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    Stuff Dutch people like because why not.

    edited to add: a nonsense word generator that is surprisingly fun to play with.
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    @celan Wow!
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2012
    Nicely done.

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    @Celan, RE:Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson:That's AWESOME.
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    Newness. Intriguing.

    'Titan' has an excellent 70s feel.
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    @Celan: here's the full set of pictures of the real-life Beavis and Butt-head:
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    ...ouch :D

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    After commenting on Lovecraft's prose style in the bookclub thread ...
    Some lover behind the torch

    An echo about an Elder Sign seldom befriended a putrid splendor. Most people believe that a frightening monstrosity learned the thoroughly childlike truth about the stone, but the unwittingly horrible tome is much more broken. A rock behind a phantasm negotiated with another ghoul around an estate, or the non-chalantly vile vista avoided contact with the pit out of the automobile. When the abnormality around a tape recorder ruminates, another blasphemous scythe hesitates. The tripod inside a nightmare reached an understanding with an ancestral pyramid. I watched in horror as a bargain related to a pit feverishly lazily bestowed great honor upon the lover! If a recording from an engine cooked and ate the flesh of the table of the abyss, then the burden inside a demon sweeps the floor. Indeed, the subconscious clock of a devilish legend was impossible. Oh, the barely modern township of it ALL! Oh, the cold echo of it ALL! When the ghoul is earth-threatening, the occurance about the township burned the pit. When a cloud formation is surly, the monstrosity negotiated with another lover. When you see the hole about the mark, it means that a cloud formation meditates. When a monstrosity beneath a burglar is magnificent, another lantern beneath a burden completely evicerated a table near the blood clot. A monolith living inside the vault satiated a building, and some empty lot brainwashed another bohemian ocean. Another lantern beyond the engine non-chalantly pierced the black, beating heart of the exceedingly strange tape recorder. Sometimes the abnormal war leaves, but soon I was to find that an automobile near an inferiority always usually cleaned a coin! Remembering the ancient burden of a bargain beneath a death, I prostated myself before the insanity of the some echo of an existence that stood before me.
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    Osmosis: So you're saying that spammers are actually Cthulhu cultists?

    It makes so much sense now.

    Cialis fthaghn.
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    Cheap iPhone 4 for fthaghn...
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    ... I seem to recall fthaghn meaning something like "lies dead but dreaming" - I'm not sure Cialis ought to do that, please see your doctor.
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    <pedantry>"fthaghn" doesn't mean anything. "fhtagn" on the other hand...</pedantry> ;)