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      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2011 edited
    I posted about this project to archive and publish my father's photos once before, thought i'd share this cool find.
    3 rolls of film of a historic Jimi Hendrix show, the night of May 3, 1969 at Maple Leaf Gardens. The first post is here

    and the second here. I've still yet to scan the third, probably will do it next week.

    I think this is very much procrastinating with something important :)
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2011
    I'd almost swear that that person with the suit, tied and sunglasses in the second picture is my father.
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2011
    Jesus Christ Max - screw Magcloud - you could sell a real book through real publishers with these. Magcloud is great, but really these are something beyond that level of experimentation.
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    I'm not against it Oddbill! but need to make the connection!

    I'm not so sure what's better, but i do plan to pitch a book of Lionel's work to publishers. But short term, the quality for B&W photos is great, i'm thinking a collection of shots from this show would cost about 10 per unit to publish from the MagCloud site, I can charge a fair bit more than that, if enough fans go for it i can get the medium size negative scanner i need to complete the archiving project. From that i suspect there's at least a couple books worth of interesting content. Was pondering the idea of doing a series of collections using the site. The DIY self publishing approach is something Lionel himself would have liked. A publisher brings the marketing capacity and legitimacy, but so far no one has taken an interest yet. Trafic to the site isn't even that high yet. For now for Dream Life and for Lionel's stuff thinking at the very least making a few very professional dummies that i can also sell on-line as POD magazines, if i can sell a nice number of those it maybe proves market interest for publishers and helps in the pitching.
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    These are remarkable. I wouldn't be playing guitar today if it wasn't for him (and we happen to share the same B-Day).