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    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    @imaginarypeople - just... damn. That's great.
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    @imaginarypeople - I love your attention to fine detail. Great piece.
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    thanks for the praise everyone!
    heres the finished piece

    its for a poster contest
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    @imaginarypeople, I love the piece, and really like the Shins.

    However,(oh-oh - asshole alert) I'm really against the open call type of contests. I realize the argument for them is somewhat valid, i.e. unknown or new talent can get a shot at a big job, but $750 for a major marketing piece like this from a decent size label is a joke and I cringe when I see an artist of your talent participating. I don't want to come across as a $$$ snob, when it comes to commissions I have worked for a lot less, but they came to me specifically for my work. Normally I let this roll off but I have had 2 martinis and 3 Harvey Wallbangers so I am feeling brave (it took me 20 min to type this and thank the higher powers for spell check).

    Bottom line, your work is beautiful and inspiring, don't sell yourself short.

    Here's me selling out for a frat party shirt:

    mr. bubbles
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    @imaginarypeople, AWESOME, I feel pretty lucky right now.
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    @imaginarypeople - I like the finished version, but I really like the black and white (or gray) version even more.
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    thanks everyone
    @fredG i only do these contests to chalenge myself and it give me a project to put my mind on. if i had people coming to me asking for my artwork i probably would not have the time to do them, but i dont so i might as well do something that will get me a little exposure. plus i usually sell them after the contest(as i never win) on my society6 store as prints t shirts and stuff
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    @imaginary...bloody beautiful stuff. Those lines! awesome fast fiction entry as well.

    last page..why hello backgrounds...

    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2012
    @imaginarypeople - Glad you didn't tale that the wrong way, exposure and challenge is always a good thing and I picked the wrong forum to start a corporate ethics discussion.

    There are probably others here besides me interested in a print if you don't win. Let me know if you get one on your society6 store, especially the b/w version (I like the color as well, but I've got a thing for line art/engravings and the like).

    I have a project where I need to show a moody winter night, I leaned a little too heavy on my source for the figure, so I will have to replace her in the final, but what I was trying to achieve was a successful snow at night look. I think it looks right I'm just not sure if the snow dots was too obvious a solution.

    snowy night
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2012
    @FredG & @imaginarypeople - also with these contests, you do have to read the fine print. Lots of creative contests have clauses hidden inside that any artwork submitted they own the rights to and you can't use it for personal profit. There was some music contest that had this a few years back that raised a ruckus if I recall.
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    Haven't submitted here for a while!

    In Bed.

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    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2012
    This is a doodle I did whilst IMing a couple of days ago. It has sat on my desk, intruding on my consciousness, and now I kind of like it:

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    Afghamistam wonderful drawing. The composion and coloring are very intimate, reminded me of a girl I used to love, thanks for sharing.

    I try to go to a local draw club meeting every thursday night at a local Sacramento game store. This was from tonight, an hour or so sketch with an hour or so in photoshop. Reference image from fincher film.
    "the girl with the dragon tattoo."

    thanks tomas