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    Bring us your ontological queries. Bring us your relationship problems and the courage to be laughed at. Bring us your need to know that word, y’know the one, it’s on the tip of your tongue, what the fuck is that word, oh god oh god.
    Bring us your yearning for solutions to mathematical dilemmas, beer-related uncertainties, genitalia-piercing indecision and demands for perspective. Bring us embarrassing questions regarding the removal of blunt objects from nether regions – it’s for a friend, honest – and bring us probing global challenges about How Those Other Guys Live.

    Bring us research enquiries, cultural quandaries, opinion-baiting on relevant world events and Shit You’ve Always Wondered About.

    Ask Whitechapel – anything.

    And Whitechapellers? Be a brick and answer back, eh?


    When posing a question, be sure and include a representative #hashtag. When answering a question, head your answer with the same tag.

    An example:

    Q. What is the true nature of the threat posed by the #UrethralAttackMaggots?

    A. #UrethralAttackMaggots.
    Horror, horror, only horror, pure horror, unmitigated horror, constant and endless horror, for those who Fail To Follow Instructions.
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    What? This thread has been open for over 24 hours and there are no questions? Has Whitechapel solved all the world's problems??

    Apparently not - #SydneyAndAuckland

    Early next year I'm fortunate enough to be taking a solo trip to both Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand (with a sea voyage in between). I'll be spending five days in each city and in considering ways to spend my time thought who better to advise me than the crew of lovably sick, sick individuals inhabiting this board.

    Some background - I am a socially phobic nerd with an interest in history. I'm already planning a visit to the Powerhouse in Sydney and seeing if I can fit in a trip to the Jenolan Caves. Apart from that I have no firm plans.

    Advise me Whitechapel!
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    Port Stephens is worth a visit. The drive out past the Stockton sand dunes is amazing, and Nelson Bay has loads of B&B's and a campground by the beach. Further north there's the old coast road from Taree to Forster, or if you're going south the coast road from Sutherland to Wollongong is spectacular.

    If you're going out to Jenolan Caves, stop at Katoomba and check out the Three Sisters from the Echo Point lookout, and walk a few of the bush paths if you've got the time. The best route is down the Giant Staircase from Echo Point, then head around to the Scenic Railway which takes you back up the cliff face.

    Sydney doesn't get any better than cruising the harbour on the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly Beach. Grab yourself some lunch at City Extra behind the ferry wharf at the Quay, where you can sit by the upstairs window and look out over the harbour, then catch the ferry to Manly. Sit on the outside deck on the bows of the boat for stellar views of the Opera House, Fort Denison and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When you get to Manly, walk across the Corso to the ocean beach about half a kilometre away - the surf is usually awesome there, so take some boardies and a towel.

    History-wise, the Rocks area under the south end of the Harbour Bridge is pretty interesting, and there are some good pubs. Don't buy anything there or at Darling Harbour, as it's all exorbitantly-priced tat for the tourists.

    Oh, and take a gander at the Watters Gallery at 109 Riley Street, just up from Hyde Park. They always have loads of interesting art by locals such as Reg Mombassa, David Hawkes and Ian Howard.
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    @Greasemonkey - Fantastic! Thank you.

    I won't have my own vehicle so I'll be relying on public transport to get around - is this plan at all feasible, particularly on the weekends?
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    I'm SURE there has been a great thread/set of answers/panda about this recently, but!


    I'm poor. ANd have a lot of art kicking around that I don't ever put on walls or do anything with.

    Aside from starting a Facebook album for people to browse through of pieces available for sale, does anyone have any tips about how to sell art online in places that won't take a cut of the price? I don't want to deal with any Etsy fee bullshit (not until I am certain people will actually pay money for things I'm selling slash I can make prints of stuff).

    Other thoughts? My other idea is building out an incredibly simple portfolio site and indicating that people can ask me about prices for things.

    A thousand thanks in advance.
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    @Purple Wyrm - only the harbour and Katoomba parts are feasible with public transport. The railway station is right on Circular Quay, just a few steps from the ferry wharf, and you can walk to Darling Harbour and the Rocks from there. You can get the train out to Katoomba, check out the sights in the morning (there's a tour bus from the station down to Echo Point), then take the hourly coach out to Jenolan Caves after lunch. Be warned though, the Caves are expensive. It cost my wife and me $80 apiece for the bus and admission fee, and that was around four years ago. You can book your ticket at the tour office next to Katoomba railway station.
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    @Greasemonkey - Cheers, I'll modify my plans accordingly :)
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    A bit more about Sydney downtown.

    If you get off the train at Town Hall station, you can see the excellently gothic St Andrew's Cathedral and Sydney Town Hall, and just across Park street is the Queen Victoria Building, a refurbished Romanesque Revival edifice from the Victorian era. Hike a few blocks east to get to Hyde Park, and the Australian Museum of Natural History is just across the other side. The aforementioned Watters Gallery is a couple of blocks further east on Riley Street.

    You can either walk north from Hyde Park down Macquarie Street (passing the old military barracks on your right) to get to Circular Quay, or jump back on the train at Town Hall and ride down to Circular Quay station. There's an all day transport pass available called a Daytripper, which will save you a bunch of money if you're doing the train and ferry thing. I think it's about ten to fifteen dollars, haven't bought one in years.

    If you want to check out the Opera House, it's about a ten minute walk around the foreshore from the Quay. The Botanic Gardens are right behind the Opera House at the top of the stone stairs, and they're pretty amazing.

    Also, the ferry ride from Circular Quay to Parramatta and back is a nice scenic trip if you've got three hours and like river cruises. Parramatta itself is pretty scummy and crime-ridden apart from the huge Parramatta Park and Old Government House, so it's probably not worth getting off there - just stay on the boat and ride back to the Quay.
  6.  (10345.9)'re making me want to revisit Syd...been too long since I visited...
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    There are nifty sites like bigcartel and similar that offer easy to set up templates/shopping carts for items that I think start free for the first few listings. Otherwise, it's nab yourself a Paypal account & do the listings yourself on your own site.
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    @greasemonkey - I'm staying right in the CBD so that's great info, thanks!
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    You might like to check out the NSW Art Gallery if you're staying downtown, if you're into that sort of thing. it's next to the Domain, not far from Hyde Park.
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    I want to try and read some comics in Korean to help me learn the language.

    There's a wealth of webcomics at Naver and Daum but I'm not sure which titles to start with. I know there are people here who can recommend good stuff :)

    I'm thinking in a similar vein to the #AnimeReview suggestions from last month.
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    @Purple Wyrm - Everything Greasemonkey says is correct apart from the bit about Parramatta being scummy and crime-ridden - it's improved a lot. I had a residency at Parramatta Artists Studios for two years and found the place clean and amenable with good restaurants. I can dig up a list of the best ones if you decide to go out there. There are some excellent historic buildings out there as well because it was one of the earliest colonies in Australia.

    I'd second the visit to the Art Gallery of NSW, it's well worth it. You easily can walk from there across the botanical gardens to the Opera House, then around Circular Quay to the Museum of Contemporary Art which is a truly top notch contemporary art museum - I've been to MoMA in New York and I reckon the MCA, while much smaller, gives it a fair run for the money in terms of quality. That lot by itself is an inexpensive and incredibly enjoyable day out. Take a picnic lunch and a bottle of champagne for maximum bliss. You can even take a detour via the State Library - apart from being one of the most stunning bits of colonial architecture in town, you want history, they've got it.

    The Powerhouse is also well worth it and great fun. The collection of musical instruments on the bottom floor is brilliant.

    Ignore what anyone tells you about Bondi, it's icky, and hard to get to by PT. Coogee is a much better beach for swimming, less polluted, more regular buses and fewer drunken idiots. The fish and chips at the kiosk on Coogee Beach are great too.

    Other galleries worth seeing are Artspace in Woolloomooloo (just down behind the AGNSW) and Roslyn Oxley9 and Sherman Galleries in Paddington, all great places to see the best of Australian contemporary art in walking distance from each other.

    Do remember that Katoomba and Jenolan are a seriously long way out of town. It's a hell of a long way for a day trip. I've done it, but you'll be pretty buggered when you get back. Equally, Newcastle is at the south end of that amazing beach that runs all the way to Stockton, and you can catch a train there and back in a day with time for a swim and a decent lunch at the Brewery, but take a few books, it's a long train ride. Newcastle Art Gallery is well worth a look if you get up there and there's heaps of great eateries in Dumaresq St nearby.

    @Greasemonkey - Funny you should mention Reg and Ian, I did a lot of work for Ian on a couple of his shows and a mate of mine is etching with Reg this afternoon. Small world I guess.
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    #SellingArtOnline - hard to do. People tend to buy art when they have some connection to the artist or to an intermediary such as a gallerist or dealer. They don't do a lot of buying it out of an online inventory.

    Something that has worked well for me though is having slideshows online like this and giving people I meet IRL who want to see my work the URL. Also reminding my friends when I have new work online and that it is for sale.
    Most of the sales I have made recently have been by subscription patronage - I have a few people who give me $100 per month and choose a work from my studio every year. I'm working on an online system to support this sort of activity but it's a slow process. It's puttering along on the backburner. Doesn't help that all the people involved skate that line between brilliant and severely mentally ill, so while our work is good it's intermittent.
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    @Kay - the Parramatta restaurant strip isn't bad. There's some decent places to eat, but my encounters with junkies and panhandlers have soured me on the place. Katoomba/Jenolan - definitely a long day trip that doesn't leave time or energy for much else.

    Did you see Reg's exhibition last year at Watters? He had a bunch of charcoal and coloured pencil works I could've looked at all day.

    'Hosing A Fire Demon' (c) Reg Mombassa 2009

    Oh, and did you meet Patricia Prociv at the Parramatta studios? Nice lady, great artist.
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    #Android for Desktop

    Has anyone tried installign and runnign the Android OS on a desktop machine?

    There are a couple of Android apps I wouldn't mind having on my desktop then in lookng them up I noticed a comment that Android runs really fast on desktops since it was designed to run on much less powerful devices.

    That in turn got me thinking - like most nerds these days I have abunch of computers that aren't broken exactly but have lots of trouble coping with moden bloatware and the incessant stream of upgrades.

    So I'm considering trying to rejuventate one of them by intalling Android? Anyoen tired it? How hard is it? Is it likely to do what I want?
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    @Greasemonkey - Yes! I know her well. She's great company and a great artist. Has collaborated extensively with Fiona Davis who curated Looking At Others - The Death Project Part I, the group show where I trialed the first iteration of my work on roadside memorials. The two of them did all that excellent site-specific stuff around the vanished buildings of the early farms of Parramatta. Hauntology at its finest.

    Reg is often underrated in Australia because of his early deal with Mambo surfwear. I think he'd be much better respected if his style wasn't associated with t-shirts worn by idiots. He'd be seen as a comic surrealist master if not for the very work that has supported him all this time. He's doing etchings with my old friends Michael Kempson and Tess Allas this week and I'm hopeful we'll get to meet up next weekend and see all their new work.

    Regarding Parramatta - the concentration of homeless people in the square there was caused by the clearances of the CBD for the 2000 olympics. I wonder what has happened in Darwin this week with the Queen and then Obama visiting - I bet all the homeless got moved on there as well. The only time I ever had any drama in Parramatta was on the train one time, some tweaker with bugs under his skin was telling off an old man and I told him to quit it. He then had a 20 minute monologue to his invisible audience about how best to defeat me in the apparently inevitable hand to hand combat. He flinched when I stood up to get off the train, so I extended a hand to him and said "I wasn't ever going to hurt you, I just wanted you to be kind to the old bloke." He cried.

    Then again I'm 5'7" but 3' across and my muttonchops are heritage listed. I come from a long line of army sergeants and policemen and have a baritone that can be clearly heard over the band when the PA gives out. I think I might have had a mohawk at that stage. I am mentally ill but I don't vibe vulnerable. I don't get hassled a lot.
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    #Android for Desktop

    Kosmo, I'm about to try this method myself.

    I am also checking out BlueStacks.
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2011
    Just wanted to say thanks to Glukkake for reccomending Tekkonkinkreet. I was blown away by the trailer, but in the end decided to go with the manga before watching it and HOLY. SHIT. Amazing. Just amazing.