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    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    @zensurfer - Thank you.

    @oldhat - Excellent!

    @MikiM - That is a lovely new cut.

    @vandalhandle - Cuuuuuute!

    @Steve Toase - Hee hee!

    @dorkmuffin - Adorable.
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    twenty four

    Twenty four years old, asymmetrical hair, jean jacket, shorts, and somehow, inexplicably, single.

    @Alastair - I'd like to think that, inside this little kid's head in 1990:


    This was happening:

    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011

    Me around age 5 or 6 I think? Would have been '91-93 sometime. Three of four brothers, two little ones are Mike and Gabe, big one is Tomm, and I'm at the top.

    The window behind is the one that my Ghostbusters firehouse went out of when Mike and Gabe decided (while home sick one day--I was at school) that I didn't need to have things that I liked. Oh, memories. Oh, brothers.
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    You guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys
    These pictures are phenomenal.
    (And, oh man, Sizer, oh man. Of all the decades I wish I was born in..... Also you remind me of my favourite high school science teacher in the second one.)

    I have nothing to contribute. A few years ago I scanned some childhood artwork and cards and things, but no photos. Bummer.
    I do have a video of me when I was 17, in which I look and sound exactly as I do now. Better fashion sense back then, too, I think.
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    @oddbill, That was fabulous. I'd like to think that was going on in his head as well. Also, I feel kind of wierd pointing this out, but longhaired young you looks strikingly like my longhaired young dad (the fellow on the left):

    Skinny Soccer Dad

    Here's a news clipping of me:


    The statues are still there, only now they've been bronzed.
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    Me in 1980:


    And now:

    December 2011
    • CommentAuthorSteadyUP
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    1993ish (far right):

    And now:

    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2011 edited
    Getting down with some serious sandplay.


    @taphead There is a gaping hole in my adolescence where you and Vornaskotti should have been.
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2011
    @Oddbill and Rachael that is exactly the case... all through my childhood i never understood why what I imagined in my head what music should be wasn't what i heard around me e.g folky parents/poppy older sister. Then i remember watching a documentary with my dad when i was 8 on music and Black Sabbath: Paranoid came on, it was THE music! it was MY music! i turned to my dad and said (he has relayed this to me numerous times)

    "What is this?! its perfect!"
    and he said:
    "thats heavy metal"

    he went through a major alcohol problem and we didn't speak for a long time. we eventually bonded again over music and though my tastes have changed these days and i like a lot of varied music but that moment has stayed with me for 18 years now....

    i can't find many photos of us together so here is another treat my dad gave me and a reminder of how much he means to me
    the two of us at the grand canyon earlier this year...

    tl:dr? my dad changed my life for the better... a lot
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2011
    Twenty sixish:

    about twenty six

    Tomorrow I'll post a really embarrassing one.
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2011
    Everybody's gone, so I can dump this humiliating old acting career glossy from 1996 and nobody will see it!

    will act for food
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2011
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2011

    I'm dying over here.

    BTW: I'd hit it. 3 times. :P

    @Rachael: We can have a meet sometime and dress like we did in the 90's. Then we can pretend we grew up together. :D
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    I think I kinda still dress like I did in the 90's, so that'll be easy! I still have a pile of oversized Sandman Tshirts stashed away somewhere that I can't bear to part with. The only real difference about now is the lack of fishnetted arms. :D
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2011
    @oddbill: Denim shirts are awesome; never let anybody tell you different.
    • CommentAuthorRictus
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2011
    Denim is the king of fabric. Parachutes should be made from denim.
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2011 edited
    ...aaaaand with this I'll go dark on the SPIT for a while, but this one caps my "week in b&w":

    Johnny and Hester Smit

    This is me and my friend Alissa in some promotional shots for a production of Athol Fugard's Hello and Goodbye, that we produced and performed together back in the mid 1990s. It got a Pick of the Week in the LA Weekly, the LA Times liked us as performers but hated the play, and Dramalogue hated us as performers but liked the play. We were lucky not to get a fourth review!

    Here is what was written about me in the LA Times review:

    Gorgen is an icy tomb of repressed feeling, smoldering at their secondhand lives that got used up, while Cunningham's introvert oozes overtones of Norman Bates as he flails in harrowing stream-of-consciousness monologues.

    William Alex Cunningham - oozing overtones of Norman Bates since 1996.

    I love these photos because they look like stills from a 1950s teleplay.

    This week on Playhouse 90...
    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2011
    Shitty Christmas Eve for various reasons (that at least ended well). Pretty dress that I stole from my sister.

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2011
    Hubba hubba, Caroline. Hope the rest of Christmas goes better, hon.
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    Damn, I visited home-home for Christmas but forgot to dig out a newspaper clipping for my first public nude photo... I was something like one year old, running totally naked on a beach, and that photo was on some "summer photos" feature of the newspaper with a caption "Just a flash".

    These days though I probably shouldn't publish stuff like that on a forum, lest some hysterical asshole pull the whole forum down for kiddie porn. Personally I sort of wonder about people whose first thought when they see a photo of a naked toddler is "OMG porn"...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.