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    Popular Clone Cover

    Tomorrow my first ever professionally published work will be out in the States! Unsure of the whens regarding availability elsewhere. It's a story of a seventh grade boy named Fisher who gets fed up with being tossed around middle school like a hackey sack and uses his vast intellect, the advanced personal laboratory in his bedroom, and a highly experimental artificial hormone that his biochemist mother is developing for the government, to create a duplicate of himself. That duplicate's divergent personality and the machinations of a mysterious and powerful evil scientist lead to wild and zany happenings and adventurings.

    It was written with readers around the age of ten, plus or minus two or three, in mind. And it's going to be the first of a series!

    Series Website: The Clone Chronicles

    Amazon link: Here
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2012
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    Thanks, Oxbrow! Walked to the local barnes and noble today and saw a stack of them on a shelving cart. That was a very cool experience.