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    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2012
    Here's the site.

    Has anybody heard anything about this? It sounds awesome, which--urban paranoia GO!!--raises the red flag. Apparently, writers make pitches, and artists state their preferences on what sort of story they want to do, and they get matched up and go make a comic.

    I emailed them to see what the scoop is, but I wanted to know if anybody has any first-hand accounts first.
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    I haven't heard of them before either. They're clearly making an effort to show that they're real people an all, which is good, but there's not much info on the site (at least at first blush) about how it all works. I'd be curious to know what their response is to your inquiry.
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2012
    The guy actually got back to me pretty quick; he wanted to know where I'd heard about them, and a two sentence pitch. I gave him something from my crank file; I figure, if they're legit, I get to tell a fun little story. If not, I'm only fucked out of one of the ideas in the forefront of my mind.

    If you guys want, I can report back as I go through the process. If it's good, consider it me passing the word. If not, it'll be a warning.
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2012
    I'd love to hear the outcome of this. Seems like a great resource.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2012
    I've known about them for a while now, though only kind of.

    One of my tweetdeck columns is a list curated by the hosts of the now defunct Art And Story podcast that I listened to for years ( that is all about making comics. They are on that list and so I've seen tweets from them for a long time show up in that column (here is their twitter!/prontocomics ) and I've seen them talking with people I know more personally to be good guys, for what thats worth. The list (!/artandstory/artandstorriors) is just a list of known fans of the show, so it's not like that means anything as to their credibility.

    Certainly let us know how it plays out!
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2012
    He asked yesterday for an outline (which is croaking me, to be honest), at which point he'd assign an editor.

    I've never had an editor before. That's pretty dope.
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    Was about to get excited til I saw it was a New Yorker thing.

    My Oyster card doesn't quite stretch that far - this does seem like the kind of thing that could be achieved in London no problem, what with our surfeit of cosy pubs and people without real jobs.
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    Hi there!

    My name's Josh Cabrera. I'm the Managing Editor at Pronto Comics. I'd be happy to answer any questions anybody might have about who we are and what we do. Cheers!
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    Hi Josh!

    I have a couple beginning questions:

    Assuming most of us are writers looking to partner with an artist (at least, I am)--if a pitch is accepted, are we assigned an artist, do we pick from a portfolio, or is there more of a personal connection of who can/wants to do it, etc? Is there an initial investment, or does the writer pay the artist for work ahead of time (hourly or page rate?), or is it a royalty setup of the writer receiving a small percentage of profits after the book is printed and sold? Are you mostly looking for print comics, web comics, or both?
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    It mostly depends on whether the writer is willing and able to pay the artist up front. If the writer is paying for art, then of course they have the final say in who's going to draw the story. If, on the other hand, the writer can't pay, then it's really up to the artist if they're willing to work for a share of the royalties. We don't force collaborations; that would make bad comics.

    I will say that it can be very difficult to find an artist, especially for longer projects, if the writer can't pay a page rate.

    We ask for donations, but we don't take any money from creators. Creators keep all royalties and ownership of what they create. Neither do we pay creators. It's probably best to say we're a network of self-publishers under one brand.

    We're looking for comics of all kinds. We want a variety of format and genre. I will say, though, since I'm the guy who reviews every pitch, there are certain pitches that I get tired of seeing over and over again. :)