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    This was inspired by Budgie's challenge and I held off from doing it for a long time until he said it was fair game to try.

    I am now 10 days into my 30 day challenge. The index of the stories and the challenge can be found here

    Basically, you give me a four word title and an object to be part of the story. I provide a 250-300 word story based on those two things.
    To make my life a little harder, each story is part of an ongoing narrative.

    I'm still open to titles and objects, but if you want to give me one (oo-er) please post it on the challenge blog post and not here.

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    And it's finished.
    20 days, 20 stories. Only missed one day, and that was yesterday, but I made up for it by posting the last 2 today.

    You can still find them all at the index.

    Thanks to anyone who posted a title or took the time to read any of the stories.