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    Yeah, exactly that! I can't count the number of times I've heard all sorts of people (gamers, reviewers, creators, programmers, designers) saying "a game should be THIS", or "that isn't really a GAME!" as if there's only one right way of doing things. It also upsets me that I have friends who are happy to sit down and watch a film or read a book of almost any genre, but as soon as they have a controller in their hands, if they're not killing something, it's not entertainment!

    Hearing everyone talking about Mass Effect is making me really look I'm looking forward to giving ME1,2+3 a proper run-through when I'm less busy (and they're less expensive)! I got too distracted with the repetitive side-quests on ME1 and put myself off continuing, but there was enough cool stuff there that I know I'll enjoy the whole lot if I skip all the padding next time round :D

    Also, my Female Shepard rocked. Does anyone know if it's possible to recreate exactly the same face on an XBox version of ME1 if you have a character from the PC ME1 and can't remember their exact parameters?
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    @Flabyo, thanks for that response! And yeah, I was exaggerating a bit over that, but I don't like the budget/time constraints that leave bug fixes to be passed on which seems to me, at least to me as a player, promoting a bit more of a "we'll fix it in DLC" mentality (much the same with filmmakers have with the "we'll fix it in post" thing).

    Not meaning to imply that coders are lazy by any means. Christ knows you guys do a hell of a job. But more of a frustration that there is a budget problem when it comes to fixing bugs for the initial release, as it seems there should be room in the budget for that (and I can't fault anyone on time constraints because, well, that's the deadline).

    @Paul, one of the things I loved about ME1 (on ME2 now) is how wonderful it is for replayability. For ME1 I plowed through the main story and barely took any side quests. I fully plan on revisiting the game again later to take some time with the side quests (and to see the different decisions I make!).
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    I'm the kinda guy who takes my time with games. So I'm about 42-43 hours into Mass Effect 2, while I know it's a game that can be completed in as little as 20. At least I'm done depleting planets, except when I find one that has Element Zero on it...
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    I like to take my time with games as well. This does tend to lead to me never finishing those games that let me divert from the main quest. I haven't finished any of the Elder Scrolls games, though I did finish Fallout 3. And that's even though I've PLAYED them several times. I just always go away for too long and then get confused when I start playing again so I just re-roll. I wonder how many hundreds of hours I've logged in Minecraft, though... Oh dear.
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    @twentythoughts: Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. For being the source of all advanced technology in the galaxy, there sure seems to be an eezo shortage, doesn't there?
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    @twentythoughts & anchorbeard: same here. I'm more of a completionist while my partner kind of zips through it. At one point we were in the same part of ME3 plotwise, but I had logged in 30 hours while he only had about 20 or so.
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    I used to be obsessive with grinding and 100%ing games that I played. I shudder to think of the hours I've poured into various forms of levelling, fetch quests and other completism - I wouldn't be surprised if it added up to years of my life. I think I reached a crisis point with gaming when I realised I just wasn't enjoying most of it any more. It used to be that I could easily keep up with every game that I thought was worth playing, but there's SO much out there now it's almost overwhelming, especially since I don't stick with one genre. I think I had around 30 games on the go simultaneously when I started to sit back and think "what the fuck am I doing here!?". I'd actually begun to feel an obligation towards games!

    For my own good I'm having to 1) Force myself to only buy a new game for every three or four old games that I complete 2) Use game guides as soon as something I'm playing gets frustrating instead of enjoyable (pride be damned) 3) Only to put time into levelling, sidequests or any other grinding if I feel like I'm getting something substantial back 4) Only buy a game if I think it'll really be something special. 5) Delete all the casual games off my phone.

    I'm starting to feel a little like this

    xkcd - cutting edge

    But at least gaming is cheaper and more enjoyable XD
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    Just finished ME3. No complaints. Not what I expected when I started ME3, but I really don't see what all the fuss is about.

    edit: err, was referring to the ending not being what I expected and having no complaints for it (and really the complaints are unwarranted, IMO). Overall it was a great game, lots of fun with a lot of touching and emotional moments in it. Loved it, though ME2 is definitely the star of the trilogy for me.
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    @Paul Duffield
    That need to grind, get everything done, Im pretty sure thats what killed Skyrim for me (That and the two month wait for the game to get fixed) I always try to get as many side quests done as they pop up before moving on toward the main quest of a game. In Skyrim it felt that for every quest I finished I had 6 more pop up with no end in sight.

    The comic strip is me to a T lately. I never had a PC as a kid so I missed out of a crap ass load of great games that now, thanks to Steam and Anniversary collections I can get super cheap and run on my old computer. Problem with that is that they become so cheap that I get the 'complete collections' which means 4-5 games all at once for like $15. And I want to play them. All of them. RIGHT NOW!

    Baldur's Gate (1,2 Icewind Dale 1,2) Star Wars Dark Forces (1-5), Sherlock Holmes (1-6), Killer 7, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, MLB 12 all going at various levels.

    And now I wanna get Jade Empire because that looks awesome and is cheap.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    @andycon: Jade Empire is really, really fun. It perfectly meets it's mission statement of being the video game version of the best Wuxia kung-fu flicks.
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      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    I know, I know, I'm an enabler.
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    I can completely vouch for Anchorbeard on Jade Empire, it is fantastic.
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    What did you like about the ending on ME3? Just curious. Everyone who hates it goes on and on about it but I haven't read anything really from people that like it... (please use hide tags for Oldhat!)
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    I'm waiting for the ending of ME3 with interest - usually when the general gaming public bitches about the ending of a game being bad or weird, the writers have actually done something interesting for a change ;)

    Cases that apply: The Darkness, Alan Wake...
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    I can completely vouch for Anchorbeard on Jade Empire, it is fantastic.


    even though i hate games with infinite sequels, i have a mental list of games i actually want them for. thats on there. that and PANZER DRAGOON are the first to come to mind. well, ever since Sega made a NiGHTS sequel that i waited like 13 years for...only for it to be AWFUL. be careful what you wish for
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    With all of the hullaballoo surrounding the release of ME3, I decided to finally see what the fuss was about and play the series from the beginning. Downloaded ME1 straight off XBL, played through. Some aspects of the gameplay were kind of annoying - inventory management, the vehicle sections (Looking for that side quest objective? Oh yeah, it's right over there. All you have to do is drive a car up a mountain. Oh, and the car's suspension is made of Flubber). But the story and writing are so good that it really didn't matter that much. I haven't encountered an old school galactic war romp in any medium with this kind of quality in a long time. I'm now a little way into ME2 and enjoying the continuing adventures of Frejya Shepard. :D
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    AND one game gets crossed off that list.

    My Baldur's Gate saves are corrupt and any time I try to load them they freeze up the game. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didnt work. And Im not that interested in starting it all over again right now so we will be putting that away for now.
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    Two of my inmates just returned from visit... The officer dropping them off buzzed at my door, and I opened the door, and the two inmates standing there were named Shepard and Anderson.

    Just thought that was funny.

    (I guess it'd be funnier if this was a mental institution, then it would be like that one episode of Buffy)
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    I just started my second run of Mass Effect 3 (I always want to do everything right in my first run, and that leads to a mostly-paragon result. The second try lets me feel like Shep can do whatever she wants, and fuck the consequences). And the ending - I liked it. I'll say more in the spoiler box. Good luck, and have fun to y'all who are just starting or halfway through the series - it's a great ride.

    bigass full series spoilers, including endings:
    Sure, it would be great if she could retire with Liara, making billions of blue babies, but how likely was that, really? The series is about how doing right in a terrible war requires sacrifice, and the ultimate sacrifice did seem inevitable, in the end. I think a lot of people are upset because 1. Shepard had already cheated death twice, so we all felt sure she could do it again, and 2. the final scenes with your shipmates were really well done, leaving you with a strong desire to get Shepard home safe. But everybody dies eventually, why not do it in the most noble way possible? I also felt that my final tally of dead main characters was not too high - Ashley, Thane, Mordin, Zaeed, Legion, Anderson, Shepard, and none of them died cheap, either. I even saved as many of my unnamed crew as possible in ME2.

    The other thing a lot of people seem to be upset about was that the crazy citadel monster was dressed as that kid Shepard couldn't save. Call me old fashioned, but I say a crazy, murderous, timeless monster that reads minds can dress any way it wants.

    For my ending, I chose symbiosis, and I'll probably choose it again with renegade Shep, because I damn sure can't kill EDI or genocide the Geth, and controlling the reapers... The Illusive man was wrong, dammit. Besides, I got something in my eye seeing Joker step out of that ship standing up straight and giving EDI a hand.

    space scoundrel - God, I love that truck. I just imagine my teammates hunkered down in their seats and cursing Shepard's name while I drive that thing like it's a getaway car in an earthquake.