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    I lack full depth perception (finite, though my basal perception's fine, as is my perception of motion) due to my astigmatism and nearsightedness. Sometimes I wonder just what I'm missing, how much sharper the world would be... how much more 3-d it would be. I've been like this since I was pretty young; though my doctors didn't tell me until I was in high school, and having troubles setting myself on line in marching band.

    In college I had an art teacher who yelled at me for not drawing perfectly accurate representations of things based upon her sight; not realizing that her method of achieving 'perfection' wouldn't work with me and my vision, and considering her height was not my own... she didn't 'get it' when I told her what was up after I figured it out.

    Sometimes I'm jealous of those with better vision, envy them of their clarity of sight. I feel like I'm somehow missing something terribly important.