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    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    Yo, @Bankara - when you in London, man? Make sure to let Whitechapel know.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    @argos - a probably irrelevant factoid: some black diamonds are thought to have been formed by the geological trauma of meteorite impact (super cool) or possibly to have arrived on Earth on a meteorite, having been formed somewhere in space (ULTRA COOL).

    Again, think this only applies to some black diamonds, and is only a theory, but still.

    Congratulations on the engagement, by the way.
    And good luck to Mr Spy in his mission.
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    Whoa, nice!! That's really cool to know because for a while we were wondering if we could get a little meteorite instead of a gemstone, precisely because it's been through space! We bought one but are getting it make into a necklace instead. I'll pass that info along. Even if it doesn't apply to our black diamond, it's still a neat bit of synchronicity. :)
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    @ government spy Yipee!!! I'm so excited for you guys <3 <3 glad I could help (even if it was just moving things along ;) It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone and showing them that :D :D :D pictures yes??
    @ Argos space ring! Can we see pictures of the rings!

    I like seeing pretty shiney objects :D

    Job going well- am currently working 3 jobs right now so if i keel over you all will know why. My job likes my work and so far I really like my work environment, tho I did accidentally shove a high-speed bur into my thumb, ouch is yes.

    Flecky I still owe you toothiness stuff, my ass will get on that soonz!
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    @Beamish, Razrangel, ouch. So very many hugs for both of you. Sending good vibes your way.

    @People purchasing shiny objects for romantic reasons, YAY! Congratulations!
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    Whoa, good things seem to be happening around these parts. Let's keep it up and make 2012 give us all the candy.

    SO. Good things, itemised!

    - Today my friends gave an Xbox 360 and 25 games. Which was nice.
    - In (about) one month I will be IN BROOKLYN, and after that who the hell knows. I'm buying a one-way ticket.
    - Today I'm heading off for a weekend at the cabin with the boys. Might even get a new project advancing, but if nothing else we will gorge ourselves silly on pulled pork and various other grilled, smoked and/or BBQ'd things.
    - Been getting rid of my fear of singing, again, with the aid of karaoke and beer. Song 2 by Blur is a super fun thing to belt out!
    - There was this fella playing in impromptu gig at the local club and I managed to nail his sound just so, and on a later gig he picked me over the club's actual soundman. He calls me Jesus, it's very endearing. (If I may toot my own horn for a bit, I was kinda stunned with the guitar sound I got for him, myself. A hollowbody electric with a P90 pickup, straight into the board through a DI has no business sounding that goddamn good.)
    - A few extremely nice messages from fellow Chaplains. Whee!
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    My academic references finally all got back to me. (My own FUCKING alma mater was blocking all my emails as spam, and the faculties are so disorganized that none of my phone messages were being passed over.)
    We're past all the priority deadlines by now, of course, but I might be able to smooth it over with a few phone calls tomorrow. This doesn't mean I'll be getting into a program, of course, but it means that I stand a chance of being rejected on my own merits, not on the basis of an incomplete application. This is a much more satisfying fear.

    My V-Day involved a Die Hard marathon with a friend. I've got the movies all week, though, so it's continued on in her absence. That's also pretty great.

    Also I was a human pincushion for some friends that wanted to learn about bloodplay and needle-play, over the weekend. It was pretty entertaining. They came up with the idea of blindfolding me and then pinching a bunch of areas simultaneously so I wouldn't know where I was going to be pierced. Turns out shock value is pretty awesome?
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    On Wednesday I checked my account to see, how much it was overdrawn. Instead I was greeted with +1950e. It was the salary from my new job, which I thought would be coming at 15th of MARCH, not this month. One credit card paid off, all the bills and loans paid off, still money on the account and the other card not even close to being zeroed out, plus a big wad of money from my last freelance jobs coming in. Money doesn't make you happy, but I'm certainly far less stressed out when I don't have to live from hand to mouth.

    I've been running a flu, but I decided to just fuck it and celebrate the salary by buying the fiance and one of my closest pals an evening of burgers, Franziskaner, Laphroaig and Aventinus. This of course aggravated the flu and decorated it with special beer hangover, but even that couldn't bring me down.

    Oh, and used a part of the "leftover" money to get a new Xbox 360 S which I've been wanting to buy for months for the quieter fans and more space. Made the sick/hangover day spent wrapped up in blankets and drinking flu meds go past in a pretty enjoyable way.

    I'm in the unprecedented space where apart from wanting to shave a few kilos of stress fat off me, I can't really think of a thing that would be amiss in my life right now. Everything is... good. Just nice and good. Never thought I'd reach this level of happy contentment, and I'm certainly not complaining!
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    Vile hugs gratefully accepted. I don't understand all court info that came from my mom. My OB* tried to plead guilty but the kind of probation the prosecutor wants requires an officer be present...stuff stuff now we have to wait until a trial date. I hope competency will be determined at the same time. Really it should have been heard today but... Argh. I don't know what his mental triage determined, especially if they have him on the same treatment/dosage as before. Tired. Frustrated. We're hushed at home.

    But the niece came over today and we played a little. Dinner was homemade hamburgers. Stuff could be far worse.

    *I have three brothers. OB = Oldest brother; MB= middle brother; BB = baby brother (the one who brought bento for Valentine's dinner)
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    @Comic yes yes! I will post pictures once it comes in ^_^

    Vile hugs all around to everyone else's good fortune! I woke up to a nasty hateful comment on facebook to a post I made in a public even page, so its really nice right now to feed off of everyone's good fortune.
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    Hooray for you happy future-married types!

    Me, I seem to have tumbled again into a realm of synchronicity, and this is quite comforting.

    I've secured a place to move where I will no doubt be happier (though there is far less sunlight), as the cute boy (who doesn't seem interested in me, but isn't avoiding me either) happens to be moving out in the next few weeks, which is perfect timing, and I've been accepted as the replacement roommate! And being that it's in the same building, I need not worry about moving costs or anything!

    (i just have to make sure I get rid of these fucking bedbugs)

    Earlier in the week, my future roommate had given a stinky Occupy Wall Street squatter a place to crash for a night or two, and I'd met him. And then yesterday, listening to my favorite radio station WFMU, I first heard a new Blood Sacrifice song, which is my new favorite band as of two weeks ago, then a set of scifi psychedelia by one of my favorite DJs, and then, during the random man-on-the-street interview show that follows (another favorite of mine, but one that I've rarely caught in months), I heard none other than the young squatter fellow I'd met days before.

    A fellow I know has been impressed enough with my photography for hire that he's passed my name on to friends in the hopes of finding me work, and the same day an old client emailed me and asked that I do some updating fixydoo on her site.

    When I stop being scared and let life happen, it happens, and it's good.
    • CommentAuthorBankara
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    @osmosis, due to a situation beyond my control the London Trip may be delayed to a later month. I will, of course, bemaking an announcement when I do come over to old blighty.

    @Rachael, glad to hear things are all going well! Glu gave me your number I'll give a call next week for that pint, ok?

    @razrangel, I hear you on the unstable sibling thing and you have my sympathies. Nothing is worse than not knowing what is going on with a family member and not being sure how or if you can do anything. I staged an intervention for my sister 8 years and got her into treatment for her addictions and while she still infuriates me on a regular basis she has been clean and sober for all those years. I am proud of her because almost no one comes back from the depths of addiction that she wallowed in but ultimately she was ready to stop, it is incredibly hard to convince someone to clean up unless they are ready to do it. I still worry about her of course but at least it is not the "what if she is bleeding out in an alleyway?" kind of worry.
    I hope that things get better with this situation. All the vilest hugs at my disposal.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    organising getting some (FREE!) recording for my band which is going to be awesome and totally unlike everything e;se on our scene but: FUCK ME is it hard to to sort out, i already have anxiety and stress issues and this is not helping... this is so tough, so, so though.... ACK

    anyhoo yay! recording! and i'm getting hugs to help
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012 edited
    @robin/alan - you guys gonna be in Chicago for C2E2 in April? Because apparently I might be making an appearance out there...

    Oh, I guess I'll add some good things:
    I've been having a rough time of late, with my brain going all crazy, but I'm trying to fix things at least. I have a nice friend who makes me happy and is good with knowing when to sweep in and pull me out of my funks and when to back off and let me be antisocial. I made some ground last night in trying to get along with someone I'd written off as a friend and am starting to find the words for the whys and hows he'd hurt my feelings that maybe one day I'll be able to articulate and things will be less awkward when I hang out with that particular social circle.
    But the important thing is, last night I went out to an awesome fashion show/art installation hybrid put on by a hugely talented jewelry designer and had fun with my lady friend over wine and beers and am now cleaning the apartment and getting my life back on track.
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    Staying chez Kemper Norton in Brighton. Much as I love my kiddies, it's nice to spend time with adults from time to time. We're listening to Thurston Moore and then going out for more booze.

    At the Outer Church last night we watched Captured Ghosts and the Grant Morrison movie. Captured Ghosts left me with a really warm fuzzy, vile huggy feeling - seeing on it people I'm familiar with from here, while being in a room with people who've benefited artistically from being in Warren's orbit was lovely.

    So yeah, it's all good.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    Mr carpenter: you jammy, jammy bastard. Ye gods, that looks like it was GOOD!

    Me, someone has just told me i am AWESOME. Obviously i am not, but all the same, it's a nice thing to hear from someone else.

    Now i go sleepybyes, i am disgustingly pissed and there is workies tomorrow. Nighty night Whitechapel.
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2012
    Some days just call for sleeping through the entire damn thing.
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    Aaaaaah I'm going crazy!!

    Date night isn't until the 28th. My Dad called the other day, and I so I tried to call him back but left a message with my grandmother, and I told her I was proposing. My Dad called back later, and when I spoke to him, I was surprised to find my grandmother hadnt spilled the beans, and told him so.

    Later, my girl asks me what my Dad and I talked about, and I told her we caught up on stuff, blah blah, but then I say, "yeah, and I totally thought my grandmother would have spilled the beans but...!!!" and then I froze. And she just looked at me. I'm kinda famous for talking a lot, always having a quick comeback, but instead I just sat there, mouth open, dumbstruck. And she just looked at me, like "what?"

    So I just shut up, and she squeezed my hand.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2012
    So... how's it been so far @govSpy? [eek!]

    Took care of shit like boss today. Amazing what you can get done when you commit to minimal Twitter checking till after dinner. Well...amazing what I can get done. Twitter was built of Internet-onset ADD.

    Made phone calls, including to people who scare me, sent off the demo, looking at new classes. Hee.

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