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    Google diagnostics gives more info here

    Yes - Chrome is showing it as malware.

    If it helps, the process I followed on monday when I got hacked was (and of course you could have got something wildly different...)

    1) register the site with Google's webmaster tools, which gave me diagnostics of what they picked up.

    2) This showed that the .htaccess file had been compromised and was redirecting people. I followed the links from Google with advice on getting rid of this, it's likely they will have info on your problem. Further investigation showed that there were several hacked htaccess files in various wordpress directories. There were also a large number of randomly named php files that had been added to the site over the last week, so I went through each directory one by one and deleted anything that I knew I hadn't modified. I also looked at log files to see where traffic was coming from, it showed a bunch of russian sites hitting these spurious php files shortly before Aunty Ariana disabled my embedded images on here.

    3) I cleaned up any files and folders that were redundant - I had several old wordpress and gallery installations that I thought I had deleted but were in fact still there.

    4) I changed all the FTP, Wordpress, and main account passwords, and checked to see if anything had been amended in their directories or looked untoward (ie spam comments).
    5) Ran several malware checks on my own PC, it turns out that someone else who's site I'm hosting had a trojan on their PC so that's where the compromise might have occurred.
    6) Submitted the site for retest via Webmaster tools and the next day all was fine... have been watching it like a hawk though to see if anything else nasty happens.

    But my site's just a vanity project and it really doesn't matter if I break it trying to kill spammers - I would be inclined to seek more expert advice if yours is integral to making a living!!!!
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    Afraid I can't do much other than to confirm that this is showing on Firefox 8.0 as well ("Reported Attack Page!"). Can paste what looks like the important bit of the "Why was this page blocked?" thing if that helps.

    EDIT: I see JP Carpenter has already linked to that, never mind.
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    Thanks @JP - very helpful.
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    I look on my flickr stats- and there is a site that is bringing traffic (not much but it is a freaking odd site) I go to their site and i can not find where one of my pictures are on his site. Does anyone know how to search someone's site for all the photos they may have?
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    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011

    My first cause of action is usually going through google using "site:" ("cache:" is another useful one if a page is down and the Internet Archive don't have it) and doing this reveals they use tags a lot, so you try browsing for the pictures that way or click over to Google's image tab to see if that gives you better results. However, just nosing around I can't seem to find many images, so it might be they going up somewhere else less obvious, so perhaps try switching it around and using "link:" in Google to find out what is linking to specific pages, for example.
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    SI, when are the new web comics expected?
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    If the issues is that the boots are too restrictive in spots, coat the interior with some rubbing alcohol. This makes the leather pliable. Then put on two pairs of heavy socks and cram your feet into the fuckers. Walk around at home for an hour or so until the alcohol dries. The leather will shape around your socked feet as it dries. This will only work on leather shoes, but its really great if you have a tendency to buy things on sale that are half a size too small, as I do.
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    #picturefind -- Are you able to tell if it's a specific picture or is it just linking to your site in general? Can you tell when it started happening?
    They don't link to any Flickr accounts on their front page. I checked the page sources for the recent posts but there wasn't anything there either, but I didn't go back too far.
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    @bunny I had the exact same site somehow refer some traffic to some pictures in my flickr stream as well. I could not find any indication on there how that happened. I'm almost positive that site is some kind of a clicktrap, referring out to things programatically or through hidden links somehow in order to get people to click back to it so that whoever runs the site gets some juice when the ad that launches up the bottom of the site launches.

    Ultimately, I don't think any human actually looked at anything in my stream from that site.
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    @oddbill- Yeah i combed that site for pictures and come up with a total of none. that is just WEIRD, the site just randomly babbles about nothing on a constant basis. There are programs that do that- esh....

    @Warped savant- no it just told me that is where the traffic came from. Usually when i click on the link it brings me right to the page where the photo is (is someone's site linked it) the link to that blog just brings me to the dudes random posts.
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    I'm currently writing a guide of sorts for creating press sites that don't suck. I'd like an expert opinion on something: those of you who do magazine, newspaper and web layouts, what is the ideal format, dpi etc etc for images that you'd want to see on every goddamn pressite.
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    I have a dead air conditioning system. The official diagnosis is that the main board has died and will cost $1,000 to replace. Not only do I not have that sort of cash, I never will, so I basically have nothing to lose in trying to repair it. I have identified a handful of corroded resistors and one fusible resistor that tests open and picked up replacements. That part is really just lego. More tricky will be the traces. The board is not warped or delaminated at all, but there is a lot of surface corrosion in the traces and many of them are fine and intricate.

    I've heard tell that a metallic paint pen can be used to repair small gaps in traces. Is this true? Has anyone done it? Any particular brand if so, or a method of picking a brand?
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    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2011

    I live above a shop, and three times this month it's fire alarm system has tripped, which sets off a really blaring alarm in the stairwell up to my flat. If the thing was working properly that would be cool, but this many false alarms makes me think it has a fault.

    I'll ask them politely again when they arrive to turn it off again shortly, but if they don't fix it, who do I actually have to talk to to force them to?

    Is this a police matter? Or do I need to lean on my landlord first?
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    Do you guys know of any secrets to getting rid of a hickey quickly? I didn't know that I had one until it had been there for a while, so it's too late to do much other than wear a scarf I'm afraid. But I'm hoping someone has something. The internet said toothpaste would lighten it, but after sleeping with toothpaste on my neck it only appears darker.

    I'm going home for the holidays and seeing my mother tomorrow. This thing is not in the easiest place to hide, either. I'd rather avoid any awkward conversation with my parents about what I've been up to and how I got it, so help would be appreciated.
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    It won't help this time but arnica within a few minutes of receiving said hickey ought to help in future.
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    @Flabyo: from bitter experience in this sort of thing, I can tell you that noise complaints usually go to Environmental Health for your area's council. If it's loud after 1AM, it's a doddle, outside of that time it's trickier. At least they should send someone round to hear the bloody thing & decide. THough false positive fire alarms might be worth mentioning to your nearest fire station, too.
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    Got long hair? Like scarves?

    Those are my only tricks. I had a roommate who swore by rubbing your hickey REALLY REALLY REALLY PAINFULLY HARD for about 5 minutes with the flat end of a D battery, but I have no idea what that did. She tried it on me but I was too hickey-d up at the time for it to make a difference.
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    I never wanted to hide them. It was like... PROOF!
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    @Oddbill, pshhh. Like you needed proof. We've all seen what you looked like as a strapping young lad now. And we know what you currently look like. Soooooo....


    But seriously, scarves. The pashmina kind. Plus it's winter, so you can get away with it. Or you can go retro and use a knotted silk scarf.
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    @dorkmuffin - the reputation I have around here is anomalous. Obtaining a hickey was a rare achievement worthy of prominent display. The world was not as kind to science fiction and Shakespeare addled dorks back then as it is now. No matter how asymmetrical their hair.