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    Ok Temple Con. Warwick, Rhode island and Sheva Con. Roanoke, virginia

    Anyone going if you are I wish to possibly harass you! :D I will be selling hats
    (also I still have a free ticket for Sheva Con and a hotel room I need to share with someone so If you are interested let me know!)
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    I'm a guest artist at Shevacon, so you can harrass me there.
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    YIPEEEE!!!!! :D :D :D
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    While I know nothing of these things of which you speak, I live close enough to Warwick that I could go. Or meet up after for drinks or something.
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    :D :D :D This will be my first Temple Con. Everyone says its a REALLY good con
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    Bunny, it looks like I'll probably swing by the con for a bit some time that weekend. I have my daughter, so that may complicate things. My buddy lives in West Warwick, so hopefully we can leave the kids with his wife and come say hello. Sadly though, some sort of WC debauch is not in the cards.
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    would still be awesome to see yah anyways :D
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    Bunny - At this point, I think the plan is to come Sunday. Probably early in the afternoon. Is there some place particular one would look for you? I'll be the bald guy. Possibly shouting "Bunny!" in a frightened, outsidery tone of voice. If you want to try and co-ordinate, e-mail might be easier and less spammy for the rest of WC. mike at sellmeyoursoul dot com is a good way to get hold of me.
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    I'm the one selling hats as a vendor- should be pretty easy to find :) (will be in the clockwork ally- the vending in the hotel rooms)