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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2011
    Damn just lost my post.

    Long Story short My shop is selling things and I feel great being my own boss.
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2011
    @gov Good for the two of you.
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    just got done shooing all the photographers and hot nekked ladies out of my house. got paid- ate sushi. I walked up stairs at one point to check on the girls and was about to yell about the doors being shut- but well there was a reason it was shut, two of the ladies doing sexy things to each other while photog took pictures (yes they asked him to take pictures of it)

    Still can not find someone to do the site- I've requested quotes from several different places (companies and freelance) heard from all of one, they want to know my budget and that is not kosher by me. I'm not keen on someone taking my money and doing a crap site. You tell me how much you need to do those site specifications and what i need to pay to get it.

    I'm not worried about price or fast i just know i want nice and artistic set up. I suppose I could overtime my poor graphic artist (had her doing just the main entry page and banner) and just find someone to just throw it all up there or something. I will not have any problems with upkeep or any of the other things after the build. The hubby is more than well versed/qualified to even do me a quick site but there are things he can't do (the" shopping cart" and a few of the layers i need ect.) I do appreciate people wanting to help- but I really do need a good web designer.

    You'd figure in this economy me wanting to throw money at people this wouldn't be giving me such a problem. Maybe part of it is Oh noes nekked ladies and fetishes i'm not going to be part of that! I've specified it is totally soft core. Maybe I should just carpet bomb the local art colleges with fliers :/
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    So. The Kim Boekbinder NYC party thing is going on tonight, and I'm sure there's lots of sexy spillover from the attendees of the Fleshbot awards last night, but I am home. I have a photo gig AND doctor appointment on Monday, and my rheumatologist has decided to not renew my antibiotics, so I can't let myself do anything that will tax me in any way until then to make sure I'll be ok for it. As it is, I fucked up my left hand joints by trying to make my bed. Christ.

    Sitting at home ready to devote myself to trying to read my school stuff, I got an email invite from my Dad to Thanksgiving.

    My reply was.... No.

    It's just not a comfortable scene for me. After trying to rent the beach house twice, and being that I've been facebook "unfriended" by my stepmother, I'd rather not spend another Thanksgiving doing that thing where I see my family twice a year and we all smilingly pretend that I'm part of the family unit; pretend that I even get any communication from them to be present aside from when extended family will be witness. My presence at Thanksgiving would be a farce.

    But moreso, I really don't have any emotional stamina to engage with people who have consistently hidden, minimized, mocked, denied, or blamed me as the cause of my illnesses, and continue to do so. I just don't have the energy, nor room for that kind of stress.

    I've decided to try to make a stand and cut out the people from my life who make me cry whenever I think about them. That seems a good idea, right? I mean, on paper, it's sound. But... well... there go most of my family members and the fellow who became my universe for four years. It's really difficult to tastefully duck away from family in the digital age, too.

    I also get crazy emails from my narcissistic mother on a weekly basis. She is really like a combination of the two female leads of "Arrested Development", the mom from "Spanking the Monkey", and some Faye Dunaway "Mommy Dearest" thrown in there.

    God, I want to leave the country. For so many reasons. But right now, just so that I can be far enough away so that the charade of my being a part of a family will get to finally die. When I can pretend they don't exist, it makes my past just a collection of events that are great for storytelling, or some great loathesome characters for a sitcom. Not the depressing reality that makes me cry.
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    @comicbookbunny - crossing over from the Questions Thread: if you know people who are in the Exciting Photos biz, is there an opportunity to network and see if anyone can recommend a site-builder based on a good experience?
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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2011
    Whoever is responsible for maintaining the Diamond Comics inventory database (assuming anyone is) needs to be fired.
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    Hello Whitechapel you dodgy little fucker.

    I will read all your stuff when i've stopped shaking like the messed up giant piece of psychoplasm that i've evolved into.

    Saying that though..

    @government spy: read a bit of your post and let me just say i am real proud of the both of you.The twelve step programme can be a bit of a pain at times yet,for some bizarre reason,it does seem to work.The literature is just as important as going to as many meetings as possible and doing step work on paper is where the real work is at.I've been trying to do step two.."We came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity"
    Ha!I reckon i'm going to be stuck on that one for the remainder of my life.I don't even know if i want to be restored to sanity!Well,i do,but you know what i mean?!

    I fell like crap at moment.The plague is spreading fast across London.I got some sort of virus cold thing that apparently is messing up loads of flesh.I've got (cough cough splutter sniff! cough pain aching head) to be really fucking careful i don't let it mutate into something worse as my central nervous system is trashed because of my detox without end and speaking of which..

    DETOX UPDATE: Fooking Fooking Fooking Fuck!!This is really kicking the shite out of me.I feel a bit ashamed to say that this may take longer than i thought.Ah,fook it..i can't last out any longer.Going to take my poxy little med pill now.I'm totally off the evil vile disgusting twisted worse than heroin methadone yet stuck on a small dosage of suboxone opiodus crap.Still..i'm not smoking shed loads of crack and smack and dropping dexamfetamine (that's how it's spelt now in this country) left right and centre and seem to have a grip on my benzodiazapine habit.Whichever way i look at it the endgame is going to have to be a bit of a cold turkey so reckon when i get rid of this virus i will reduce my meds.

    I had a great time last night.I met Uncle Warren outside his London appearance and had a little word with him.He's looking well which made my day.I fooking love the bastad!At the Q and A i jumped in like a nutter and thanked him for freakangels and this site.I asked if he was ever gonna grace us with his bulk again to which he replied it's in the hands of "someone else"..probably someone horrible,eh?

    His little movie is a good laugh yet their is always one fucker at anything that moans.This flesh pot behind me whinged about it a bit when it finished but don't worry o my sisters and brothers.He is bound and gagged in my cellar.In a few hours i will be torturing the fool.I may get my well dodgy spell book out and manifest a eight legged snarling entity to drench him in foul black jizz..

    One must have a hobby,eh?
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    @Rachael: Kudos for cutting the people who hurt you out of your life.
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    Throwing out a metric tonne of empty bottles, courtesy of the Toronto Whitechapellers. I think there's a couch somewhere under all the empties.
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    Amazing meet as always. The lamb was superb and the company amazing.
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    Horrible, horrible manic episode today. Worst in years. Held it together for the most part, didn't hurt anyone. Appeared human to all but the satellite imaging and the MRI. God help me, if there is one.
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    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2011
    The girl that came to visit was pretty cool. she had a beautiful face and exciting eyes... Her husband was a bit ..awkward...what is it with bigger black girls marrying tiny dinky little white men? I had hoped for a little more of a romantic spark, but she brought her man and it made it a bit awkward, so we chilled out, smoked a bit, and watched Behind the Mask: the rise of leslie vernon. Gooooood movie. LOVE it, and I share it with every horror fan I meet.
    My husband's so great, but when he gets high, he just rambles on and on and on nonstop. I'm pretty sure everyone sat around for an extra two hours because he kept going guests loved it. Most folk aren't used to someone who can go on about every detail of just about every major creative project (toys, movies, books, art, comics...whathave ya) from the last hundred years. It's insane how long he can go on about the motivations of the creators of so and so show, and the advertising tricks employed and blah blah blah...
    as for me, I think I said a dozen words or so the whole evening lol...oh well...I made a new friend and that's always awesome.
    It's made me realize thought that chris has spoiled me on human interaction...I'm so used to just sitting back and letting him talk (hard to get a word in sometimes lol), that when the conversation lags or he's not there I find myself suddenly struggling to find something to say...i've gotten very bad at conversation these days from lack of practice...

    Professionally...i'm still just sitting here....dont really know how to move forward with my show. Still waiting to see what's going to happen with my dj/exfwb.
    Today I get to distract myself with listing transformers and g i joe on know, if you want some toys, keep an eye out on ebay, we'll have a bunch of mint in box and loose figures listed by the end of the day...
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    Majorly hung over. Had a killer time with the Whitechapel crowd last night, much alcohol and fine food consumed. We had a TARDIS cake which met with unanimous approval, and I'm sure someone will post a photo.
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    Had an AMAZING weekend. Whitechapel meetup, as always, was a superb do. And a TARDIS CAKE! TARDIS! Two different cakes inside AND rice krispy treats! The alcohol was amazing and the company was...well...I really do regard that crowd as a type of family. I don't often feel like I can be myself in such a large group, but damn it I can with this one. Ian, as always thanks to you and your lovely wife for hosting. You're both wonderful people. Enjoy the La Trappe. :)

    Today was spent with Allana and Alan walking around, going to Snakes & Lattes and The Beguiling playing board games and buying comics respectively (Honorable mention to Allana for winning at Scrabble) and we finished the day off with a pint at C'est What.

    One other Alan Tyson and I decided to try out a relationship. He makes me feel kinda goofy and my heart flutters a bit around him and I daresay that he has the same reaction with me. The long distance will be a thing, but we've decided to try and make it work. So yes! I guess more details to come when I'm less tired and less in a dream-like state.

    But yeah, feeling great. The little people in my head (and friends who knew that this was something a long time coming) are sort of being like the NASA crew in the movies when they all find out that the folks in the shuttle will be okay after all. Lots of earphone throwing, cheering, cigars being exchanged and Ed Harris smiling.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Holy shit congratulations oldhat and Alan Tyson! Though I guess with your ongoing Twitter dialogs that basically last all of the hours of being awake yes all of them... we should have seen it coming.

    Cheers! Much happiness!
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    I kinda thought that's what was transpiring last night, when you guys wanted a moment on the balcony ;-) Congrats to you both, excellent news.

    And thanks for the La Trappe, and thanks to everyone else for making it yet another blindingly good Whitechapel do. Next one is going to be in February, so there'll be a bright spot in the dead of the Toronto winter.

    PS - Catherine was most amused when, in her words, 'all the nerds pulled out comics and sat around reading them!".
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    @oldhat & Anchorbeard - AWESOMENESS! Best of everything to both of you. <3

    Meanwhile in Finland: I survived a rather rough week of rush deadlines, dressed up in a tux on Friday to do a quiet and dignified DJ set for the Helsinki Astronomical Association's 90th birthday bash, after which I did a ninja-like (assuming ninjas wear tuxes and dance like loons) spur-of-the-moment gig at my local club playing nothing but entirely ridiculously boisterous party toonz.

    This was followed by drinking whisky and listening to music until 7 in the morning with the soundman, then a greasy lunch, a nap and a lovely scrounged up dinner at Vornaskotti's place. On Sunday I woke up at three in the afternoon, shot the breeze with the bare nerds [tm] for three hours and took a nap. Got out of bed at nine, and cooked some pasta. Back into bed at two.

    And that, my dear friends, was a wonderful weekend. It was a great combination of pretty much all of my favourite things, minus bewbs. I'm rested! It's super effective!
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    This makes me happy Oldhat and Anchorbeard. Good luck.
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    @Old Hat that is just awesome!!!!!! <3 I imported my man- we had the long distance thing going for a while. It's fun and cute in its way. We'd mail each other little gifts. :)
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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    @oldhat and anchorbeard good luck :)

    my dj called and confirmed he's still leaving start over....looking for a new dj...which is going to be very difficult in this dinky city.
    I'm pissed, frustrated, and very sad altogether...
    i am terribly daunted by this task ahead of me, to the point I'm almost considering quitting altogether...i know I shouldn't, but god dammit, I'm probably not going to make much money on it anyway...I was just trying to help my artist friends make a little more cash and get a little more it's a chance to hang out with them...but the fun isn't there anymore...i started the idea up with my was kinda tailored to his stage presence...grrrrr...
    now I'll have to redesign the whole damned thing...maybe i'll get it together by the summer or something....god dammit.
    I had promised a different show every few months and because of all this bullshit i'll be lucky to get this shit together before a year's past since the last one.

    i'm about to pull out my paints again and try to work my frustrations out on a canvas. At least if I can paint something awesome i'll feel like i've gotten something accomplished...if I can still paint something awesome. i haven't painted in a long time and i feel i've lost abunch of skill..i guess we'll see...i'll post pics if I get anything done....bleh...

    going to ease my troubles with coffee and a pipe's worth of something herby...