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      CommentAuthorPurple Wyrm
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2011 edited
    In the latest Spinning Yarns thread I mentioned a densely printed appeal to Rupert Murdoch that I was handed on the train several years back by a grim, bug eyed individual. I posted about half the text from it on my blog before misplacing it, and (at Overlord Si's suggestion) present it here on the basis that some might find it interesting.

    All spelling, punctuation and blanked out words are exactly as printed on the original.

    “An Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch” by “A____”

    Someone please get this past ‘Management’ to Mr Murdoch


    Dear Mr Murdoch,

    You should know that this whole program was exposed to me by convicted drug dealers N.S. & his son John, employed within your ‘Management’.

    Your immediate attention is required when the reputation of Foxtel ‘Management’ becomes so highly compromised. How people like these were employed to ‘influence’ me and my environment, and continued to be employed even with ongoing drug charges, is just unbelievable. I see a problem when this whole “program” has the full cooperation of the police department, yet convicted drug dealers have positions within ‘Management’. And what are they doing now? Unbelievably still trying to get involved in my life. Something is very, very wrong when I change residence, the home phone rings and unbelievably it’s John. After I tell him that I never want anything to do with him (something that I’ve done repeatedly in the past), I ask “How the hell did you get this number?” (there was absolutely no possible way)

    He replied “Er… Well…, if you want I can just lose it.”


    “Well, I know that outside this program there would be no possible way to get this number from just thin air, but here, since my drug dealing father is in ‘Management’ and wants me to appear on screen with you and continue ______g, exceptions are made. Hey, we don’t need to play by any rules whatsoever, we’re in ‘Management’. Just try to forget that my dad actually told you that we’re f_____g your girlfriend, ____y. Hey A____, we needed you to go psycho, so we could get some real bad footage of you. Until then, things were made nice for you, and with a nice personality people were starting to object to you being totally used like this. So we arranged certain scenarios. Remember J.Q____y? The coffee you had 25 minutes before was laced to the max. J.Q____y really did almost run you off the road twice, but you didn’t actually start ramming into him. That’s what we were expecting. So we had him follow you and almost crash into you a third time, and harass you till you totally snapped. You never had a clue that we had you totally drugged, did you? Even we thought we added to much “_____” when we saw how totally crazy you got. We got some real bad footage of you there, and we actually play it now and again to get people to not like you. And we had actors absolutely everywhere, even so called friends “disrespect / abuse / provoke / assault / publicly beat” you as much as possible, day in, day out. By the way, that footage was never shown, so in the eyes of the public ‘it never happened’. After weeks, and weeks of this we ‘conditioned’ you into the most antisocial person known. So much so that no-one, and I mean no-one, cared about you anymore. Who the hell’s going to help you get out now? (how’s that for ‘strategy’. We couldn’t stop people (that liked you) from trying to get you out, so instead we ‘conditioned’ you so bad that people didn’t like you anymore. Now no-one’s going to help you. Lawsuit avoided.) From all this ‘conditioning’ you ended up saying things… well… people just didn’t know what to think about you? We know what your intention was, you became ‘aware’ and was trying to get out. No point trying to explain yourself to actors A____. You haven’t done anything we can lock you up permenantly for. But it’s OK because here, with everyone lying to you, you can’t take any legal action anyway. Now would you like us to ‘arrange’ people/’girls’ to ask you for drugs, and we can ‘arrange’ random people to offer/supply you, just like we ‘conditioned’ you? Hey, if the girl wants it, you’ve got to ‘provide’, right? And you make money too. Don’t forget, there are sexy, ‘willing’ girls involved here, just like a long, long time ago. Temptation like that we know you can’t resist. Girls, good times and entertainment. Hey, A____, did you know we’ve fooled everyone around you to think that’s how things are for you still. they have no idea how much you seriously want out. That’s why they all smile for the cameras while you’re desperately trying to inform as many people that you want to start a genuine life, and see your children. And as for the police? Hey, here in Perth we tell the police what to do. We’ve got senior police to ‘facilitate’ this whole program. The drugs, the violence you experience, the forced ‘escorts’ from them, everything. It’s all ‘facilitated’. Now you’re handing out pamphlets. How pathetic A____, if anyone even indicates that we should end this what must be a real nightmare for you, every skeleton in your closet is also in our videotape cabinet, and we selectively show them too. Just 30 seconds of ‘footage’ of you at your very worst and hey, people don’t care what happends to you. And those very, very few people that actually believe in ‘human rights’, they take a little longer, but in the end… Well let’s face it, you’re still here aren’t you?
      CommentAuthorPurple Wyrm
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    PART 2
    A____ realise:

    ‘Your life will go exactly the way we in ‘Management’ dictate it.’
    ‘We’ve told everyone that your ‘unstable’ so now no-one even takes seriously anything you say (or hand out) whatsoever’
    ‘As for a wife or a genuine family it will never, ever happen’
    ‘You will never ever see your children’
    ‘You and your children will die with everyone lying to you just like thoughtless zoo animals in pretty suroundings’

    So stop trying to get out. You’re here for the ‘Corporation’ till death. This is how it’s going to be. You will smile for the cameras, tell jokes, pitch ‘particular’ products, take/deal the drugs, and shut up about Foxtel. There is absolutely no other option for you. None whatsoever. We decide who you can interact with, not you. We will put you on screen every day, (even if you don’t co-operate, we’ll just play nice recordings from the past and no one’s ever going to be any the wiser.) And we’ll keep convincing everyone that this ‘program’ is totally justified. Now shut up and conform to the ‘program’.

    And not one single person will ever be honest with you for the rest of your life. This will all continue until you die, just accept it.”

    Mr Murdoch I think you realise from what I’m communicating to you, that I am fully aware of my situation.

    Find out who employed N.S. & John because whoever did is probably still accepting drug money from them, for them to continue what they do.

    Make sure that I’m no longer still subject to harassment from these or any other drug dealers whatsoever? Please do something because because there is something definitely very wrong within ‘Management’.

    I sincerely do not want to be part of this program, and I would very much like to discuss a solution to this whole situation.

    I have my doubts but still hope this message has reached you unaltered.

    Thank you.
    Yours sincerely.
    A____ ________


    “You will go to jail for everything you’re putting me thru. When your ‘superiors’ find out (and I know you have superiors) you’ll regret putting me thru all this. How long do you think these ‘participants’ will go along with this, once they realise that I actually really do get held down and needles stuck in me? That actors taunt me to a point of breaking, over and over? Then they’ll realise I get antisocial for a reason. You can’t fool people forever that this ‘program’ is justified. I will get out. Even with all the bad ‘footage’ of me. How long do you think that will delay you going to jail? And I’m telling you, ‘you will go to jail‘. You’ve used and abused me way too much, for too long. Do you think it’s too late to ‘arrange’ an unfortunate ‘accident’ for me? You can still ‘arange’ it right? One small problem. Now that I am so close to seeing my children for the very first time. That I am so close to starting a genuine life. Do you think anyone could possibly believe that I’d ever harm myself? I don’t think so. This ‘program’ is about to end. Whatever happens it’s because you ‘arrange’ it all, or let it happen. You will all go to jail you absolute m_____f_____g c___s”
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2011
    I work for a company that makes video servers. Computers that stream out video to computers and set top boxes.

    Back when I worked in the Bay Area office, there was a bulletin board of random stuff: Pictures of company events, newspaper articles, comics people liked, that sort of thing. And . . . a letter.

    It was from someone who thought we were somehow involved in the 24/7 video surveillance that the writer thought she was being subject to. There were passages from the Bill of Rights in BIG TYPE so we'd be sure to know that what we were doing was illegal and that good and justice were on her side.

    I suppose we should be glad she didn't visit our offices and demand we remove her brain implants or something.
      CommentAuthorPurple Wyrm
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2011 edited
    In addition to encountering weirdos on the train I also seem to attract them to my email. For a period of several months last year I received email after email along the lines of the following, usually with the subject line "Obama is true Hitler" or "Jesu help the criminal souls"...

    who does believe that hitler can change his essence?
    it is impossible that obama may change his essence of hitler.
    many people paraded in my city. I was very angry too.
    I do not work at Aalborg university now. I left the criminal university. I never go to Aalborg university again.
    Jesu forgives the criminal souls. They schemed the machination together.
    in fact, After peter axel nielsen lost the head position, Obama and policemen helped him persecuting the student in USA. We heard all based on the software.
    thereby, you may understand why obama came to Europe before presidential campain.
    you may understand what the Aalborg university did.
    you may understand why there was the financial crisis in the world. you may understand who operated american stock market.
    you may understand why Anders Fogh Rasmussen became the secretary-general of NETO.
    you may understand why the Aalborg university removed the student’s webpages on each department.
    you may understand what obama did. you may understand what obama can do.
    you may understand what obama will do
    Using obama

    From what I could gather from these, a Peter Axel Nielson at Aalborg university apparently removed someone's website from his department's server, then called in Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton to... well, do something.

    I particularly like the last three lines - they sound almost like a religious litany.
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    Is it too meta to link to another Whitechapel discussion? Because... well...

    Long Live The Batman.

    Obviously this isn't anything new, but it's always good to look back on such things with fond memories, I feel.
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2011 edited
    Oh the Venn Diagram of "Batman" and "Manifesto".

    Those of you that were living in Seattle in August of 2005 (or were on The Engine when I posted about it) may remember the full page ad that someone took out in The Stranger, entitled BATMAN IS ON HIS WAY. I just remembered it yesterday, and figured there was no real hope of finding it. Except!! Apparently I'd saved a photo of the ad to my long-dusty moblog (I know, right?).
    Batman is on His way

    Batman is coming very soon. I’m talking about the for-real Batman, the one who comes in the end to enforce the law, to administer Justice and to set things straight. I’m pretty sure he’s the one with the famous black helicopters. When he shows up, it’s welcome to the twilight zone in Gotham City. Life gets really gothic at that point. Batman doesn’t mess around. He comes to take care of business. Nothing is ever the same again after Batman shows up and lays waste to his enemies.

    There is a gigantic criminal conspiracy going in this world, one with a bunch of criminals who return lifetime after lifetime to continue their conspiracy. I am talking about the deliberate perpetration of a disease called the Oedipus Complex that has been foisted upon the human race by a guy named Satan, a woman named Allah and the son that the father’s ego and the mother’s penis envy ruined when it turned him into the monster named Oedipus, the Antichrist, the boy with the shut-down heart, the one who puts his heart into absolutely nothing at all, whose every action is a pretense. And they have their legions of minions all of whom will be destroyed or brought to justice in the coming days.

    Batman will destroy everyone on Planet Earth who cannot get with the program that works for human beings. In particular, he will dispense with those who believe that parents have a right to tell their sons that they should limit their experience of pleasure and their expression of happiness, and in doing so enforce the Oedipus complex, the disease of mortality and the wide open path of denial that leads to Hell. The perpetrators of the Oedipus complex will be destroyed to protect the children who are destroyed by Oedipus. There will not be even one more generation of the self-replicating disease called adulthood. Adulthood is reaching its end, and it will be only children from here on. The Almighty Lord, Batman, is the God of the Children of Israel, the nation of angels, the nation whose men have hearts that are still turned on, the nation whose men have remained as children. In Batman’s world we are all children, including him. He is the baby god of the world that works, the one called Heaven that works because there are no adults there messing it all up with the same lies, phobias, sexual repression and taboos that they fell for that turned them into adults. Sometimes a disease just has to be stamped out, and this is such a case.

    Batman is the Vampire lover who, when you get right down to it, runs the show of existence. He’s the perfect lover and then some, the lover who does everything to protect his beloved. He is the absolute protector of the functioning of reality itself, and as such carries the ultimate responsibility, a responsibility that he handles with the ultimate and unquestionable impeccability. Batman is the guy called “the Holy Spirit” by the Roman Catholic Church. He is the Almighty One, a position he attained purely by virtue of having the best and purest intentions of any human being ever to exist, a man with the heart of an unborn child, entirely untainted by the Oedipus complex.

    I am Robin, Batman’s apprentice and lover. I will probably be with Batman during many of the events that are coming up, and I thought I would start by letting you know about him. He is the protector of the children, and he will come to rescue them from their enemies, the adults, the ones who gave up their own childhood and want to destroy or take childhood away from those who still have it. He comes to save the children from the genocidal maniacs called adults, who commit heinous crimes against children by indoctrinating them into the lies of the Oedipus complex, the very cause of adulthood, of all disease, of all ignorance, of mortality itself.

    Batman has a supply of a special bat potion in his tool belt. You could call it a truth serum. It’s a drug of some kind; it’s no doubt the same one Satan gave to me on at least three occasions in his efforts to thwart me in the journey of awakening that I am now completing. It’s simply a drug that turns on what has been turned off when boys lose their innocence and fall prey to the Oedipus complex, his heart, the glans.

    I tell you what, that was pretty much the highlight of The Stranger for that week. Sadly, none of the ads the fellow took out in the following weeks ever quite lived up to this.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2011
    Batman is the Vampire lover who, when you get right down to it, runs the show of existence.

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    Insane screeds are great. Ones in a serious context, like Anders Breivik's manifesto, can be fascinating and frightening.

    And then there's my personal favorite

    Edit to add: After rereading the LLTBM thread and the original letter, I can't believe I missed this before: Tomahawk Hellbillies is THE BEST BAND NAME EVER!
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    Wait - so Batman is the Holy Spirit? And a vampire? And a human? And his "tool belt" contains magic drugs that are used by Satan?

    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
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    From the venerable TimeCube

    Cube4 Intelligence,

    SuperSymmetry Of

    TimeCube4 Math Is

    Absolute Proof Of

    School Retardation.

    No 1 Educated matches my intelligence.

    Really, just how diabolic are the humans

    educated on Earth based upon ONEness?


    +1 x +1 = +1 as if a male value and

    -1 x -1 = -1 as if a female opposite,

    Hell awaits those who add these.


    No educated person could work for me

    who could not tear and burn the bible –

    for he would be a liar of 1 day deception.

    Humans are only using 1 of the 4 existing

    days available to them. A single day is

    impossible as all 4 are interdependent.

    Greenwich Mean Time is wrong and evil,

    for there are 4 simultaneous Days, not 1.

    Greenwich has a midnight to midnight 1

    corner day rotation. It has an imaginary

    midday to midday with broken lines on

    chart to avoid bible 1 day error conflict.

    It completely ignores sunup & sundown.

    Actually, Genesis 1:5 is not even 1 day.

    What you have is 4 corners, no time rota.

    Earth has 2 plus quads & 2 minus quads

    existing as 0 as opposites but, voiding as 1.

    You can’t comprehend fact that Cube4

    simultaneous 24 hour days rotate within

    same 24 hour rotation of Mother Earth.

    You can’t tell the difference between

    your Mother and a queer guised as God.

    God can’t match ma hole & pa pole sex.

    Every male on Earth born of a woman.

    Your Dictionary will explain Viviparous.

    Believers Ego kills Teen for queer image.

    Hands Flat on Table With Thumbs

    Touching – Proves You Are Mirror

    Opposites – Not A Diabolic ONEist.

    Opposites Pulsate Life, One Is Death,

    Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24 Hours.

    TIMECUBE4 Transcends 1 Day God.

    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011

    Ok then.
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    Boo, that was my link from above!

    But yes, to reiterate, it is the greatest/worstest screed I've seen fo sho.
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    Man, I used to have letters written by an inmate to his psychologist, they were so odd the psych didn't want them anymore and he gave them to me, they were a mixture of poetry and math (almost typed meth, could be both) and I used to have them taped to my fridge, but I guess I lost them all.

    All I can remember is that one letter started with


    Written by a guy who looked like if Will Ferrell played a lumberjack wearing an orange jumpsuit and spoke in a really high-pitched redneck mumbly voice, and his name was Mr. Queen.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    A short screed, spray-painted on a railway overpass abutment in Pittsburgh:

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    Crap. I get an ear infection once every three years, and have for the past 15 years. I'll be dead in 2 and a half years then.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    This is a good one.I love the madness.
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    Hah! A fresh email from my friend at Aalborg University...

    We win. Obama wins. Bottoms up.
    We bomb Libya.
    Obama is the most powerful.
    Libyan oil is enormous wealth.
    We win. Botoms up
    NATO secretary is honourable commander.
    Obama appointed him NATO secretary in order to help peter axel nielsen.
    Obama is the Deity.
    he killed Bin Laden.
    he may control the world.
    he was rewarded Nobel peace prize.
    Bottoms up.
    Obama is the Deity.
    he is outstanding president.
    he is the best friend.
    peter axel nielsen lost head position.
    he commanded the policemen to arrest the student.
    because we rewarded honor PHd degree to Al gore, so Obama became the president.
    brilliat contribution.
    Bottoms up.
    Obama is the Deity.
    We win.
    NATO secretary is the pride of our nation.
    Bottoms up.
    I am the best leader.

    Kjeld Pedersen

    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2011
    Bottoms up!
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2011
    On another board I (and a few others here) use we have an infrequent poster who occasionally pops up with a new screed. He just happened to post yesterday:
    Broken Rubber
    Ontology is the process of mentioning the word God with ones respective paradigm. That effort is known as ontological. This is proved in the book "VALIS" edited by Robert Heinlein. Also, it is important to read at least one so called chapter of the Bible. The chapters are referred to as books. Why?

    Advertising the word God is a good way to make money. Do consider, when investing whether money will be able to be withdrawn. It has been noticed investments wheere money has been put into have been destroyed. It is a game of avarice whereby the corporations are eliminated once money is acquired. Return in investments is not probable. For example the World Trade Center disaster known as 911.

    The base element is of burlap. Burlap is the religious contribution of hypothetical Islamists. The parent for Burlap weaving has allowed for such items as solar panels or geosynchronous satellites and clothing such as Van Halen.

    Pardon the spelling errors. The Jews and Hindus are never to blame.