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    JVDG3 D?3DD IS ?HE L?W
    There is a bigger version here.

    Cheers to everyone!!! :)
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    @ D.Miranda - puts me in mind of what Pat Mills might have originally intended for the character before Wagner and Ezquerra created the Dredd we know today. Stylish blend of supernatural tech.

    Blind justice on the head-dress is a nice touch and is that a Sternhammer happy stick?

    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2011
    Way late but forgive me. Been spending too long looking at Andy Warhol stuff recently, and Dredd's a clone, right, so it all fits together in my head at least.
    Double Dredd
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    Folks: gorgeousness and gorgeosity.

    In a surprise and delightful twist, I've asked the honourable MR AL EWING to pick his eight favourites for the Bleedingcool slot. Al is a long-time writer of Judge Dredd, and widely acknowledged as second only - in terms of writing "canonical" and "status-quo-altering" tales - to Dredd's creatorJohn Wagner. Also he's great. And mad. But great.

    So, yeah. Look for the selection on B/C soon, and many congratulations to everyone: a bloody marvellous group of entries.

    I'm going to give REMAKE/REMODEL a rest until after the holiday-nonsense is out the way. I'm off to Ireland for the duration, so play nice. Or Auntie Ariana will crush you on planes of existence you weren't even aware of.

    Also, Happy Christmas or whatever.
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    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2011

    The courts are currently social tools used to oppress the poor. The human element while meant to grant MERCY to justice, grants leniency to those who fit the image of a good person. I am reminded of one of the quirks of the early justice system -- in middle ages Europe, I believe, but a variation was used in the US Old West. The ability to recite Bible verses could cause one to be set free from most crimes, because it was believed that a good Christian could not commit crimes. We have the technology to capture the true perpetrators of most crimes, some jurisdictions lack the funding to have the equipment, but others prefer to go after the usual suspects.

    @ Paul Sizer Thanks. I would have preferred to color it, but I didn't have the time. I might post the colored version on my DeviantArt account.
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    Al Ewing's going to select the entries for Bleeding Cool? WOOOWWWWEEEEE! Thanks, Daddy Si!

    Happy Christmas to everybody!
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      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2011
    And to all the new artists who have been appearing here; THANK YOU. It's such a rush to see the the levels on these increase so much. Keeps everyone on their toes, and it's win-win all across the boards.
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    If anyone is unable to sit still waiting for another remake/remodel here, there is a similar challenge on, which is open to both artists and writers... to reinvent Santa Claus. (Please note that full names are required on SeqWork.)
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    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    @Jason A. Quest: Thanks for the information. I might give this a go after Christmas.