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    edit: stop press ! I couldnt get along with putting multiple links on this site, they all just melded into one, so I have gone for a tumblr account - which will be simpler for my barely evolved ape brain.

    So I will put drivel there. I may still use this for exclusive whitechapel only content such as #wallofdave.

    **soon to be filled with all kinds of drivel. nothing particularly exciting to report yet but it's more about getting stuff off your chest than giving people what they want, isnt it, blogging?**

    Since I started tweeting I've seen all my tweets disappear, so i decided i should have somewhere more permanent to put stuff.

    I love whitechapel so this seemed the best place. i can link to stuff, post pictures, rant, get permalinks to what I put here. i have a youtube channel and a cafepress shop (well i did, hey, I'll get a new one) as long as it's free I'll try and make best use of it.

    I might just have this one post that i constantly edit like a front page with other stuff sticking out down below or I might do it more like a regular blog with diary bits, who knows, bit of both. Spur of the moment idea - this is a place holder for now.

    I'll probably contribute more to other threads as well.

    Here I am! I'm Dave. @numbREMOVEdave on twitter. (I post a never ending stream of drivel there. I barely think anything i don't post. I used to smoke, 3 weeks on tuesday, I love life etc!)

    Longtime lurker occasional poster emerging like a butterfly you can fill in the rest I'm sure.
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    this is the thing that disappears too quick for me. It's not raised any interest or comment on twitter, but i don't care about that.

    this is the wall of dave.

    Before twitter, for several years, I put random thoughts, quotes, puns and drivel up on the back wall of my flat. Now I want some shelf space, so i've been taking them down one by one and tweeting them. I'll try and list them all here.
    21 Jan #wallofdave 29: 'but they 'R' like fucking tombstones' Ah. Of course, this was before we formed the band. That went well.
    21 Jan #wallofdave 28: 'my guitars R like tombstones is such a fucking shit metaphor'. It can't have been that bad though.
    21 Jan #wallofdave 27: 'the friends theme tune sounds more like a suicide note every week'. I was going through some shit back then, apparently.
    21 Jan #wallofdave 26: 'I'm tired of making pain from love.' Yeah. ok dave, get some fresh air.
    21 Jan #wallofdave 25: 'Bill Hicks is my secular christ' well, he's due a comeback.
    17 Jan #wallofdave 24: 'king of kitsch eccentricity'. I was given this title by a friend I don't see often enough.
    17 Jan @numbdave #wallofdave 23, suppl: depending on the board's topic. Deep insight in to the human psyche or proof of the ubiquity of trolls?
    17 Jan #wallofdave 23 :'how do you deal with a society of six billion?' put on various boards way back. top reply 'thats so christian/marxist' etc
    17 Jan #wallofdave 22: Scientists isolate yin energy particle from yang field. grumpy now. should have stayed in bed.
    17 Jan #wallofdave 21: supplemental, the sequel would be Go Vest. The widescreen, epic, third and final one would be Once Upon a Time in the Vest.
    17 Jan #insomnitwits to be less frequent as i'm sgetting bare sleep, but: #wallofdave 21: the definitive action movie coulg be called White Vest.
    16 Jan #wallofdave 20: 'women are the cows of people' - Rees, Malcolm in the middle. I remember almost choking on my tea when he sad it though.
    16 Jan #wallofdave 19: 'hippy = east meets west, mod = white meets black' I would now add 'punk = middle class meets working class'. (in music)
    16 Jan #wallofdave 18: 'the future isn't what it used to be.' and this was put up there like, 5 years ago. Dig?

    It only goes back 1 week and I started 3 weeks ago... this is why I'm here.

    Over the centuries this will build into an encyclopaedia of one man's insight into the world or something. Yes. Centuries.

    *okay, I'll work on the formatting, but that'll do for now*
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