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    Sorry for the late response. I tend to let things sit a little while and take beautiful things in slowly.

    The art of Freakangels is a good example of how the 'favorite' status changes from time to time, even though I think to myself "Man, it doesn't get any better than this, huh?"

    That said, I absolutely love this art! The characters stand out beautifully, seemingly the only thing animate in a water-logged, run-down town. Mr. Duffield has my admiration for his skills. And Mr. Ellis's writing? Well, of course it's great.:) I'm glad he chose this artist to express the story and his characters.
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    my friend takes the idea of a steam powered helicopter to offense.

    PenguinGlitch (2:53:08 AM): a steam powered helicopter...
    PenguinGlitch (2:53:16 AM): it would weigh toto much
    PenguinGlitch (2:53:20 AM): WAY WAY too much
    Venomatrix2 (2:53:24 AM): steam punk dude
    PenguinGlitch (2:53:35 AM): i cna understnad a steam CAR
    PenguinGlitch (2:53:39 AM): a steam TANK
    Venomatrix2 (2:53:42 AM): but more like future retro crazy steam punk
    PenguinGlitch (2:53:45 AM): a steam PLANE maybe
    PenguinGlitch (2:53:51 AM): but a steam HELI?
    Venomatrix2 (2:54:28 AM): its comics. nuff said
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    Your friend needs more bran in his diet.
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    It's very strange to read this book in weekly chunks. At first I think it was a little jarring. But I'm finally starting to get locked into the pacing. And it actually sort of feels like a very Eastern book. It is almost peaceful to read right now. Traumatized, yes. But still lots of gardening and peaced out people.
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    he's an engineer and a pessimist, what can i say? every time i show him something from grinding that i'm really excited about he has to find 90 different reasons why it isn't "practical."