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    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2012

    Yeah, look for single courses offered by OCAD. You don't want to get stuck in a full-time thing where you're taking classes for crap you aren't even interested in.
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    - and I don't want to pay for extra crap either.
    • CommentAuthorKosmopolit
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2012

    For the past several days I've been getting intense itching sensations on various parts of my body: arms, legs, back, stomach.

    There's no sign of insect bites or of hives.

    The itching is driving me crazy and, of course, scratching just makes it worse.

    Any diea what coudl be causing it? Any suggestiosn for treating it? Sorbolene cream seems to have no effect.
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    Your skin might be severely dehydrated, in which case moisturizer would help, while itch cream wouldn't.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2012

    I once had scabies, and since they're microscopic mites, it looks like your skin is perfectly fine but itches like all hell. I'd recommend water and lotion for a week to see if it is just dehydration, and then if it doesn't get better, have a dermatologist check it out.
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    If there are any red marks see a doctor... I used to have a really nasty fungal dermatitis (probably brought on by stress) which used to break out all over me, and cause really bad itching leaving tidemarks and once, a Ziggy Stardust streak right across my face. Antifungals got rid of it, steroid cream exacerbated it.

    Would see a doctor anyway...
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    So my website,, recently got buggered-with by sneaky Vodka-guzzling spam-Ivans. People started getting warnings/blocked-access things when visiting. I've just ripped out its guts and Cleansed The Impurity, and now I'm getting a clean bill of health from the Google WebMaster Review thingy.

    Buuuut many people are still getting a warning from when they visit the site via a shortened URL. So I'm trying to find out how I appeal to to re-review the sit and remove the warning. But their advice on the subject is hilariously roundabout:

    "My site keeps getting flagged as spam - but it's not! What's going on?

    We have a huge stream of people and companies that report offending sites or sites that appear as spam. We respond aggressively to these reports, to avoid the spread of viruses and spam - but we are rarely the ones to flag your content as questionable. bitly strictly shortens URLs and points to sites in a 301 redirect - we host no actual content. If you end up on the bad side of company that funnels data to us (reporting your site as spam/rogue content), you may consistently get flagged. Please investigate who objects to your content, so you can request that they stop flagging you."


    Any ideas on how to fix these fuckers?
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    Here's the warning people are getting, by the way:
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    Hi...I have a comic project coming up and I have to draw a double page spread. Any tips and traps to avoid? I'll be drawing it digitally and was wondering about what happens the margins/bleed/trim bits where the 2 pages meet up. Am I over thinking it and it's just a matter of having a page with twice the width of a normal page?
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    #comicbookdoublepagespread -- If there is any chance that you may be able to get it printed in the future be sure to avoid speech bubbles close to the middle.
    It's weird who often I see that happen when something gets collected as a trade.
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    Unless you know for sure that it'll be a centerfold spread (i.e. not printed in different sheets of paper) and will never be published in paperback (where the binding will swallow the gutter), don't put anything important in the 1-inch strip down the middle. Use the same placement guides you'd use for keeping art and speech balloons out of the bleed on individual pages. Compositionally, I'd avoid strong horizontal lines that cross the gutter (like a horizon line), because these might not line up when printed and bound, drawing attention to the mismatch. Likewise, I'd avoid drawing any figures that cross the gutter, for the same reason.
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    I know quiet a few people with a Fine Arts background, so I posted your request on my facebook status....One person suggested checking out Central Tech @ 725 Bathhurst. They have evening classes that are affordable and mostly adults. My friend took a print making class and loved it (she actually referred to the teachers as "top notch")

    Will let you know if anyone else adds anything useful.
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    I've got a bagless vacuum (Eureka Whirlwind), I've taken in apart, cleaned the filters, removed a small dog's worth of hair from the tube, but still, the suction is terrible and it spits dirt at my feet. Ideas?
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    Do you mean the suction is terrible, or just that it's poor at picking up stuff? Does it have any sort of drive band which might need replacing? If that's not the issue, check that all the parts are together the right way and the filters are the right way round - had a similar problem with a Dyson a few years back that turned out to be a bit that I hadn't clipped back on right. Also check for perforations in the hose.

    Also - I love how fucking eclectic this thread is...
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    Awesome. Thanks Pete.

    Are you coming out drinking at the end of the month BTW?
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    I had the same thing on the Mac Mini I use as the home DVD/music player. I fixed it by flashing the drive's firmware to be region-free.

    All the sites on region-free firmware hacks basically seem to be saying it's heaps easier to make your drive region free using Windows, so you'll probably find it easier than I did. Even a lot of the Mac folk were doing the firmware flashing in Bootcamp. Try here first. They have a checklist for flashing procedure. Other than that, try googling the model number of your drive with the term RPC-1, which designates a region-free drive.
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2012

    Based on that, I'd say best bet is to email - they use too many different tracking blacklists to try to remove your site from all of them. They will likely be helpful.
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2012

    I second the recommendation that you just google the name of your dvd playing software. For example, when I stick a dvd into my windows pc, the software that launches to play it is called Cyberlink Power DVD

    By googling "Cyberlink Power DVD 8" with the words "region code", I get some results which describe how to reset the region code counter. You're not going to want to bother reading anything from the actual manufacturer's website, as they don't want you to exceed your region code change limits. But you will find posts further down the results describing the various things you need to do depending on your operating system and the version of the dvd player software you have installed that will tell you what files you need to delete or what registry settings you need to adjust to change or reset your player's region code setting change limits. It is going to be a hack, but a very simple one.
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2012
    @ Jason A. Quest - Thank you for the advice. Think I'll give Scribus a try.
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2012 edited

    When I was a kid, I adored collections of weird and scary stories, getting through a whole lot of everything from old folk's tales to Roald Dahl short stories before I was as old a ten. (No wonder I'm still afraid of the dark...) I often borrowed the same books several times, and lots of them I can't remember where I found, it makes no sense for them to have been in the school library and I never found them in the public library again (this is, i.e., the case with a whole lot of Lovecraft books that I read before I even finished elementary school.)

    But there are two short stories I was never able to find again, but have always remembered. Not necessarily because of their high quality, but because they were so special.

    One was about a hunted typewriter. Yes, you heard me. The person in the story finally won over it by, like, drowning it in Blanco!

    The other one had something to do with a boy who lived in a house where there was also creepy guests. The lady of the house is stuffing a turkey or something. And the boy has lots of different shaped and coloured pieces of glass, which he use to look at things (everything from the other people in the house to the landlady stuffing the turkey), but they appear horribly different though the different glass pieces.

    I know my descriptions suck... Help?

    (I came to think about this again because I'm updating my Goodreads page with some works I adored in my preadolescence. Please add me there, I'm odaelisabeth there aswell I think.