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    Good friends aren't afraid to point out that you accidentally drew six fingers on your drawing, instead of the normal five.

    I need to be more careful when I draw in the morning/latelate at night. (bad picture in comments).
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    Rob is that you?
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    Photobucket ...added an extra pinky finger.
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    Rob is that you?

    Now, now, let's not throw slurs around that we can't take back.

    Well, Roo, you've clearly drawn a mutant. Nothing wrong with that.

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    ouch - no - she at least drew fingers.

    I'm with Will on the mutant theory. ;)
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    .... maybe I secretly have Hannibal Lecter on the brain again? No wait. His polydactaly was the middle finger, if I recall correctly (Hannibal lecter could flip you off twice with the same hand. HOW COOL is THAT? - Well. At least in the books. And he had red eyes.

    Definitely going to have to re-draw this one sometime when it's not late at night :) The more I look at it the more I notice 'mistakes'. And man, there are a lot of them.
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    Didn't Hannibal have his extra digit removed?

    Cheeky mutant with extra pinkie. This is good.

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    I believe sometime between Silence of the lambs and Hannibal, he had the extra digit removed.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2008
    "Do you have six fingers on your right hand?"

    "Do you start all your conversations this way?"

    Sorry, couldn't resist. :D