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    One of my greatest aims is to make Whitechapel a nexus for Desirable Information.

    Memes, virals, that which makes you laugh, that which makes your bowels weep; anything found or scavenged online which has no informative value: that stuff will continue to go in “Around The Net.” I’ll be updating that once every four weeks too.

    This…? This is for everything else.

    News Stories. Mad Science. Horrific Nature. Metaphysical madness.

    Here is where we gorge ourselves on the creamy clostrum of Information. Here is where we nuzzle at the red-raw teat of the Up-To-Date Dataweb. Bring me the light of your Weird Wisdom and your New News.

    (Anything of particular interest, go ahead and create new threads in this category to delve deeper.)
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    A really useful web service and an app for a film buff - when's the best time during a movie to go pee and what happened in the film meanwhile :D
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    Hmh, apparently Anonymous is taking the Finnish right wing douchebags to the task... Interesting to see if this will be just empty posturing. At least they hacked the site of one National Socialist group, revealing that at least two people from our populist xenophobia-party had sent member applications...
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    by causing very bad butthurts to You

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    The GVCS includes as one of the essential machines a milking machine.

    You know, a bucket is a lot cheaper.

    It also includes a bunch of agricultural machines that'd be essentially useless in the agricultural system most of the world's population actually depend on.

    "You keep trying to pull the rototiller out of the rice paddy. I'll see if the others have figured out how to put Cassava through a hay bailer,'
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    It looks like the Front National in France has been similarly dox'd:

    Scratch that, appears it was a hoax..
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    Berlusconi is actually leaving?

    Ah, there are caveats. Didn't think he'd go without some of those...
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    Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo recently published this cover, saying the magazine was guest edited by Muhammad.

    "One hundred lashes if you don't die laughing!"

    Their offices got firebombed the same night. So the next issue, they published this cover.

    ""Because Love Is Stronger than Hate"
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    Well, I would suspect they know what they're doing.
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    Berlusconi announces resignation; demands full legal immunity, harem of young women, and right to pass Ring of Power to his son.
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    Prison conditions in Mexico seem pretty reasonable.

    I think it should be made known, that those conditions are usually on the cartel side. If you're hooked in with cartels, and they still want you to do the jail time (they still need to control the prisons) they'll supply you with alcohol, guns, bodyguards, drugs, prostitutes, good food, etc.

    If you're not with the cartels, you're sharing a small room with upwards of 10 people, one toilet, fighting for scraps, always under threats of violence from inmates and guards, insanely filthy conditions, no medical care, etc.

    So if you're going to prison in Mexico, make sure you're hooked up with the cartel!
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    @government spy

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    @govspy - what made me laugh the most was the prison authorities feigning surprise at this 'discovery'.

    "Oh yeah, we totally thought all the guys were like in their own cells under lockdown. Women? Nah, haven't seen no women round here for nigh on a decade..."
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    Ha Ha! This world is fooked.There are some truely crazy bastards out there.