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    • CommentAuthormanglr
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2012
    For anyone who enjoyed 'The Artist', I'd heartily recommend 'OSS 117' by the same director/actor team. totally different movies...but it's one of the funniest comedies I've seen in years. Start with 'Cairo - Nest of Spies'...there is also a somewhat lesser sequel.
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    @andycon - let me know what you think of Burke & Hare, I'd be intrigued to know. I saw it last year.
    • CommentAuthormanglr
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2012
    FWIW, I thought Burke and Hare was a bit of a disappointment all things considered. Nice talent involved, but the script was a bit toothless. A nice rental, but nothing to write home about.
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    Glad you agree: I saw it at the cinema and went in hoping it would be good.

    You know how you go to a theatre to see a play and, sometimes, if you go in and you can tell everyone's happy then it turns out to be a great show? Well I went into Burke & Hare with that mentality and came out just a bit 'meh'. I thought Serkis and Pegg were practically left out to dry by the poor direction. If they'd hammered the clunkiness out of it and cut its length down then it could have been better but as it was, twas a shame.

    Everyone else in the cinema was as non-responsive as I was so I wasn't sure if it was the crowd or the film - glad to see we're on the same page.
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    You may like I Sell The Dead - I saw it thinking it was a Burke & Hare type story, set in similar circumstances, but, well, there's more to it.
    If you can, see it without learning more.
    • CommentAuthormanglr
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    Concur on I Sell the Dead - lower budget, but a bit more fun. (And hey Ron Pearlman is always worth watching.)
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    Immortals: never has shite looked so beautiful.
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    @ gordon - yeah, but mickey rourke kicked ass in that....
    • CommentTimeFeb 29th 2012
    So I need to see Prometheus now. NEED.

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    Director Tony Kaye hasn't had a film released since he basically disowned AMERICAN HISTORY X in 1998. Finally 14 years later we have DETACHMENT, which I believe to be the first great film of 2012. It's an often heartbreaking view into the world of an underprivileged, disaster of a school that no one wants to take responsibility for and would rather pretend doesn't exist. It touches on many of the problems that lead to situation like this and many of the reasons those problems are not overcome.

    Adrien Brody gives his best performance in a long time and other actors give strong and sometimes surprising turns in small parts. (Lucy Liu, James Caan)

    In just two films Tony Kaye has proven to be a true artist and someone whose work I will continue to greatly anticipate. I really hope we don't have to wait 14 more years for another film.

    The trailer is below and at least here in the US you can see this film on iTunes or many ondemand outlets. Do check it out.

    My Film Blog and Podcast
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    @thinwhiteduke - Thank you so so much for that. I just watched Detachment and I am a bit blown away to say the least. Beautifully shot and acted, scripted to perfection, it's a movie that makes both its political message and its philosophical one perfectly without ever being preachy. One to watch and re-watch, and one of the best films of the last few years. Awesome.
    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2012
    @ lucien - but even the mighty Mickey couldn't pull off some of the daft helmets forced on him.
    • CommentAuthorlucien
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2012
    @gordon - yeah, the helmets were bunk, but still rourke was the only thing worth watching...i thought the movie was utter crap except for his performance....
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    @ magnusisasillyname

    I'm really glad you found DETACHMENT and liked it. It's a beautiful piece of art that really explores a worthy subject. It's really good in all areas. You know, exactly the type of film that gets almost no theatrical distribution. It's sad, but at least through iTunes etc there is access. I hope it catches on somehow and people learn it exists and get a chance to see it.
    • CommentAuthorMercer Finn
    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2012 edited
    Looking back rather than forward, but just gathered together a list of my fave films of 2011 over at the blog. Post ends with films I've yet to see and really want to:
    Margaret (Kenneth Lonergan)
    Young Adult (Jason Reitman)
    Tyrannosaur (Paddy Considine)

    Anyone seen them / like them?
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    @Mercer Finn: That movie list actually looks like an interesting list of roles. Especially if they're the only three. I wanna watch the short film about Margaret, a young adult, and a tyrannosaur.
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    Especially if played by Kenneth Lonergan, Jason Reitman and Paddy Considine