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    • CommentAuthorEmperor
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011
    @Emperor If it didn't feel like cheating, I might be tempted to go for a redraw with the Rechtpanzer! Is it cheating? Are there rules for this stuff?

    Technically I consider being able to drew so well as cheating but then so many people in this thread would be guilty of this crime only Dredd himself would have the energy to bring you all in.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011 edited
    Heh; this thread's excellence cannot be contained. A short mention from SUPERPUNCH
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011
    @Sizer - there's an auto-generated link on superpunch labelled 'buy Judge Dredd toys on amazon'.

    Oh how I wish there were Dredd toys.

    Why are there no Dredd action figures when even second rate videogames like Bulletstorm and Crysis get action figures made?

    I shall have to head up to Rebellion one weekend and crack some skulls.
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011
    @Mhengla: If you think you are of negligible artistic talent, you might like to try 'drawing on the right hand side of the brain' (book and workshops based on the book). Many people who thought they didn't have artistic talent really surprised themselves after trying this technique. I took a course and it improved my artwork tremendously.
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    Hello everyone. I heard of this challenge on the 2000AD blog and decided to give it a shot. Man, there's so many awesome and creative entries! Mine's a bit boring, though. I tried to go with a riot-police vibe, a simpler, high-tech suit, and more of a "faceless" look. I didn't want to get too adventurous on it, so that's why I kept some of the original colors here and there. I have a little mental list of the suit's specifications but it'd be too long and boring, hah. So, yeah. Thanks for looking!

    Judge Dredd Redesign
    • CommentAuthorEmperor
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011
    @Flabyo I'd bet my willy we are going to see more Dredd toys than you can shake a stick at next year. We are in the slack time before the momentum really builds for the film as old licenses will have largely lapsed and new ones are being negotiated (you'd have to assume). It is a bit too early at the moment but the announcements will surely start to roll out soon.

    Also the 3A deal must surely involve a fancy Dredd action figure at some point, I'd imagine they are just building up to it, so it drops closer to the film.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011

    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    @The Last Interceptor: How did you do that digital crosshatching around Judge Dredd?
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    Excellent.I will never look at my old Dredd annuals in my bathroom the same again.I think my earliest one is from 1982.That's going back in time.Drokk!!!
    • CommentAuthorkmcleod
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    The idea of someone reading Dredd while on the john summons an image that I wish had come to me sooner.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    Incredible work by all. Just brilliant.
    @chris g - Love the details and the spiked cup/codpiece, but I've got to say, what really does it for me is the nipple on the armour plating. Classic.

    Here's my humble contribution.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011 edited
    There's enough great entries here that this should become a trending meme or something equally internetty sounding. Serious. Good work, all!
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    Molcher FBed the thread link earlier this week - it's moved on apace since then.

    My last attempt at something like this was to put Dredd on a skysurfing board.

    This time it's Feudal Japan - I made the same connection Mr. Sizer did - somewhere between Akira Kurosawa and Colin MacNeil you might find Samurai Joe.

    Good work everybody.

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    My earlier entry got nuked by Russian malfiends, so have reworked it a bit. Art skillz are highly rough these days, which we're working on, but I couldn't resist the Dredd/Holden crossover...
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    judge dredd remake remodel by vandalhandle/neil delaney

    He makes learning the law
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    This thread is one of the best yet. Top work all.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    Bravo Olaf_Chalk_Horse, well done, I dig.
    • CommentAuthorNick_Em
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011 edited
    Couldn't resist dusting off ye olde tablet for this one.

    Dredd redesign
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    @dnewling: I just traced it (It took some time, yeah). I had a layer with solid black and traced all of it with the eraser.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    Late to the party, and didn't have any ideas tbh, but had to try and finally went for a Metal Gear Solid/Mignola vibe, hope you like it:

    Dredd - Mo Ali