehouse supervisor has arrived and do I know what I'm meant to be picking up? Once I've calmed down he very kindly makes a few phone calls and after some shouting and a bit of a wait they manage to work out what's going on and yes, my stuff should be all picked and ready to load... about half past two this afternoon.

    You know, i'm not supposed to be drinking coffee, if I die I shall sue the bastards.

    Next time I do this job i'm going to ask for a sleeper cab.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2011
    And finally i'm loaded and ready to go.

    Hang on... That shouldn't be there...


    I'm not happy with this, can you tell?
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2011
    What did you people do to Templesmith?
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2011
    I don't know but the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if he turned up in the back of my lorry, they seem to have put just about everything else in there today.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2011

    Very close to finishing my third comic filled with silly robots doing silly things.

    I - very much out of the blue - got a call about an application I put in to this place about 6 months ago. Went in the next day, did an in store BS survey thing, interviewed with the manager, and he sent me on my way to get a pre-employment drug test. Once that and the background check come through later this week it looks like I'll be employed after 3 years of unemployment.

    My desert friend tried to visit me a couple weeks ago but stuff got in the way. Then her car broke down. But it looks like she'll be coming up to see me on my birthday in a couple weeks. I sent her some money to help her get up here. It looks like she'll be taking the train up to see me, which means she might just stay the weekend at my place. Just after Christmas she leaves for good, so I hope we get to hang out for a weekend.


    Last night I heard my cat meowing to come in at the door. I open it and I see him come in and I let the door shut and he's gone somewhere. My little brother had just got home from his work. Our doggy was outside. This was around ten pm.

    Then from my room I hear my cat making vomit noises from underneath my dresser. He likes to sleep in closets but he's never been one to go under or behind stuff like dressers or beds or tighter spots like those. I move my bed and I pick him up and put him down on the floor. He can hardly walk. It was almost like he was limping. Like his right leg was badly hurt.

    I call my brother to come look at him. Our cat awkwardly makes his way to behind our couch. Our father and his girlfriend are away but my brother calls them. Our cat gets out from behind the couch and now neither of his legs are really working. He is sort of frantically crawling forward with his front paws and just dragging his feet behind him. He goes from one dark, out of the way hiding spot to another. He vomits a few more times. It's about ten thirty.

    I went outside to take out the trash and empty the litter box. I can't see our dog in the yard, but the gate is closed. I call the emergency vet in a near by city and my brother leaves to take our kitty to them. Me, and some of the other people who live in the apartment spent a few hours looking for our dog. At one thirty I'm a few blocks away searching when I get a call from our father. Our cat was put to sleep. Something about his blood clotting gradually over some time, not letting his legs get enough blood. The loss of his legs was very sudden.

    Around three I head home, without our dog, and try and get some sleep, cause I have class at nine am. Before leaving I tell my brother to call animal control.

    While I'm in class my brother calls me to tell me that last night someone found our dog and, just a few minutes after my brother called, the shelter called him back saying they might have our doggy. She is now with us though we have no idea how she got out.

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    Oh gosh. I'm really terribly sorry about your cat. My Mister Mangles had something very similar happen to him. I woke one morning to hear him loudly meowing, and when I opened the bedroom door he scuttled to me across the linoleum with his back legs not working and going rather mad. It was a Sunday, and I'd left my phone in a friend's car, so I could nothing but put him in a carrier and let him slowly fade. He didn't pass until the next morning. It was a hard night.

    Congrats on the job, though! That's FABULOUS!