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    I thought it was maybe about time we had a thread that appreciates and recommends the best of the short fiction out there.

    The story that has inspired me to start this is Murder Born by Robert Reed in the current (to my Kindle at least) issue of Asimov's.
    It's a murder mystery and science fiction story dealing capital punishment and loss and it is the best novella I've read in a long time.

    Another novella I thought was wonderful in Asimov's was The Man Who Bridged The Mist by Kij Johnson.
    You can read the start of the story on the site here, but you'd have to order the full issue to read it all.

    I'd say anything that is not a novel length story is what we want to see recommended here. Novellas, novellettes, short stories, flash fiction, you get the idea.

    So what have you read recently that got you excited?