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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Charlie Brooker played Modern Warfare 3.

    I don't particularly mind the level of violence in computer games, partly because it's absurd, and partly because I'm hopelessly desensitised. What I do object to is the dick-swinging machismo that infests games like this. If I had a penny for every time I've spent the opening moments of a game sitting in the back of a transport vehicle listening to a soldier called Vasquez repeatedly use the word "motherfucker", I'd have enough money to buy the Sesame Street game instead. And even that probably starts with Sergeant Grover warning Private Elmo that "Shit is about to get real".
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Also got Skyrim and not certain how I'm liking it to be honest and that might be down to the character creation process at least for now. Started a Nord but I think I'll restart with a different race until I figure out which one I want to continue with, although race does seem to factor into certain character interactions (for instance, the guy with the list of names of prisoners is sympathetic for your situation if you're a Nord).
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011 edited

    i love bethesda open world games, and i felt a lil iffy about skyrim until i was leveled to about 3 and started to just feel 'at one' with the game. its like theres a small bubble to pop through before you really are immersed.

    im a battle mage Kajiit because CAT PEOPLE YEAHHHHH.

    been doing a lot of random stuff, this is such a goddamn amazing game.
    my favorite part so far was going to muscle out that asshole bard who was bothering the spice trader in Whiterun square. i gashed his bro face until he cried, did it one more time, then went to his room and took his bongo drum because FUCK BONGO DRUMS.

    i know it isnt what we thought the future of 'virtual reality' would be like when we were kids, but hot damn, with enough weed and a 4+ hour session this game kind of just becomes your defacto reality. loving it. (although the secret is: i would totally rather be playing Fallout 4 than this. doesnt make this game any less great, just that i prefer post apocalyptic/guns/rust to sweden/magic/snow)
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Skyrim is a very special game. The mechanics are a bit crusty, and the visuals while great are far off the cutting edge.

    But not since Alpha Protocol have I played something that openly rewards tackling things the way you want and caters for that rather than just putting up a barrier and saying 'no, do it the way we say'.

    It's hugely expensive to develop a game like this compared to a railroaded experience like, say, Modern Warfare 3. And as a game dev I'd be applauding that even if it wasn't that great a game.

    But it is. Comfortably my favourite game of the year so far, and it's going to be keeping the new Assassin's Creed and the new Zelda in their boxes until well into December I suspect.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    So, I have a question re: the opening of Skyrim:
    Is it possible to join up with the rebels instead of the imperials? It seemed to imply you could enter the keep with one of two characters, the guy with the list or one of the guys who was going to get executed. Because a follow-up quest is join the Imperials and, well, fuck the Imperials, those bastards wanted to chop my head off for coming home.
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    @ renthing yes it is, because i did it.
    its a real short window, and you may miss it. when you are almost out of helgen (its the last thing that happens) the imperial gaurd who is with you encounters the rebel guy whose name i cant remember. Blond guy. if you follow Darnlof or whatever, then your first quest is to reunite with him at his sisters place. trust me, im totally with you. fuck these imperials. if you do it this way, the follow up quest is 'join the stormcloaks'
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    I didn't know it was even an option not to go with the Stormcloak guy.

    My desire to play a non-religious, non-nationalistic character is becoming increasingly difficult as the only choice you get there is between a bunch of nationalistic terrorist murderers and a bunch of cosmopolitan totalitarian murderers.

    I'm enjoying Skyrim, but I do wish there was a bit more speech involved like in the Fallout games. Most of my encounters are fixed by slamming my broadsword into people's lungs and not by talking with them. It's apparently impossible to fix situations solely by speech. I just want to talk with the monsters!
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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    I just found a hot springs with bikini clad huntresses sun bathing.
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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Watch out for dragons in that area. I had to chaperone a dude from Whiterun to Eldergleam, just past the hot springs, and just as I could see my destination he begins charging in the other direction, no weapon in hand, attempting to punch a dragon. That worked for about two seconds and the next time I saw him was in the dragon's stomach.

    I hated that guy.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011

    Went home and started a new save game where I'm a magic/sword wielding lizard. Maybe dragons won't eat their own kind? Anyway, I did find the option to go with the rebel guy so mage/stabber is now a rebel and my hulking viking character will be an imperial.
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    playig skyrim right now, its very good! but my NEW GAME over wrote my missus' save without asking/warning so now i'm in the doghouse :(

    It only should have written over the AutoSave, and if she's playing an RPG with only one save (and the AutoSave at that) then she is Doing It Wrong ;)
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Hokay...this has just become the Skyrim thread, yes?
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    Not if I can complain (without spoiling anything) about Gwyn in Dark Souls.

    Man, fuck Gwyn. I'm this close to just giving in and summoning someone to help me, but then I risk someone who's uber-upgraded their weapons and stuff to just walk in and steamroll him. Got a plan, though. Oh yes. No idea if it'll work, but it's a plan.
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    Got Otomedius (boobs) Excellent to review. It's not particularly good, as side-scrolling shooters go, but for some reason (boobs) it's entertaining. It's not particularly hard (boobs), but it's nice to play a game that lets you just steamroll over it once you've learned its patterns sometimes. My only real complaint is that the character ship design (boobs) doesn't carry over to the enemies. It's like the game is afraid to embrace what it's all about, which is (boobs) cute anime chicks shooting other cute anime chicks, although the ones you shoot at only show up in character portraits prior to the boss fight.

    Also, picking up Saints Row: The Third tomorrow. I could go for something (else) ridiculous. :)
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2011
    I rented Skyrim on Sunday.

    I almost wish I hadn't.
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    I'm away from my console on holiday at the moment (England, where is your sun?!) so all I can play is Heroes 3 on my little Eee PC. And listen to people talk about Skyrim. I hope you understand that when I say I hate you all I mean it in a nice way.

    (Heroes 3 is good though, dunno if I'll ever pick up number 6 though, which apparently just came out)
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2011
    Today, today, today, today!
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2011
    Ok, definitely got more into Skyrim. I'm taking my time tooling around the first vilage doing my level best to remove anything of value that isn't nailed down and selling it all until I have enough gold to buy the things I want. This has, unfortunately, gotten me saddled with a bounty and when I came back from exploring a local dungeon three hired thugs were waiting for me. They were pretty tough but thankfully I'd hired on the local elf archer who picked them off while I distracted them by running around like a lizard who was trying to NOT have his head chopped off and lighting them on fire. The best part of the experience?

    They were apparently hired by Hilde, the "bard"'s mother. Guess she didn't like me interfering in her son's booty seeking.
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    Question to Skyrimmers - how does it compare to Oblivion in terms of interaction, physicality etc? I'm liking what I'm hearing but found Oblivion to be like piloting a camera around a very pretty environment populated with very clumsy animatronics, occasionally holding down a button to make a sword float around in front of me.
    Is it worth me taking the plunge or am I better off giving it a miss?
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2011
    @Ben Klumaster

    Well, as someone who is joining the Elder Scrolls series late in the game, I'm having no issues what you've described but I'm playing in 3rd person mode because 1st person tends to make me motion sick after about ten minutes of play (where as 3rd person reminds me a lot of Dragon Age-style movement and what not, plus you get to actually see what your character looks like).