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    #mirroringRealObjects -- I'll send the picture to a few friends of mine to see if they have any suggestions about creating the other half. In the meantime, I'd suggest getting a hold of Shapeways as it might be cheaper / easier than you think. (I have no idea.)

    Gimme a day or two, I'll see what I can find out for you.
    To give you an idea of the work for the main person I'll be asking, they've made a copy of the hood ornament from "Death Proof" using milliput and a paperclip. (Who says you need high tech tools?)

    Here it is next to a regular nickel for size comparison.
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    Hey all;

    Inquiry from a client: Are there any good viable options for calling plain old Skype accounts from a cell phone or landline? Regular Skype, no SkypeIn credit or Online Number. I have been researching, and most services seem to not work anymore. I'm trying out Manifone right now, but the number isn't working.

    Ideally the service would provide a U.S. based number to call toll-free, which would ring through to a Skype ID.

    The solution does not have to be free for the caller calling from the landline or cell, just for the Skype person being called.
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    Hi all,

    My fiancee and I are in the process of planning our wedding (September 2012), going through Wedding Breakfast menu options we realise that we're looking at a lot of the same, slightly boring stuff.

    I was wondering if anyone here has seen, eaten or even just thought of something a bit more interesting either for a course (from canapes through to dessert) or a theme in general?

    Any ideas welcomed.
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    #WeddingMenu -

    When I was in college, some folks there had a morning ceremony, and the wedding cake itself was a giant cinnamon roll.
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    The Croquembouche is a pretty cool alternative to the traditional tiered wedding cake.

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    According to my beloved (who's pre-planning our wedding), the hip thing for wedding catering in the alt. crowd is vintage cream teas (scones, sandwiches with crusts cut off etc), sweetie-bar instead of cake and/or hiring an ice cream van.
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    Thanks for the suggestions so far, gang.
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    @ Greasemonkey:I can't believe the size of that thing.It's massive!
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    Yeah, they can be huge. Buddy of mine had a croquembouche at his wedding that was six feet high.
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    For ours we had it Irish themed it ended up that we just had everyone pick from the menu (it was a small enough crowd)
    the whole thing was done above an Irish restaurant in the fancy party room- was nice.

    We have picky friends so decided since it was our wedding they could deal- we love irish food and that was our theme damn it!

    Went to one wedding where it was late enough in the day it was all horderves- nothing substantial all tastey tho and quite filling after a bit hehe
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    spit roast - pig or deer

    I'm not even joking, ultimate event food.

    Need to get someone good to do it for you. You don't want to do it yourself. Trust me.
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    Spitroast does kick arse, and there are people who specialise in them and will handle the whole thing for you.
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    A big fat YES to some form of roast beast here, too!

    When some friends of mine married recently, rather than supplying desert themselves, they asked a few of their close-ish relatives to make and bring their best deserts, which then got pride of place on a big display table. Every dish had a fancy label to show who had made it, so all involved got a chance to show off their culinary skills. It also meant that the other guests knew exactly who to congratulate, and it made for a really nice atmosphere after the meal, with everyone showering praise on the desert makers. Of course, there are a tonne of pitfalls to this approach, but I can say that when it works, it REALLY works.
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    # wedding menu
    I recently worked at a Hindu wedding and they had Dhosa made fresh. delicious and interesting and real "breakfast" (Despite the fact that your wedding breakfast will be in the afternoon or evening i guess)
    I like the wedding cakes that are actually tiers of cupcakes too.
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    "I like the wedding cakes that are actually tiers of cupcakes too"

    They're usually made from profiteroles, little pastry balls filled with custard or coffee cream.
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    Not sure about the croquembouche meself...
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    Brit-based people with Hi-level Tech Fu? I SUMMON YOU.


    Message received from panicky SheSpur. Suspect you people can answer this better than I (I don't even know what "Evolvit" is). Quoth she:

    “[My company] wants a safety-net in case our internet connection at work suddenly goes down [as sometimes happens]. For instance, we'd want a second super-cheap setup ready and waiting via an analogue line (as we don’t receive cable here) that can be immediately switched to if needed... Ideally we'd get another line via another supplier, and if one goes down Evolvit switch us to the other. Does anyone have advice on a) how possible/easy it is to ‘switch’ like that, and b) whether there are any recommended cheap providers for the second line. Also, whether we need BT to install the damn analogue cable.”
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    #craftsupplies (I guess?)

    I'm currently searching for a place that sells polished stones, as I'm needing a black round disc about 4cm in diameter. Sounds simple, but my google fu is failing me horribly. Anyone have any favourite places for stuff like this?

    ... In fact, what I'm looking for is a bit more specific, and hence I'm starting with the materials. But IF someone happens to know a place where I could get my hands on a watch (no pun intended), except with said polished stone in place of face/hands/mechanism, let me know. See, I told you it's specific. It's just that I think I need a reminder that clocks != time.
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    I can't speak to which provider to use, but I do this sort of thing quite a bit in the States. We call that "Internet load balancing" or "redundant access." In an ideal world, both connections plug into the same firewall. For this to happen one ideally has a firewall with "dual WAN" or "backup line" capability, such as the Sonicwall line of firewalls. Most of your off-the-shelf units from retail outfits will not have this capability.

    Your best option in this scenario is probably using a wireless Internet card of some type. These can typically be obtained for a low flat or prepaid basis in the States. On a unit such as the Sonicwall TZ190, there is a slot specially provisions to receive a 3G/4G wireless Interent card.

    Why have both connections on the same device? So you can seamlessly switch between them. There's a bit more invovled than this, but it is a lot better than having a second device sitting in a closet and physically switching to it ("cold standby") in my experience.

    TL;DR: Ideally what you want is a router/firewall that accepts a "wireless WAN" 3g/4g card from some cheap prepaid provider.
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    Silly question, would WHOREBAGGERY be a verb? Or a noun?