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    I know this closes soon but REALLY needed to vent....

    who the fuck texts someone else's husband on a friday night almost at 11 "friday licks" and thinks that is ok idea.
    also knowing that i'm a possessive bitch who almost ripped some chicks face off for sitting in his lap (right after we got engaged)

    I did let this person know this was far from ok. The hubby texted her back at first saying she had the wrong number, the worst part is this is someone we both
    really do not like.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    ..."Friday licks?" Like, was she as asking him to do that to her?

    Yeesh. Either she really doesn't believe in or respect your marriage, or she just likes stirring up shit.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2011
    @comicbookbunny Ick.

    Reserving mental vomit for the new thread.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2011
    That's what i hate about texts.Some people think it's ok to say weird,aggressive,whiny,obscure,spiteful words on them.Things they wouldn't dare say to the recipients face.Three times this year i was being bombarded by cowards sick bile.People i thought were good friends.It's really dangerous if they catch you off guard.One creep i utterly despise sent me ones telling me to stick my walking stick up my arse,that i was a cripple etc.I can handle cynicism and gallows humour all the time.I love it but when i can feel their resentment seeping through from a text i get more angry than if they were saying it to my face.

    This shit can really mess with your head and i know it's not just me.Your try to rise above it and just think it's only words sent from someone with issues.That can seem easy and the right thing to do.And then,in a moment of vulnerability,it's all "I'm not letting that go,no-way you foul example of all that is bad" and it's anger city.

    @ comicbookbunny: I agree with Jay and raz.You and the hubby seemed to handle it well and i'm glad both of you don't like this person.

    I don't even know her but i've added her to my list of mental murder.

    I had a bad night of full on anxiety and i believe the words "Fuck this shit" came out of my gob as i lay on my bed every few hours.I had to succumb to taking some mild-ish sleepers and managed to get a few hours of relatively sane sleep.It's a good job i was on my own or else there would have been arguments a-plenty.

    Reckon i got a bit of cabin fever going so it's time for some loud music,a shave and an assault on Earls Court for a sunday morning meeting of moaning southern addicts.Getting a bit tired of them telling me i can't say certain things when i share.
    Things like "Me and my goat piss on your loving god from a orbiting ruined septic rusty old space station full of strange survivors from my last experiment that you lot know nowt about.Soon you will all bow before me because i am king of the addicts.I am a manifestation of everything you fear.Obey me you damaged bastards" head hurts.
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    I don't know if there's any benefit of the doubt to be given, and possibly there isn't, but could it be a predictive text disaster? Ie, my phone always changes 'lots of love' to 'lots of lube', thankfully I've always caught it, but it has the potential to be embarrassing, especially if I'm texting my mother...

    I am in a large strop... I got a little box of single malt miniatures from my sister for christmas a couple of years back. Have been saving it for a special occasion, or just when Nice Whisky Really Is Required.

    Have just got it out only to realise that my partner has stolen one of the bottles and replaced it with a miniature of Bells.

    I don't think that can be forgiven in a hurry...
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    @flecky - I know a few people with canes who aren't that old, and people seem to think its okay to treat them like shit because they think they couldn't possibly really need em. Not just people saying shit, but taking the canes away, running carts into them, etc. it's sick. :( you need your stick, and there's no shame in that. Pity you can't legally use it as a beat-the -assholes stick. ( yeh I know violence isn't the solution, people being assholes just makes me so mad).

    A lot of people also seem to think sarcasm is the same as being an asshole, too. :p

    Sorry you've had to deal with such two faced asshats.
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    For those of you who read my little blog thing on here, I wrote a new post today, old-memories brought up recently, about fighting, people hurting your girlfriend, and former friends becoming nemeses.
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    So, I saw Psychic TV, which was fucking amazing, and I got way up in the front and got some amazing shots, but it seems I didn't have my camera set to shoot in RAW, so the shots that should have been awesome and fabulous have been tainted by the auto-filtering processes of my camera when it shoots in low light in the jpeg format. This kind of breaks my heart because I really wanted to email the band and offer them my shots, and they just aren't .... what they could be. I am trying to not be so upset about it, because I have started to detest the people taking photographs at every show and forgo any thought of actually enjoying the experience, which I was doing. Dancing even! But it still sucks.

    Also, I went out Monday, slept all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday trying to heal from this throat sickness, which I thought I did. Then went out Thursday for the Psychic TV show, took a gifted Xanax when I got home, forgetting how profoundly that shit effects me and slept until 1:30 in the am. Slept even more. I chose to not go out on a Saturday night to stay in and obsess over photographs, and in doing so, I somehow PUSHED MYSELF TOO HARD BY SITTING AT THE COMPUTER and working on art stuff for a full waking day and have gotten sick all over again.

    I'm terribly out of shape, but I can't manage to get back on track with exercising since I have to approach a regimen reaaaaaally slowly to not hurt myself, and build up in tiny increments. As it ism my left hip is still in pain from two weeks ago when I did some low impact moves two days in a row. This does not do wonderful things for a person's self esteem. Sick, hairy, and squishy. Yeah. Not really helping with the whole "I should try and think of myself as a sexual being that someone might emotionally want to be close to" thing.

    @flecky - yknow, you really do remind me of someone I miss.
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    What is currently pissing me off is a guy who in the space of a month made me the proudest I've been so far and the angriest.
    I submitted to an anthology and got in, my first acceptance in the small press for a printed book.
    Because it was being done differently to how they normally publish their books, there was no contributer copy, but this was made clear up front and I agreed to it.
    Well, it's available to buy now, in Kindle form as well.
    Seeing that and accepting I don't have spare cash for the print edition until the New Year, I asked for a copy of the kindle version. Costs nothing to print, he's paid me nothing and I've promised to buy a copy of the print.
    His reply "no sorry"
    I can't see any fucking argument that would get me to agree that I shouldn't have a kindle copy, but at least he could have fucking tried.
    I'm not naming and shaming, but then again, that means I'm not promoting the book either. Kind of an angry medium.
    Taken the shine right off what should have been a good moment for me.

    But fuck him, all of you buy Out of Place, Out of Time when it comes out instead - I'm in that too.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2011
    quick beef before this thread gets closed:


    Look, Dropbox. I think you're a perfectly well-functioning service, and when people who use you want me to use you, I use you. But what the fuck is with this email? I get enough shit for blowing off real people; I don't need you clogging up my inbox whining like a jilted girlfriend. I mean, fuck. Since when was it a smart marketing scheme to anthropomorphize your company? I get it, you're "cute." Does it have to come with being so obnoxious?
    (Short answer, were you a real person: yes.)
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    Hmm. This should be dead.

    My roommates just have a cold. But it keeps coming at me. Going out of the house TWICE in one week which is clearly more than my immune system can handle. Even though I've basically not left my room in four days, today my temperature was up to 101. I finally showered after days in fever filth, dressed in the same homeless lady outfit of germs for far too long. My tonsils, which were partially removed last spring, are KILLING me. I've got to get the rest of them sliced out. Coughing up bloody phlegm and feeling like i've chlorine in my lungs isn't cool.

    I keep getting the stabby pains. My left hand, which I fucked up by MAKING MY BED four weeks ago is still fucked, as is my right hip joint.

    I'm late on contacting a photo gig client. I'm weeks behind on laundry. I left my phone at a bartender's house on Thursday, and I've been too sick to get it, but if I don't mail it to Verizon I'll get charged $500 (because the broken one I was supposed to mail back got stolen from the foyer of my building). I'm behind on every thing regarding school (I'm debating dropping out completely). I've not bought a single Christmas present for anyone, since I keep getting sick. My birthday is in days. I think 35 is far worse than 30, as far as awful head trips. I don't know if I'll be up for human interaction on Christmas, or Christmas Eve.

    Every single day, I get angry at myself for not being able to just kick ass and get shit done. And then I try. And I break.

    I constantly feel guilty for my existence and state of being. I'm broken, damaged, sad. If I knew what was wrong with me I'd consider antidepressants at this point, just to not feel so much, but I think it's more important to be on top of what my symptoms are with as few medications as possible, especially since I have brain and nerve issues.

    It's frustrating talking to people in the world who are good and whole and clean. I explain to an aquaintance that being on Disability, I've to live on $600 a month, which almost entirely goes towards rent. "Yeah, that was me in Gradschool" is his wistful reply. I can't... I mean... I might be living like this forever. This poor, and just always getting sicker, without knowing exactly why.

    ugh... I can feel the fever returning in waves. Back to laying down and sweating and shivering.

    Fuck, I'm not good at being human.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2011
    @Rachæl Tyrell *hugs* can identify...take care hun...
    • CommentAuthorNil
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2011
    So, very minor compared to what everyone else is dealing with, but it's annoying me / freaking me out quite badly and I need to vent a little.

    Due to circumstances, I am moving back in with my parents, but I have to put my stuff in storage for three months until they can come down and collect it. Which is fine, and I was all prepared and ready for it to get sorted today. Then the guys from the storage company turn up, park the vault on the main road outside my flat, completely ignoring the great big NO PARKING and NO LOADING signs pasted there and some guy from one of the other flats coming out to tell them they are definitely NOT allowed to park it there, then bugger off. They also managed to give me the wrong kind of padlock (the confirmation letter I had from them specifically mentioned a combination padlock and gave me a code for such (oh, and they didn't even give me THIS padlock until I reminded them to (nested parentheses!))), so I can't load anything into it until my girlfriend gets back from work because once the padlock is locked, I can't unlock it again. Of course they didn't think to give me a key for it. And there's no way I'm storing my possessions in a fucking unlocked unit for any length of time. Add to this that the contract explicitly states "The Company will accept no liability for... fines or charges or damage arising from the siting of the trailer". So, despite my having nothing to do with it being parked illegally, I am apparently on the hook for any fines handed out as a result. A look at the council website suggests this will be £30 maximum, but that's money I could really do without spending. Also, is it really too much to expect the guys whose fucking JOB is to park the bloody trailer to make sure that they do so correctly?

    Like I say, it's all very minor stuff, but it's turned what should have been a relatively simple job into a highly unpleasant and stressful experience.
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    @Rachael - Hang in there. Being sick sucks. Being broke sucks. Being disabled sucks. But you'll get over the sick and then be in a better position to deal with the other two. E-Hugs and virtual chicken soup. Also, 35 is just a number. I'm right there with you and any arbitrary number can freak you out if think about it too much. Try not to judge yourself on what you haven't done, but what you actually do.

    @Nil - That shit is just annoying. No argument. Can you get a padlock of your own, so at least you can load the damn thing (after calling the company and telling them to come move the unit)? Also, sorry to hear about moving back in with the folks. I've been living with my mom for the last couple of years (at 35, that's a great way to make one feel bad about where they are in life) and I know several other WhiteChapel folks are in a similar situation. We all do what we need to to get by.

    Work is kicking my ass. I have too many bosses asking for things and too many ways by which my priorities are set, so there is no way that I can be working on the thing that everyone agrees is the most important. That is all for now.

    Cheers all.
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    @Nil and @sellmeyoursoul -

    Yeah. We are the generation that needs to get over the stigma of shame that comes with moving "back home". Y'know why? Because we are doing it in fucking droves. It sucks, and it's demoralizing, but it's no longer a statement of one's adulthood or level of responsibility or preparedness or drive. It's... it's the fact that the financial mechanics of the world are wearing us down.
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    @Nil - I don't see how they could possibly avoid liability for fines if you had nothing to do with the siting of the trailer and were not present when they left it, regardless of the contract - that's simply negligence on their part and I can't see them making that stack up in court - I would tell them to come and move it ASAP.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2011
    Among my friends I'm the only one who's moved back with parents. But several have flirted with that line or else have had to lean on a partner/spouse/housemate pretty heavily at times to make it through the last couple of years. Yeah. It blows. God what I wouldn't give to be able to help my family or even just give them fancy things for Christmas instead of just taking their help and money and food....

    I hate facing socializing, especially meeting new cool people with whom I want to cultivate a relationship - I'll have to explain staring down middle age from my parent's guest room. But I'm not in a position to work. Too long out of the last line of work (copywriting) and not enough grasp of new skills for the next things - voice work or speaking Japanese. Patience is all I can reach for. ARGH.

    I totally know the feeling. I wish I could send a cardboard cutout of me in my place and tell people that the real me is coming soon.
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    When you find patience, do tell me. I've been looking for it for years. :(
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    Hell yeah.Or as they say in the stink of reality "Good-morning!".I wish i had something to verbally dismantle my putrid skull-rot against as there is always something to moan about as i try to assert myself against the sick-vats of waking up.

    Sonafabitch!Foul little beady eyed chicken-rabbits all over my bed!Greasy,bulbous,flinching,oversized,fluorescent bull-frogs coming to life squashed in a clear container by some twisted human!Walking around my home-town on my own deciding to go and score some drugs and the guilt is hideous!

    Sitting up in bed,sneezing from the sickness and saying "What the fook is going on?Can my dreams get any-more weirder?".Yeah,they can and they will so i got some sort of cine-plex,emotional,3-D,twisterama,uncensored nasty crap to look forward to.Xmas within the confines of my head is not going to be pretty but the horrible git in me is smiling at the prospect.

    I just done another drop in the opioid ocean of my attempt to become a regular,normal,model citizen and it's jolly good english fun...

    "More tea,vicar?"...
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    @Flecky - Seriously mate, thanks for being. Your insanity helps make my world seem... normal? And yes, I'd love some tea.

    Living at home makes for some weird dating dynamics. First off... when do you mention it and how? And of course, "let's pop back to my place for a bit of romance" turns into "and say hi to my mom." Usually I don't want to do the latter in a relationship until well after I've done the former.

    @Roo - Patience is like any other muscle. It comes with practice. When there's that thing that you don't want to wait for (start with something easy and tangible, like cake!), make your self hold off for 5 minutes. Then 10. Then a year. Next thing you know, you'll hardly remember a time when you had it regularly. Um... what am I talking about again?