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    • CommentAuthorKidAnarchy
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2012 edited
    Finally done with Sky Rim...227 hours later,still some achievements to get but i need a break and i have lent it to my mate...such an awesome game,shame some of the quests glitch out if you find items before they activate....
    ME3 was good,a little short,and yeah it worked perfectly with kinect (actually made me take more direct control of my party)...took me 3 sessions,admittedly long sessions...replaying to get the green ending...sure people into it will know what i am on about.
    Excited about the witcher 2 for 360 and max payne 3...the bullet physics look quite sexual.
    Next purchase I Am Alive as soon as i get paid,the demo really made me think it might have a new approach to combat.
  1.  (10421.382) the green ending hard to achieve. Took me a full week to finish although i wouldn't call it short. That said, everything's short compared to skyrim. 227 hours?! Wished I had that much free time to play.
    • CommentAuthorbadbear
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    Skyrim should come with a big warning sticker on it like a pack of cigarettes.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    "Caution: Before inserting this disc into PS3 please kiss your family members goodbye and try to memorize their faces, which will be ravaged by the passing of time in your absence."
      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012 edited

    I think I must have really lost you... Flabyo was complaining about gamer entitlement, most recently demonstrated by all this bullshit surrounding ME3. I was agreeing with him by saying that I had gone off at some users on another forum whose sense of entitlement was getting out of hand. It had nothing to do with devs and players clashing, just me calling them out on their bullshit.

    I was most certainly not making a comment about anyone on this forum, because I don't think I've come across any of that sort of behaviour.
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    got my copy of DEUS EX:HR in the mail yesterday. now if i can just finish ARKHAM CITY so i can play that before XENOBLADE comes out....first world problems
    • CommentAuthorlooneynerd
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    Picked up the Lord of the Rings, War in the North and played through it once with the Human character. Not amazing, but definitely entertaining. Way better than expected. Sort of like the original Baulder's Gate or Gauntlet Legends. Really fun arcade-style RPG.
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    Corey Waits- Maybe I'm looking at the wrong forums? Most indie forums are generally pretty pleasant places, with the only really toxic "Gimme I deserve gimme more!" forum I've seen being Minecraft's. That place can be pretty toxic. Most indie games forums I've seen are usually pretty appreciative, with the occasional "You should add this feature" post as a request/recommend rather than a command.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    There's a rumor that the Legacy of Kain series--one of my top-five favorites, warts and all--is getting a reboot.

    I'm about to joy puke.
    • CommentAuthorKidAnarchy
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    @mojokingbee as far as i can tell Green ending requires all war assets and certain story conditions be met,helps if you have imported your character and
    made certain decisions in previous games.
    unfortunately i lost my plus mode is good anyway as your shepherd starts off dead hard and your weapons can level up to 10.
    @oscillateur and anyone playing playing dark souls ? I want to try co'op as i am stuck....ain't happened in a game in a while and i strangely like it,dark souls is definitely slightly masochistic but when you do get somewhere its fucking great.
    Oh yeah the mass effect 3 ending beef ? Pfft there are apparently up to 17 endings so what you don't get blue babies or whatever.Personally i thought day one dlc was a bit cheeky but i paid the points anyway...
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    Alright, without giving spoilers to other people who may not have played it, just want to give some of my first impressions of ME2.

    In terms of visual style and playability it's MILES better than the first one. My biggest issues are having to reload and pick up ammo (I prefer ME1's unlimited supply) and how it seems to have become, from a shooter standpoint, more like Gears of War (find cover and shoot). And the "OH NO! EVERYTHING IS SLOW MOTION! GET BEHIND COVER OR YOU'LL DIE!" is annoying as hell to me. And DAMN, is it easier to die now. For a character that's received some enhancements since ME1, she can get injured a lot quicker.

    As far as story stuff...

    Not TOO much in to it (only now just got a team together and am fighting the Collectors. But DAMN I do love it. Cerberus is...interesting. Their reputation around the galaxy kind of makes them out to be almost like a white supremist group, and I'm anticipating a massive betrayal, but we'll see.
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    @oldhat: As someone who's approaching the endgame, playing an Infiltrator with the cloaked damage bonuses is fun. You can do the cover shooter thing, or you can cloak and run up and shoot them point-blank in the face before getting back into cover. Or run up and punch them to death. Done that a few times too.
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    Biggest ME2 ammo gripe I had was the fact that, apparently, the Normandy doesn't carry Special Weapon ammo, and you can't buy it in shops either. Then again this is a universe where Spectres are given carte blance to do whatever they want, but aren't paid or equipped, and everyone's surprised there are corruption issues.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012
    My favorite franchise that's coming back is Hitman. I played the hell out of the previous games and really looking forward to the next one coming out.
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    KidAnarchy : Where are you stuck in Dark Souls ?
    Maybe you're somewhere where you shouldn't be yet (as in : too difficult for you character at this point) ?
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    @KidAnarchy: If it's a boss you're stuck on, offer yourself up as a helping phantom a couple of times. You're not penalized for dying, you get souls for helping defeat the boss, and you get humanity for it as well. It's a good way to practice bosses while also levelling up.
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    Beat Chrono Trigger for the SNES today, what a great game.

    Moving on to either A link to the past or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    • CommentAuthorKidAnarchy
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2012 edited
    @Oscillateur What i mean is there seems nowhere to go...killed undead burg's bigass demon after nuff grinding..explored a bit,came to a knight with a raiden hat by a locked gate.
    I have the drake sword and the funky boar helmet if that's any help ? Also is it possible to kill the dragon that drops the drake sword ?
    Excellent game,no hand holding.
    @twentythoughts Helping phantom,what item does that require ?
    Gamertag is KiDAnarch btw.
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    InvinceibleM- That's a tough call. I've no idea how you'd pick between the two without a coin flip. If you've got to choose, I suppose it's best for the choice to be between two utter classics, though. :)
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    By the bridge where you got the drake sword, there's a guy standing and looking towards the sun. Engage him in conversation, and he'll give you a white stone, which you can place to put down a summon sign. This allows other players (if they're in human form and not too far from your level) to summon you to help with the level, boss fight, or both.

    Now, if you've killed that guy? Um... I dunno. I guess you could possibly buy a white summon stone somewhere.