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    So, I wrote this thing called "New Yorkers Aren't Rude. You Are." which went fantastically viral, was carried on HuffPo, did insanely well there, and led to me being in a live video segment.

    It's something that's very exciting, but I also don't want to screw it up. What should I do next?
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2013
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2013
    @John Skylar

    I live in Queens and work and travel all over the five boroughs. Thank you for that.
      CommentAuthorJohn Skylar
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    Heh, no problem. Thanks for reading! Now I just need to figure out how to get out from under it. I really would rather not talk about crowded subways 24/7. They're bad enough as it is!
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    Alllright, and it's out. Just announced my first novel to the world, it went to print yesterday and it's out on October 5th. At first in Finnish only, but I'm definitely looking at translating it to English.

    Scifi/new weird that's my first novelist tribute to Philip K. Dick and Kafka. Released under Creative Commons that permits non-commercial copying, 'cause fuck DRM and ebook licenses.

    Here's the press release:

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    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2013
    Oh, God, I only have like one post on this forum, and I actually kind of imagined/remembered a section for webcomics. But this is what I found.

    So, about me, struggling writer, mostly movie and TV stuff for Germany, but I dabble in "Ze Eeenglish" with a blog, and now, well, I guess you can call it a webcomic. If you're being nice about it. It's short little cartoonish stories about ... tea. Told by Mr. T. Mr. T in a tea-cup. And he's talking about tea. Any kind of tea English has to offer - going by the dictionary - like Abduc-Tea, Abili-Tea, you get what I'm getting at.

    Anyways, here's a link to the Blogpost where I have and will collect all of these I do, with how I got to it, and so on. The stories are at the bottom, but you should read the whole thing (It's pretty short, anyways...): The things I do to tell a story...

    Furthermore, if you are interested, there's a "Fan-Fiction Firefly Alternate Reality" story set in World War II here: Fireflies of World War II

    Cheers, all
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    Massive congrats to Janos on the novel. Go brother!

    I just finished my 4th and hopefully final (until I get an editor anyway) draft of the crime novel I've been writing for 2 years, on and off. Going out to a few beta readers, then a final pass, then off to an agent who has asked to see it. Feeling pretty good about it, the printer is chugging away in the background now. This is the one for which an earlier draft of the opening chapters got shortlisted for the CWA debut novel prize last year. That, along with a few other bits and bobs, will hopefully strengthen my case for signing with an agent. Fingers crossed.

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    Man, Janos, wish I could read that! Congrats. And to you also, texture. Nice word count, too. Just in the right range.
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    You forgot to type 'FUCK YEAH' on the cover texture!
    @Janos Nice one! let us know when you get it into English. I've forwarded the link to some Finnish friends of mine.
    @Eberhorn whereabouts in Germany are you? We spend a fair bit of time in Munich. Loads of stuff going on there.
    @John Skylar. Having lived in several tourist towns I sympathise. In York the buses disgorge on the narrowest stretch of pavement and people look confused when you try and get through.

    I've just completed, and been paid for, my first writing commission. I've been working with a photographer on a celebration of over 50s cricket in Yorkshire, my home county. Coming at it as someone who knows more about pinball than cricket balls was interesting. I was able to look for the oddness in the game, and particularly the rules. There's a sample here, along with one of Lucy's photos.

    The first exhibition of the work is on Sunday, and there should be a book to follow.

    I've also got a piece of work in the napkin stories project, so in October my story Around The Door will be in cafes in Brisbane, Toronto and Leeds.

    And finally one of the editors I know, Katie Metcalfe, asked me to contribute a piece on my notebook (which is a huge leather-bound, greenman engraved, offensive weapon of a thing) to her new venture Big Eyes, so I did.
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    Thanks guys :) For reference, my 'cut' file has 120k in it, LOL
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    You talented bastards make me want to grab a penguin, dip it in nitrogen, and use it to beat the servers this forum is hosted on to a bloody death Linux-apt death.
    After that, I'd send you the remains as a trophy.
    You earned it.

    [Seriously, congrats. I'm kinda jealous]
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    There's gonna be a reenactment/live reading of one of my short stories on tomorrow's episode of the NEW WORLDS podcast. It's one of the shorts from one of my books, RUNNING THE TRAIN.

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    And here I am bitching about the 18,000 words I need to finish my damn book.
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    So this is cool--and I'm sorry to brag but I just have to tell someone--I sold a blog post to Mashable for actual money.
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    @ John - nice! Nicely done, sir. Love the angle on it too [reinforced by that pretty slick photo.]

    My news is thus: you can now pre-order Purefinder from Amazon!

    Here's the UK page and here's the Americas page.
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    Right - the ebook version of my novel just went up for preorder. Made a book trailer to go with it. Most of you won't get the language, but you might appreciate the aesthetics:

    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2013
    So...I'm really loving pulpy-as-fuck noir. It's kind of my happy place. I've been reading the Sandman Slim series along with some Charlie Huston and am now currently knee deep in Richard Stark's Parker novels.

    So with that, I decided to vent a bit and wrote my first flash fiction written in that style titled "According to Plan".

    It's trashy and terrible as fuck and I really enjoyed writing it.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2013
    This isn't writing writing, but I got a proposal accepted to a virtual conference. 4000 words print and a 20-minute live web presentation. Pretty pumped, it's both resume fodder and a chance to lecture to people who aren't my technologically incompetent classmates.
    Also an academic book review of mine will go live sometime next month. Still polishing it up - by which I mean it's supposed to be 450 words and currently I'm at 1200. What can I say? It's a really shitty book.
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    @Oldhat - that's not terrible! Trust me, I've read some muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch clunkier noir. That's fun, dammit. If you like noir, you might like XZ1 which I was commissioned to write the last chapter in.

    @allana - all writing's writing, you ask me. Congrats! Good luck too on shortening that scathing 1200 words, sounds like a big scythe is needed [both for your words and for their heads ;)].
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2013
    @ben, awesome, thank you! And I'll be sure to check that book out!

    Wrote some more because I was in a bad mood. It helped get me out of it.