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    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2012
    @bob Glad to hear you're feelinga bit better man. Stay strong.

    @fauxhammer DO EEET.

    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2012
    @William Joseph Dunn might be a good idea, but I have to avoid acidic fruits...I could make me some veggie juice though!
    might have to try to see if someone can get me one (broke as hell right now)...
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    @ Pooka - I've been drinking a lot of kale lately and I think beets are relatively low acidic. You can add a little Asian pear to sweeten it without adding to the acid content too much.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2012
    @william joseph dunn and how's that taste? heh
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    @ Pooka - Once I add a little pear or apple, not bad actually. I noticed I felt better after 4 days replacing my dinner with juice. I found I felt more "awake", but not in a caffeine sort of way. Not I'm talking about juice diets on Whitechapel. Don't bother releasing the arse eels, I'll just end up throwing them into my juicer.
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    i feel kind of weird about the whole past involvement with the dj...i found out that he frequently sleeps with hot disabled chicks. he said he just likes to give them something that's harder for them to find because of their disability.
    This dude sounds like a national fucking treasure. That's not only weird, it's more than a little fucked up.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2012
    @Pooka:I would never think "fuck you!" about anything you posted here.I'm not that sort of person.All of our pain is relative and though i feel like the centre of the multiverse at times,as i guess we all do,we've all got "Blisters on our fingers".I hope that makes some kind of sense...

    Eh,the dj guy.Sleeping with hot disabled chicks.When i read that all i could think about was Ballard's Crash.And the film.But the people in that weren't predators.

    I agree with DavidLejeune.This is just my opinion.I really don't like that.Part of me want's to stick his music up his arse,smash his ribs and gash-rape his leg...Break his hands so he can't mix shit with his tunes.

    Sorry,i can't help it.People with an agenda like that make me angry.They deserve a taste of their own medicine.

    @All:Thank you for having my back.I'm feeling a bit better.I'm glad the holiday madness is over and un-normal service is resumed.

    Off to a meeting to take the piss.It's my special power.Taking the piss.And getting the fuck back up when life has smashed my head off the stink of reality.

    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2012
    @the last three :P
    yeah, he's fucked up...little bitty bit, but at least he's honest and up front about it...and it's not like he specifically goes for the cripple girls lol, he just doesn't exclude them from his debauchery. He's an equal opportunity slut, as long as she's hot. (and i mean that in the nicest way...I really do...he's an ass but he's still my pal)

    and considering that despite all the fucked up shit that's gone down between us, he's been there for us whenever we've really needed him, and he's helped our family so many times in few months that we've known him. We wouldn't have had any kind of christmas without his help. He tries so hard to be loyal and good (with a side of debauchery and mayhem), but the world just shits on him so hard, it's unbelievable the things he's dealt with in the short time I've known him. Trust me, Kharma is totally making up for any of the harm he's done in this world. I guess it's part of the reason I let him get away with so much. I have a very soft heart (which is why my ex girlfriend whom I can't stand still utilized my utilities and resources now and then), so it softens my attitude towards the whole thing, and I frequently spend my evenings petting his head, scratching his back, getting him high and helping him relax after a day of hustling and drama and all the crazy shit that happens to him/us on a daily basis.
    he, my husband and I really do have a lot of fun hanging out with him, and despite his attitude problems he's pretty fucking talented and pretty accomplished for someone his age. I'm very often impressed by him and it takes a lot to impress me. I call him my dj because that's one of the jobs he does for me, but the boys so multi talented and has insane self discipline in every other aspect of his life, that I kind of understand him cutting loose and having fun whenever the chance arises.

    maybe that means I have shitty self esteem, or I'm just really understanding of other peoples issues and mental fuck ups. I was raised by a couple of psychologists, so I guess I have a weird attitude about people and how they got to be where they are.

    last night he brought some smoke so I was finally able to eat. I cooked some chicken and baked potatos for the lot of us. it wasn't very good but at least it was solid food. I was even able to drink a hard blackberry lemonade (had to drink a bunch of water afterwards to ease the belly ache but it didn't last too long and it was awfully yummy).
    One thing that pisses me off the most about my stomach is that i've had to give up coffee (even the reduced acid stuff gives me heartburn), so I've basically given up caffeine altogether. I tried switching to tea and it just wasn't working for me. soda hurts my belly and energy drinks and such are too expensive...I decided to just quit altogether. i've slept way more than I should for the last week and i've been in a bitchy mood this week, but i think i might be able to manage this as long as I don't have to actually go out and be productive...

    @Flecky Crash is kinda an awesome movie....kinda weird as hell...but i love weird as hell movies. I haven't run across a copy of the book yet but i've got the dvd...
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2012 edited
    OK, weird thing, I went to vote in the Eagle awards for a colorist friend and found...
    I had been nominated for best new Artist. :o

    I can't help but wonder if someone put my name in as a joke, but then I keep remembering I do draw professionally >_>
    Am overwhelmed. D:
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2012 edited
    Very much a first world problem, but I'm trying to quit a freelance social media gig but the people just aren't getting back to me.

    The kicker? One of the reasons I'm quitting is due to lack of communication on their part.

    Also: Aaaah! Aaaah! Running around getting things done at the last minute before my trip! Aaaaaah!
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2012 edited
    @Neila:Now that's the shit i'm talking about!Overwhelmed is good!

    Best of luck!

    @Pooka:Alright...the kid's got a reprieve for bringing you a smoke over but i still got an eye on him!

    Ref:Crash.I went to the UK premiere of it in the early nineties.Some of the people i went with came out afterwards looking all confused saying things like "That's the most boring film i've ever seen!"...

    Not me.Boredom is a luxury and i was in a trance-like-state.A bit like when i went to see that Russian sci-fi film Stalker by him that made the original Solaris.

    Maybe my crap mates hadn't had as much teenage sex as me in trashed cars or done it in places your not meant to.

    Fuck them!I like weird films!I watch Eraserhead to cheer meself up...

    Bugger.My grammatically anal mate is coming round to visit.Said he's got a smoke on him.Last thing i need is spliff so i won't have one.I'll have more fun making him feel paranoid instead.Oh yes...