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    Afternoon 'Chapsters

    I put this up as a seperate thread being one of FNGs (fucking new guys), so excuse my befuddled-ness.

    Here's a link to a series of Surreal/Comic/Noir-influenced stories I've been working on for a while, for your delectation/laceration.

    If you dig (daddy-o), I'd be happy to send you a free copy of the ebook (epub, .mobi, pdf) novella "And The Street Screamed Blue Murder" where the idea/characters originated from. I've published it through my own PULP METAL FICTION & I'd like to see what "non-locals", i.e. people outside of my circle of literary miscreants, think of it.
    You can send me an email from the Contact address on the OLD LURK site and I'll be as quick as a speeding sloth.

    Here's a wee cheapy video for the book:

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    OK, had a good week last week.
    I've decided to knuckle down and get my novel written. Up until now it's been an idea that I've played with in a couple of short stories. So last week I worked out how many words I need to nail a day to get 10,000 words out a week (About 1400). So this week has been habit building, and it seems to be paying off. I'm now 10,000 words further on than I was last week. I know that I'm going to have to slice through the draft like a psychotic barber, but that suits me just fine.

    In other news my short story The Fibril Prosthetic is up at Inky Squib and one of my shorts from last year, 'Branch', has been selected from a longlist of 200 as one of the top 50 very short fictions by Wigleaf
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2012
    My name is Ales Kot. This is my website.

    This is how I look when I run around Los Angeles:

    I made a comic with Riley Rossmo (Dark Wolverine, Cowboy Ninja Viking, Green Wake) and I'm working on a few more with people like Ryan Sook, Ben Templesmith, Tyler Crook and so on. I hope that these gentlemen's willingness to work with me somehow means that maybe I know how to do this, at least partially. I'm doing my best to make comics that will be unlike anything else you've seen or read before.

    The comic I made with Riley Rossmo, WILD CHILDREN, is coming out in July 2012 via Image Comics.

    Take a look, please. See if it tickles your fancy.

    Info here.

    Besides WILD CHILDREN, 2012 will also hopefully bring some short comics fiction by me and Ryan Sook (a short BATMAN story for DC's digital initiative), a short story for OCCUPY COMICS with Tyler Crook (Petrograd, B.P.R.D.), and two more creator-owned things, both mini-series, one of them a very strange slasher, the other a SF action thriller. And this thing with Templesmith I can't talk about. And hopefully more.

    I try to give a good interview, too. Here's the most recent one.

    If you'd like to, follow me on twitter.
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    I'm Kody, I did a solo book called SWEETS: A NEW ORLEANS CRIME STORY from Image Comics.
    It's on Amazon and ComiXology

    Sweets was very well reviewed by just about everyone that reviews comics.

    I'm also co-creator and artist on a highly unusual comic called PUNKS, which you can read for free over at MTV. This one is done entirely in traditional photo collage using an old photocopier, X-Acto blade, and scotch tape. Fun stuff.

    I have an all-new crime comic in production, I'll probably show it around to publishers just before San Diego Comic-Con. There's also a slim chance I'll self publish as a digital original. Some decisions to make on this one.

    I'm also on Twitter.
      CommentAuthorCat Vincent
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2012 edited
    This is actually a big step for me, to say "I Am A Writer" here...
    (deep breath)

    So, I mostly write on the Fortean beat. Yet another Weaponizer (my main thing there is the Mason Lang Film Club), I'm now a contributing editor at The Daily Grail (my most recent bit was a deeply-felt review of a truly shite book). I was also recently published in Real Proper Books - Darklore vol. 6 (with a piece on the Slenderman - free pdf available here) and the Modern Mythology compilation Apocalyptic Imaginary.

    (I've also got a nice little earner doing an anonymous A-Z of Cannabis Terms for a noted Dutch seed company...)

    And I still occasionally blog at my own joint & write more at Twitter than anywhere else - @catvincent, of course.

    Future plans include the second Slenderman piece for Darklore 7, a possible collection of my articles on practical occultism known as Guttershaman... and who knows?

    I wouldn't have dared to try my hand as a professional writer were it not for the support and nurturing of young artists & creators here - so thank you, one and all.
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeMay 29th 2012
    I'm halfway through a four-part comic called No More Heroes. You can read the first half of issue one for FREE! Yep, just go to the website.
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    I currently have two stories in, Indigo Rising UK, which is part-edited by our very own, Mr Toase who also has several pieces in the latest issue. It can be viewed/downloaded as a PDF, googledoc, or in Kindle format from their website, here.

    I also have another short story, The Lodge in the second issue of, The Curiosity Cabinet, which is linked to in this post from my blog. I also put up a bit of background info and a personal critique of my stories featured in, Indigo Rising in this blog post.

    I am on the bird song network as, @distractdelude.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    Just got paid last week for That Weird City, and my partner and I started off on another anthology, this time of direct Lovecraft pastiche. The writing's going well, about 1K/day.

    This is my goddamn year.
    • CommentAuthorLordGanja
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012 edited
    My writing's taken off this year.
    I've been writing comdey sketches and short stuff for ages but never did anything with it until now.
    Pulled together my stuff and published it on Amazon 2 months and it's been doing pretty good.
    The first is a blog-style teenage fantasy set in Stoke and the second is a series of interlinked comedy sketches copiously illustrated parodying the superhero world.
    I'm now working on a second volume of Sex & Spandex - writing is finished and illustrations underway, hope to get it out by August.
    Check my website here with loads of information and artwork: Zenkim Media

    Colin Thorson Teenage Superhero
    Cover Illustrator: Ash Collins
    Colin, a troubled teenager living in the North of England, is having nightmares of a talking crow with a startling revelation.
    Read his story as he struggles with his problems; Can Colin save his girlfriend from the Evil One, become the first superhero of Stoke and get his homework done or is he merely delusional?

    Sex & Spandex : The Secret Lives of Superheroes
    Illustrator: Werner Mueck
    A Comic Parody of Cosmic Proportions. Monty Python meets Marvel in the ultimate mash-up.
    A series of sketches about superheroes and supervillains, their secret lives and their not-so secret desires.
    Featuring The Avengers in downtime and on stage, the Cosmic Nagging Housewives, the Silver Surfer searching for his board, the outrageous Sex Ed. @Mutie High and the infamous X-tasy Nightclub with the X-men living up to their name!

    The two main characters are Mrs Galactus and Mrs Darkseid - loosely based on the great Les Dawson & Roy Barraclough as Cissy and Ada.
    Sex & Spandex
    • CommentAuthorDonburiBoy
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    I co-edited Arcana studio's first Dark Horrors graphic novel anthology and had a short story inside it called "Bones." I think it's available on Comixology.

    I did some ambient scriptwriting for the forthcoming Square-Enix/United Front Games open world Hong Kong action game called "Sleeping Dogs" (formerly True Crime: Hong Kong.) I don't know what, if anything made it into the final game, or if my name's in the credits, but it's a personal milestone for me because it was the first paid writing gig, and it's just nice to see it get released.

    I contributed writing to some web series for friends of mine. I did punch-up writing for one called "Pretty in Geek" about a group of girl gamers, whose D&D game gets crashed by a LARPer. And I wrote a few episodes for another called "The Gate" which is a sketch-y type one about St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, and the shit he has to deal with. Again, for both, I don't know what's made it to the final, filmed projects, and I don't even know if they're released yet.

    Had a bunch of things almost happen then get cancelled, as it goes. Got a few other things on the go, but can't talk about them yet. When I can talk about things, I talk about them here:
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    I’m one of the Guests of Honor this weekend at FandomFest in Louisville, KY, 6/29 – 7/1. Here’s my official schedule.
    Unofficial stuff will probably pop up so stay tuned. I hope to see some of you there.

    Saturday 11:30 am Jones Room Spotlight Richard Kadrey

    Saturday 2pm Saturday 2pm Expo Area/Joseph-Beth Booth Guest of Honor Signing

    Saturday 4:30 pm Beckham Room: Exploring Genres-A look at Urban Fantasy

    Sunday 1pm Beckham Room The Big 6 and Traditional Press's Place in Today's Publishing World
    • CommentAuthorBryanSwan
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2012
    I write some things. My website is The Chrysalis Falls Vigilant. The Vigilant is a sprawling mutli-series serial that's urban fantasy plus dystopian metropolis. Two collections of stories are available on Amazon. The Kindle e-books are $0.99 and the paperbacks are $6.99.

    I have a couple other series I'm currently writing with no particular date on when they'll go live. I'm also working on a radio play that may or may not go anywhere but it's fun work while it lasts.
    • CommentAuthorJoe B
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2012
    Just got a book up on Amazon: Gambit of Shadows and it's available on Kindle as well. It's a modern fantasy, first of a series. I've got a science fiction story that's in the plotting stages too.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2012
    Coming on Wednesday.

    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2012
    Want to help support a great indie publisher? Considering pledging to Dagan Books' Kickstarter? Dagan Books is a great company producing quality books, please pledge some money and help out.
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    Hmm, stuff happening on writery front in here too - we just founded a publishing co-op earlier this year, the first anthology is out (in Finnish only, sorry) and my novel draft was accepted to the line-up. I'm not generally prone to feeling insecure, but starting to write the second draft of the story makes me go eep! :)
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2012
    I have a short story in 'Walrus Tales' - a collection of weird walrus-themed fiction published by Eraserhead Press, and available to buy NOWWWWW
    • CommentAuthorQuisitrix
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2012
    I am a writer.

    Woo Hoo. I actually said it. Anyway right now I'm writing a serial novel and publishing it as a blog. The current story is a murder mystery in which my fictional alter ego investigates the locked room murder of the most unpopular woman in Aberdeen. This story fits into a series of Novel's I've written but never had the courage to do anything with. Seriously I've got two completed novels and one completed first draft and a couple more at the research stage but I've not even sent anything to an agent.

    Anyway. Here's my link. The Departmet.

    The link goes to the first part of the current story, rather than to the front page of the blog.
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    Woohoo I've just written my first creative writing for ages... 1000 words probably mostly pants but it flowed easy, took me about an hour to bash it out as well. And that's despite having to write loads at work today.
    • CommentAuthorSteve Toase
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2012 edited
    Just had a new story 'Spark' published at Jabberwocky Magazine. A tale of chemicals, anthropomorphised skies and plots