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    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2008 edited
    NOW I remember why I used to play on Second Life. it brings the funny.

    so I teleport to this place called "Make Love Sex Room," for absolutely no reason other than the name. it is, in fact, a gigantic room full of sex poseballs... and people standing around ineptly trying to get other people to use said poseballs with them.

    I watch and listen to the conversations with real inward hilarity. occasionally one avatar jumps spastically on top of another one and they flail for a bit, then one of them flies across the room. this is accompanied by mechanized body part announcements such as "Studman326 Liberace cums all over the place!!" how, uh, nice for him.

    I get propositioned a few times in various languages. I decline these offers with FAR more courtesy than they're worth.

    and then I see them: the bukkake poseballs. one pink poseball in the middle labeled something like "Get Sticky," and eight blue poseballs in a circle around it.

    this, I have to see. but alas, no takers!

    [8:40] You: OK, I've just got to try this one out. Who wants to bukkake me??!??!!
    [8:41] You: Anyone?
    [8:41] You: C'mon, drench me in your monkey sperm! You know you want to!
    [8:42] You: Splooge all over my hairy pink tarantula!

    amazingly enough, no one jumps at my delicious offer. I give up and go wandering around. NOW I am approached by a veritable Cyrano of seduction:

    [8:44] ape Mayo: hi
    [8:44] You: Hi.
    [8:44] ape Mayo: fuk?
    [8:45] You: Ahahahaha no, thanks.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2008

    Love your proposition--though I must admit "hairy pink tarantula" is more creepy then sexy.

    Also, anyone who spells fuck "fuk" doesn't deserve sex. The physical or the cyber type.