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    So apparently a forum member of some standing is writing an X-Book. I'm not quite sure why I heard about it due to a full-page ad in one of this week's comics. Maybe the writer is shy? He should tell us about X-Club and why it's awesome, though, simply because it'd be fun to hear about.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2011
    Yeah.I'm a bit old to be a fanboy yet now i see the other side.I much prefer to get a shitload of comics sometimes years after the event and just consume in vast quantities.Plus you get the added bonus of being able to buy them cheaply.Saying that though i am always taking mental note of what is out there.So yeah..i am intrigued and hope to hear more about a good X-Book.I was just thinking about how spoilt for choice we are nowadays.I can remember getting Alan Moore and Brian Bolland to sign a copy of Watchmen when it came out as a collection.It was like the beginning of a new world order.Seriously, mainline comics were,on the whole,pretty crap in those had Swamp Thing,Frank Miller Daredevil,Dark Knight and Year One and Elektra etc,Grendel,MiracleMan, good old 2000 AD(thank god!),Heavy Metal and a few good indy titles.Probably some other good stuff(Nexus)(Luthor Arkwright) but on the whole the shelves where stacked with a lot of Marvel and D.C dross.In someways,though it was good,as when something good came out you really appreciated it e.g the buzz when The Killing Joke was published..everyone was really excited.

    Comic book addiction..on the whole it can be great but when it was all i thought about..well,it did get a bit obsessive.Putting myself at risk to nick them from big chain comic shop companys etc.
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    Mea culpa, gang. Am hideously busy with the house move, and don't have reliable Tinternet set up yet at home. Until then I've got Whitechapel in a bit of a holding-pattern, and just checking-in during coffee-shop breaks.

    Soon as I'm up and running properly, I'll clang some more bells and gtir things up a bit.