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    Right. I just got fired with a text message. Fucking classy. All in all, this was the first time I have ever been fired from anywhere, excepting things like "we decided to quit this whole magazine". No warning, no nothing, the boss just called me in to chat, told that there had been complaints, heard my side of the story and just texted me that it's not gonna work, buh-bye. This was the trial period, so that's all she wrote.

    (note, this was a new day job, not the movie job)

    What really sucks is that I had been there a total of nine days in the span of three weeks, and I was supposed to start full time next week and told everybody that I've come to grips with the job and I'm ready to learn more and take the helm then. The company has a very intensive circulation with the stuff they do and a very makeshift and utterly crappy system to administer it. Dudes who've used it for a year said that it's very easy to fuck up. So, I fucked up a couple of things, but corrected them as quickly as I could, staying late nights to make sure it didn't happen again. One of the fuck-ups was me finding a totally new bug in that crappy system, where the save-button just refused to work.

    I'm reasonably sure that who got me fired was this young woman who was one of these "bubbly and social, vaguely naggy, and when something bad happens, it's immediately a fucking disaster" personalities. There were some moments in the job when I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, or I was waiting for materials and really couldn't do anything, so what I did was that I had my laptop with me, I surfed some work related stuff (like the things I asked here in the info thread about sound editing) and yeah, answered some e-mails from the other job and text chatted with people in Skype, including teaching the ropes to the guy that come to replace me in the previous job. Not once did this eat into the work time there, but apparently "someone" decided that I'm just wasting time, surfing the net, doing other jobs in the company time... Surprisingly no-one who I've worked with in other places really recognized me from that description, and they were quite surprised, having amongst other things recommended me as being worth five average workers & stuff like that... The really insulting thing is that they didn't have a single testicle or ovary amongst themselves to come and say anything to me directly and seriously.

    Right. So now I'm totally broke, and the job, on which I more or less built the finances of the following six months, evaporated in a 20 minute meeting this morning in a way which I find really really unfair. Feeling helpless and at loss is something I generally don't do, ever, but right fucking now I'd just like to sit down, stare at the wall and let the world drive past me.

    In any case, I'm going to give the union lawyer a call tomorrow and see what he thinks about this. Maybe picking a fight will perk me up.

    Well, I know it will.
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    Just got back from my landlord-tenant-board hearing. So, I won... But also I feel like I've had the shit kicked out of me. I was yelled at by the adjudicator and the duty counsel for not being mean enough. Apparently you're expected to put a dollar value on being annoyed these days? How dare I simply ask not to be harassed by a crazy person. So, counsel was useless and confusing, and the adjudicator made me feel like a bad person for not thirsting for blood. Huh. I'm gonna go watch cartoons now.
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    Allana, glad you won, but jeez...
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    @Oldhat and Anchorhead

    That's awful. I hope you can do something. Seems completely wrong that one stupid person could, and would, do such a thing.
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    Yeah well, don't have any hard proof, might as well be someone else, but that's just the primary suspect. I'm no hurry to get back there, I think that well is now well and truly poisoned, especially after I'll see if I can hit them with the union lawyers and get some compensation. The goddamn text message to cap it all was just tacky.
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    The hubby and I have clothing to donate- we usually donate to the thrift stores but I decided this time that it should go to a non profit organization. People that can't afford to buy clothing and they need it. I can't find anything at all like that unless i look in New York. We have a food bank here (which is good food is needed more than clothing)

    I don't understand yeah if you are poor you are expected to do the salvation army or the thrift but what about the homeless or nearly homeless???

    someone said to donate to a church but i'm kinda iffy about that. I suppose if you have nowhere to go people know to go to a church for help, but I have no idea how that works.
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    @comicbookbunny I would hunt down a shelter in your area and ask about donating them.
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    @Oldhat and Alan Tyson: Hurrah! All happiness for the future!

    @Vornaskotti: Sounds like you were working for knobs, you're probably well shot of them. I hope something better turns up for you.

    @Pooka, Rachael and all the sick, tired achy and sad: I hope it gets better for you, i really do. Be strong and keep going!

    As for me, there's a few things that could be better and a lot that could be worse, i'm doing my best to put up with the former and enjoy the latter. It takes some effort sometimes but hey, i'm still breathing. I like that!
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    FUCK. Long response to @comicbookbunny lost to temperamental Web connection. *grumpy face*

    Shelters and pantries are happy to take donated clothing, in my experience. I've volunteered over the years with several church groups and right now am doing mandated community service at city pantry. (I much prefer getting to volunteer...) People who are trying to clean up, get off the street, etc, need presentable clothing for a number of reasons including job interviews and court appointments. Typically they don't have such office-appropriate clothing so shelters prefer nicer clothing to old t-shirts, but anything that is still wearable is fine. (I saw some donated stuff that was more rags than clothes; that's just thoughtless.) Homeless folks also often need underwear, especially socks. That really ought to be new(ish).

    If you don't know anyone connected with a church or a temple or other organization that serves the needy then I suggest looking "St Vincent de Paul Society" in your phone book. They are a Catholic group dedicated to meeting the needs of the poor and underserved. There are tons of other groups but I wouldn't know how to find them blind - if you just plopped me down in a random city I know I could find them in the white pages.

    "what about the homeless or nearly homeless??? " If you mean how do homeless people know where to turn, that's a really good question and one that service organizations routinely struggle with. Some send out people into the midst of where homeless people gather (Skid Row, in LA-speak) and serve them there or bring them to their shelters. Usually the city social service apparatus works with these organizations: folks who might be busted for loitering are directed to shelters by the police; individuals who are caught up in the legal system may hear about them from social workers or court-appointed lawyers.
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    @comicbookbunny Check the local churches as well. They will likely know where, or to whom, to get the clothes.
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    Thanks much everyone :D
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    Thank you EVERYONE for the well-wishes and congratulations! I feel like the happiest creature in the universe right now, and if I'm not constantly hovering six inches off the ground out of sheer joy, it's only because I want to give the whole world a hug with my feet.

    I am immensely grateful for this place. Without it, I wouldn't have had the fucking fantastic weekend in what is now may favorite city in the world, and I never would have met the most amazing woman that the human race is capable of producing. Thank you, Whitechapel, all of you, just for being, and for being here.

    @Vornaskotti: GnyaaaaWHAT? A phone call, at least. That's how professionals handle these situations. I'm sorry to hear that, boss. As far as picking a fight goes, well, I believe you when you say it'll make you feel better, and there's always the chance it really could fix things, or at least bring to light what happened. I say damn the torpedoes, give them ramming speed!

    @Allana: So glad to hear that your hearing went well! I know for a fact now that it's a lovely place you have, and you deserve to live in it in comfort and civility. And cartoons. That was the other c-word I was looking for.
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    Alan - AAWWWWWWwwww!!
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    Okay, alright, just to balance out the sheer metric tons of CUTE that Robin and I have generated, I've got some dirt to dish, too.

    It's a bit of a long story, so I'll just boil it down to this: Thank you, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol for baselessly accusing me of smuggling marijuana because you "detect a hint" of the substance "somewhere in the vehicle." Thank you also for ripping my bug-out bag, a Vietnam-era medic kit bag with not a small amount of sentimental value, apart at every strap that the bag possesses. Thank you for for handling my "fancy wine" (it says ALE right on the box, dude) like it's a styrofoam container full of packing peanuts, rather than a collection of glass bottles full of liquid of good quality. And, finally, thank you for doing this TWICE, once in the line, and once at the passport-checking shack.

    For comparison, here was my entry into Canada: "Hi there! Can I see your passport? Going to Toronto, then? Okay. Everything looks good to me. Have a good weekend!"
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    @Alan Tyson, EW. MEGATONS OF EW. US cops are the fucking worst.

    I realize that's a gross generalization because of course, there are some really really nice cops out there. BUT! The negative encounters like the one described above are kind of the norm of what I've heard from most of my friends who have had cop run-ins.
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    @comicbookbunny: Salvation Army and Goodwill are not for-profit organizations, and their thrift stores aren't really intended to be the places where the disadvantaged go to shop. The money they make from the thrift store sales goes to funding their shelters, soup kitchens, blankets for the homeless, and other operations. So while clothes you donate may not go directly on the backs of the poor (though I'm sure there's some degree of them evaluating the quality of the donations and deciding whether they'll do more good being sold in thrift or giving directly to the poor), they do still help a lot.

    I really want to contribute something to Rachael's new tumblr, but that means re-reading several of the letters that I've written to my ex, and that never fails to wreck me. I'll need a few drinks in me before I can try it.

    Just got through a week of conducting job interviews. Being on that side of the interview table is a first for me. Got two new members for my team out of it, and I think/hope they'll work out okay. I kind of have to write up some more better training documents for them, and there are equipment issues, but I've been pretty happy with how the team runs since I took over running it, and there haven't been any complaints from higher up (at least that I'm aware of).

    Going back to California for Thanksgiving with my father's side of the family. This feels like it'll probably be my grandfather's last thanksgiving, my grandmother passed last year and it largely feels like he's kind of given up since then, and he's been in and out of the medical centre at his retirement community pretty regularly.

    The big question is Christmas. I've kind of hated Christmas for years now, so I don't really want to spend it with any of my family, but I sure as shit don't want to spend it alone in Arizona. I'm strongly leaning towards going to New York, just because I want to see that city in the winter, and also maybe hang out with some people, but with my luck everybody I'd want to hang out with will have plans.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    @Dorkmuffin: My experience with ANY of my countrymen with a badge and authority has always either been extremely pleasant, life-affirming, and had restorative qualities on my faith in my nation and my government, or it's been something like the above. I've never met a "decent" cop (of any branch, level, or agency), only truly awesome ones, or jackasses.
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    @Oldhat and Alan Tyson: Awww wooobie! Congratulations!

    @Vornaskotti: Boo on them! And shame! Etc. I hope you get a new job and the union lawyers are helpful and all that kind of stuff. Because that place sucks and you deserve better.

    @Pooka, Rachael & razrangel: Hold strong ladies! I'm crossing my fingers for you, and knocking on wood, and all that kind of stuff.

    As for me, the exhaustion I've been experiencing, apparently one of the possible side effects of Citalopram is that it might work like a sedative. Yaaaaay! *headdesk* I'm trying taking that pill at night and seeing if it helps. Seems to be? I think I'll have a better idea in a week. Of course it could be that I have been successfully flirting with a cute boy on OkCupid and I might even visit him for a weekend sometime in the future. Probably after the holiday season though. Hotels are expensive enough as it is.
      CommentAuthormister hex
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    @ Vornaskotti - my one thought is "flamethrower and lots of it." But that's my answer to everything.

    @oldhat & OUR MAN IN LANGLEY - Congratulations on your impending nuptials. I expect to be in the wedding party. If I am not, then flamethrower and lots of it. I am not even remotely joking. At ALL. I'll accept being the flower girl but only if Peter Kelly is my date for Fairy-Con in Baltimore. Otherwise, flamethrower and lots of it.

    @ greasemonkey - thanks again to you and your lovely wife for suffering such a wretched creature as me to live and indeed welcoming me into your home. Most sane people wouldn't even consider it.

    ... not to get paternalistic or anything but if OUR MAN IN LANGLEY does anything bad to Robin, this planet isn't big enough to hide him. A flamethrower would be too impersonal. A short-handled shovel is more in line. That and a distant place, far from anyone to hear screams or cries for mercy. First, I'll make him dig his own grave. With his bare hands. While I beat him with the shovel. Then, I'll light him on fire. THEN I'LL GET SERIOUS. (I'm just jealous. You two kids have fun. Take care she sheds no tears, Langley.Or messed-up luggage will seem like a sweet dream.)

    The day after the party, I did a film shoot for some Bravo-Fact dealie that had, as a prop, a 1931 Chevy. Hung over as I was, I managed to appreciate it.

    In other news, I'm working on a reality show. About the healing power of laughter. (No, REALLY!)

    I'm also hard at work on a flamethrower.

    @ Robin - please don't punch me, much as you'd like to. I'm glad for you. Jealous, yes, but glad.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2011
    Oh wow.


    That was the best threat EVER. And more in line with what I was expecting from you folks.

    Thank you. Wow, I'm saving this.

    And everyone, thank you all for the wonderful words of congratulations. Still in a state of shock and I'm nowhere near good with words as Alan is. Maybe...maybe I can communicate by joy through PUNCHING?

    ALSO! Patrick! Lone Wolf & Cub! Absolutely captivated by it! Thank you so much for lending it to me!