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    All right, my slithery emorats. We're going to try something different.

    I'm going back to my original plan of letting the OPEN MIC thread sit open for a week. I think it was doing some good, letting people get things off their chests. But it was veering into the territory of Self Absorbed Whingewank, with none of the support/affirmation/lewd jokes we all also need to counteract the Bleurgh.

    (I may initiate a one-night-only "anything goes" chat-style thread in the near future.)

    So from now on your performances at the steely Whitechapel microphone will ALL and ALWAYS be divided into three sections.

    1: The Boo. The Get-It-Off-Your-Chest. The "I've-Had-A-Shit-Week-And-I-Need-To-Vent". Your chance to scream silently into the face of Internet apathy, and trepan your pressurized consciousness. Deposit your spleen here.

    2: The Huzzah. Wherein you tell us something which goes just a teensy way to mitigating the effects of the psychic turd you just laid on our heads. Perhaps it's a tiny hint of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. Perhaps it's an unrelated Thing Which Happened which made you smile rather than frown. Shit, maybe it's just a silly joke. Show us you can cope as well as carp.

    3: The Applause. You will choose one of your fellow whitechapellers, from THIS SAME THREAD. Doesn't have to be the person who posted before you - just someone whose story touched you. And you will offer them a word of advice, or comfort, or support, to help them with their own SECTION 1 Whinge. Doesn't have to be much. A sentence, a word, a bloody emoticon - whatever. Just a paltry donation to the art of Thinking Of Others, mmkay? And try to avoid schmaltz, please, or the Urethral Maggots will feast anew. Circle of life, kids.

    Naturally, the first person to respond here is excused from Stage 3.

    No idea if this'll work or not. But if it doesn't work it'll be failing for all the right reasons.

    I, we, and all of us are here for you.
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    Ok- here goes
    THE BOO-
    My girlfriend's step sister was knocked off her bike two weeks ago and received some serious head injuries as well as more than one damaged vertebrae. It was touch and go for a few days but thankfully she has regained consciousness and though she is facing a long road to recovery we're thankful that there is a road at all!
    my business partner's boyfriend has just been diagnosed with Lymes disease which sucks hard.Thankfully the doctors believe he will respond well to the anti biotics and I hope so too.

    THE HUZZAH- As I've mentioned before I have recently been trying to work out a way for me and my colleague to take over the running of the coffeeshop where we work.
    After several unfruitful iterations of a business plan we have finally settled on a scheme where we could all benefit.
    Essentially we have been given control of the menu and reinvigorating the look of the place in return for a decent commission on any increase we make in the profits.
    I really couldn't have asked for a better deal especially as it means I don't have to borrow tens of thousands of euros from my family.
    Sure it means I'll be working six days a week for quite some time but as I'm finally getting to do the "nice things for nice people" dream I have always had I really couldn't let that bother me .

    If you are interested in what we're going to get up to , I 've been spending quite a bit of time on the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory forum trying to spread the word of the changes we're making. You can see it here if you're interested.( it drops into mid thread when I introduce myself)
    so Huzzah indeed

    Finally, APPLAUSE for Si and this new spleen venting format, looking forward to seeing how it works.
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    1. Since the last open mic, my parents made a big fuss about a piece of art I made and posted online. (It's on an old artist's thread if you want to know the piece.) My mom threatened to cut me off financially if I didn't take down the blog. So I did. Since then, she's given me money but we haven't had any pleasant conversations or anything. I've only spoken to either parent once, briefly on the phone and obviously not pleased with them, yelling a bit in the one case with my mom, in the past couple weeks. Just been feeling out of sorts since then. I haven't had any great ideas for more art. And even if I did, I don't know if I've got enough fight left in me to really make anything that says how I'm feeling and show it to anyone.
    Since I'm still in need of money, even with parents help, and because it's fun I did a nude modeling job yesterday for a photographer friend. I started my menstrual cycle mid shoot. So that was embarrassing. We ended early because I don't know how to use tampons. He still paid me, and so I feel a little guilty about that, too.

    2. The photographer I was working with was super nice and understanding about everything. It wasn't the first time this had happened to him, and he knew how to deal with it pretty well. Also, of the hundreds of nude ladies he's seen and shot in all these years, I quite possibly have the best boobs.

    3. @Si Thanks for the thread.
    @nelzbub Good luck with everything! I hope the health of your loved ones improves. And congrats on getting to chase your dream.
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    Fishelle- cheers
    I'm not one with the vocabulary to discuss matters artistic, but I must say I've always enjoyed the art you share here. I think the obviously personal nature of what you produce is a large part of its appeal.
    Please don't let your parents judgement put you off exploring your obvious talents.
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    THE BOO: Think I may have risked a friendship by seeing my friend sent off safely after he overdid it on the booze last night. In those situations I am very uncompromising and go on sort of a mission to make sure that they are safe. My friend...more saw it as me not trusting him and not allowing him the dignity of finding his own way home. As a result of him getting mad at me trying to make sure he was safe, I got a little mad too. Now he's not picking up his phone or answering texts. I know I did the right thing, but I'm just worried that he'll continue to not see it that way. He's an old friend and I'd hate to see something bad come from something like this.

    THE HUZZAH: Got a bonus at work, which is going right in to savings. Enjoying the hell out of video games and taking on some cooking experiments today. Looking forward to it.

    THE APPLAUSE: @Fishelle, I've e-mailed this to you before, but once you get out of school and sustaining yourself financially, you won't have anyone to answer to for your art (not that you should be answering to anyone for it in the first place). It will get better.
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    The Boo: Dick of a week, folks. Dick of a week.

    The Huzzah: I have a short week this week. Writing, cleaning, internetting for Thursday and Friday.

    The Applause: @oldhat, better have him pissed and safe.
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    The boo: Working, pretty much, full time, while going to school full time is pretty draining and I really need a rest. Maybe sometime next year. Speaking of work, I'm pretty damn tired of doing the same shit everyday, which is why I am going to school, and in 11 months I will be job hunting. That is still along way away, to me at least.

    The Huzzah: I made the Presidents list for the Fall semester and I have finally broke the 100 pounds weight loss mark.

    The Applause: (almost wrote applesause) Fishelle, I LOVE YOU.
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    1: The job-hunt. Had three interviews on Friday; only one place seemed like it might be any fun. Dropped off another resume yesterday. Don't expect to hear back. Meh.
    More importantly, my academic references for my masters applications continue to be completely fucking MIA. If my applications don't get seen because some unexpected life circumstances came up I am going to be super pissed. I just hate the fact that a "complete package" requires work by other people. Accept me on my own merits, people. Fuck.

    2: At the same time, my masters apps have been SO MUCH FUN. Writing proposals from scratch with no idea for a topic in two days? Damn, I miss school.
    Also, my apartment is amazing. Got some pictures with which to adorn the walls. Started peeling the seven layers of paint in the bathroom. About to finish off the kitchen (for now, until I decide-on/find-on-a-mistint-shelf a trim colour). Living room is done as much as it needs to be to host a party. Bedroom is a disaster but I keep the lights off in there. Doing laundry is somehow spiritually cleansing these days. Also, I've been having some great sex. Just sayin'.

    Applesauce: Fishelle, seriously, that painting is great. You should start an art blog anonymously, just to have it around, and then put your name on it when you get your independence.
      CommentAuthorcity creed
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    I was just about to post angry elsewhere and suddenly thought: I wonder if there is a WC SPLEEN thread open? Thank sweet baby Horrible Warning for you, WC SPLEEN thread. Oh, ok, speakeasy thread. Yeah, whatever.

    To the henceforth strictly demarcated tripartite business:

    Dealing with childish druggy fuckwits and their aggressively urgent personal ego issues? No longer my idea of a good time. Fuck you and the horse that you so desperately wish you rode in on. I WILL KILL AND EAT YOUR PUTATIVE HORSE. Probably. (I most likely wouldn't)
    Ultimately, some folks just need to recognise that taking a lot of drugs is no substitute for developing an actual personality. FFFFFUUU- etc etc.

    Went for dinner with a clever, funny, kind, strange and heart-stoppingly beautiful woman last week and had an amazing night. In mostly unrelated news, the Total Destruction Event Horizon appears to be receding for now; straight A's for last term's work.

    @nelzbub - Congrats and best of luck to you in this venture, keep that menu feasible.
    @oldhat - I don't trust any of my friends, but I still find myself forced to trust them not to hate me for doing the terrible things I occasionally have to do to them, somehow. What choice do we really have?
    @Fauxhammer - No useful thing to impart, just best wishes for you and yours.
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    THE BOO: I have the SARS.

    THE HUZZAH: My course is going well, getting better marks than I ever got in undergrad, and I got permission to do the new Weaponizer Magazine as my Editing/Publication project. Just bagged an interview for the mag with a writer, someone pretty amazing and high profile, which I know will get many of the denizens of this forum pretty excited. It's good to be in this position, getting good feedback for my work, but also incorporating what I do for the love of it into a course which gets me academic credit. I wonder where we go from here? Anyway, I'm looking forward to selling some magazines hand to hand this time. OH and another huzzah, next week there will be A Visitor to Glasgow, need to hit up City Creed and Will Couper and whoever else I can find to celebrate this person's arrival. I'm being cryptic because I don't know if it's a secret that he's here?

    THE APPLAUSE: Hooray for City Creed's success in romance! Hooray for Oldhat's valiant drunk-shepherding! I did the same thing for a mate the other night after he fell over in my flat. Hooray also for Fauxhammer! Keep on keeping on, brother.
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    The BOO I've been unable to get myself on a useful schedule for a month (call it a new year's thing) and I've wanted to so I could get something done in accordance to with my goals instead of random things people threw at me. But it's been failing horribly. I go to bed in the wee hours, sometimes at sunrise. Makes it impossible to do anything whatsoever before noon, which as often as not wastes the day. Then when I look at the next day I can't figure anything out for it but to get up first thing and attack. For instance: tomorrow I have to clean the bathroom. I mean have to. It's been way too long and now the toilet is screwing up, necessitating a visit from the plumber which means either show off how nasty it is, or get to it. So ok. That. And plus I should finally get to the gym and activate that membership that's been sitting around. And I need to go to the library, either to return a bunch of books or renew them. And I ought to study Japanese, I haven't and class has been in session for two weeks now - it's not going to get any easier. And in the evening I have a meeting with my theatre company. Oh, and some where in there I need to fit in all of my voice stuff: practice, auditioning and writing to a couple pros. It just feels like... no fucking way.

    I'm tired and have a ton of work to do and no idea where to start and the pile just gets bigger all the time.

    Another thing: I wrote to a teacher/voice pro over a week ago and never heard back. There was some meandering talking in the email and some direct questions. And fuck I know, I know it's pointless to get all fussed at hearing nothing. But it's hard as fuck to not second guess myself right now. Did I piss him off? Did I come off as an idiot? Maybe he didn't get it - either in sense that the email didn't get to him or in the sense that it was incomprehensible. I'm trying to get over myself. But fucking flustered and feeling really let down by myself. I dunno. I can say "whatever" and shrug, but the anxiety just won't fuck off.

    The HUZZAH I have a lot to get done. i'm not wallowing without direction and wondering why I'm even here, alive. I'm a little bit stressed out but I'm not confused and horribly depressed. Sweet. Last Monday my theatre company pulled off a presentation of a project we broke ourselves over and it was just purely for the sake of art. It was raw and creaky and it cut and it swayed and was bloated on one side and too wiry on the other but it was some serious art, motherfuckers, and it was good. 24 hours ago I was at a party (at this point in time it is 4am) and still hanging by the fire with another hour before I would leave. It was Piquarius, the annual party to celebrate all Pisceans and Aquarians jointly. It's always a mad, trippy, epic affair as only giant, rollicking parties thrown by Burners can get. Gotta love a party where surviving all by itself becomes an objective. }:>

    The APPLESAUCE Allana, I know well the misery of applying for jobs. Maybe network with professors, TAs and maybe any classmates with whom you're still in touch. Maybe they can give you a good lead or two or maybe they know of other good resources so you can keep your options open as well as keep people talking about you. Also, I am jealous of your great sex. };>
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    I feel like I've been avoiding these for ages. I dunno, I just haven't felt like sharing. But I think I can manage it this week.

    BOO: Listless, as always. Always feeling like I'm meant for more, but not knowing how to get there. It isn't as crushing as it usually is, but that's because work has been kicking my ass and that's a good distraction. It's finally getting busier in the store, but the only thing that means is that even though I'm a cake decorator (and that was a fucking year-and-a-half challenge to get them to give me the position), they still expect me to be a clerk part of the day, too, to make sure the counter is covered, since they "don't have hours" and can't cover their fucking asses. So I get fuck-all done. It's frustrating, and I come home w/ hip pain and back pain and the other day some nerve got pinched in my neck so bad I had to stop every 10 min. and cry. I have to take time off, or I'm going to mouth off to the wrong people...

    HUZZAH: ...but I do have vacation time, now, so that's a possibility. Already know I'm gonna use part of it to go to Heroes Con later in the year, which'll be cool. Also, the fella and I got our tax returns today and yesterday, respectively. I can get a new computer, and get new shoes, and a new toothbrush, and new glasses, and other things I need but always put off because we end up w/ so little money at the end of the week usually. Overall, I'm in a more optimistic headspace than I normally am. It's nice.

    APPLESAUCE: Thanks to Beamish for introducing the "applesauce" thing and making me smile (also, mazel tov on the weight loss). To everyone chasing after their dreams, keep fucking going for it. To Si, thank you for the new format. We all seemed kinda lost there for a bit, but I think this'll be good for us. To Texture, I think if he had the time, he'd be blabbing about his trip right now.
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    Well! A lot changed in a day, so here we go...

    THE BOO: Money problems. Self-worth problems. Self-image problems This [not contagious] rash on my upper lip that may be caused by anxiety or be due to the mild case of psoriasis I have [both are plausible] is back. It lasts 2-3 weeks and I end up just feeling so hideous with it. This thing has been getting more and more frequent in appearances and it's bugging me. A doc appointment is coming up, so I'll work it out. As for weight...hahaha. Yeah.

    THE HUZZAH: Friend I was worried about earlier texted me saying that he feels like an absolute ass and apologized for crossing a line with me when I'm only trying to make sure he's safe. All is well. I've also been playing a copy of Portal 2 he loaned me and dear LORD is it entertaining.

    The more I talk about it with him, the more I'm REALLY excited to go to Chicago with The Boy in the Spring. It'll take a lot of willpower to not steal one of his fedoras and talk like Elliot Ness.

    THE APPLESAUCE: @texture, no, he's being pretty vocal about it. At least on twitter. :P
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    Meds and I aren't doing well. Sick andnbrainfuzzy, and forgot them last night while dog sitting. Now prone to random crying jags and massive bouts of self hatred. Woo! My brain hates me, so do the meds'

    Dog sitting. And watching the Asterid ep of Fringe while dog sitting. The boys are good company for naps and tv watching, even if they show their love by squashing me. They got peanutbutter in their toys, too.

    Hugs Britt, Hatter and pretty much everyone who has had a shitty week. At least we've made it this far!
    @texture- take care of our Andre!! Give him a hug for me, damnit!:)

    Anyhow. That's all. Nap time for roo.
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    Haven't written much in a while, but managed to write a little more just recently. Hoping the well isn't prematurely running dry.
    Falling a little short in the going to regular AlAnon meetings, but I'm trying.

    Due to me paying all the bills solo while my lady was in rehab, I can't afford the ring I wanted to buy her so I could propose by our 4 year anniversary on Leap Day. I'm really bummed out about it. I had some amazing plans for our anniversary, I think now it'll just be one really nice dinner.

    The girlfriend successfully guilted me into staying on the day shift. I hate the day shift. But otherwise I won't be home during the evenings, and that was prime drinking time, so I really need to be home during that time. I dunno. I think I have a nostalgic desire to be on evenings, the 3pm-11pm shift, but I don't think I'm that guy anymore. That's weird. I used to be a stay-up-until-dawn type guy, now I'm up-at-dawn guy.

    Also; I'm fat.

    Did my taxes for the first time ever. Back in 2003 when my daughter's guardian first filed for child support, the court decided that I owed $15,000 in back support. Nevermind that I had been paying my daughter's mother child support previous to that; if it's not through the court, it's a gift. Anyway, now that my last bit of tax return went towards my debt, I've now paid off all but $2,000. We've agreed the entire amount will go towards college, and within the next few months, I'll be debt free. I have a strange feeling once I finish paying off the back support, she'll finally let me have custody. I'm okay with that. Hell, I'll still pay child support even if she gives me custody. It'd be worth it.

    @Oldhat: I'm jealous of upcoming Chicago trip. I'm planning on going in the fall, bringing my lady to meet my parents, but so wish I could be there sooner. Chicago springtime is fairly cool this time of year. I say go with the hat-stealing and gangster talk. Also, good on you for being responsible and getting someone home. In my opinion, it's not about them. It's about feeling that you know you did the right thing, instead of doing nothing and questioning yourself afterwards, "Why didn't I do something?"
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    House, car, children are falling to bits and need fixing. We have no shower, still, after 15 months, the boiler is on the blink, the conservatory roof apex has fallen off so we've got buckets and towels everywhere, there's damp in one daughter's bedroom and various bits of fence, carport, gate, study and garage are showing increasing signs of dilapidation or collapsing altogether. We're still living in piles of boxes even though we moved in two and a half years ago, which is starting to really piss me off, but a) partner won't deal with any of it, and b) she won't let me deal with any of it either. So we're in a kind of domestic chaos status quo...

    I managed to smash a headlight and put a big dent in my car door last week, and my smallest offspring got pushed off a slide at preschool by Someone Else's Child (the very worst sort) and has had her front tooth smacked right into her gum. Not sure yet if the tooth will survive, I know it's a baby tooth but worried it'll leave her with dental problems, and for some reason I seem to be far more protective of her than the older two and really hate seeing her in discomfort.

    And I have another fucking cold.


    Weight finally started going down again, 3lbs gone since Friday, which is awesome. Getting far stronger mentally, finish CBT in a couple of weeks and now feel far better equipped to deal with the chronic depression and keep it at bay. I also bought a Pod amp modeller for my guitar, so I can play and record in the house during the week - been practising like crazy and am getting the skill back again after letting it rust for far too long. Am off work next week - it's half term so I get to spend it with the girls.

    @Roo - it's a pain when you have to weigh up which is worse, the medicine or the illness, but usually it's the illness - hang in, and I hope it gets less brainfuzzy for you.
    @govspy - envious of the whole 'debt free' thing, but that's entirely of my own doing - good luck with custody
    @nelzbub - ace news for the business, hope it works out
    @all have a good week...
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    Teh Booz: Starting a new job tomorrow at a dental lab. I am very good at my job and am validated on how much they like me (there was serious drama where i had been layed off before... serious drama- let me do my job people I care not about your weird crap) It is an unheathy job to work at, you breath glass every day. I'm going to wear a mask see how it goes. Yes we need the money, yes they will pay me well, yes the hubby told me I was more than welcome to leave when I wanted to. I'm just doing my best not to be full of apprehension. I'm likely going to have to pick up my own supplies if I want >actual< supplies and not oh we scrounged this up. And EVERY person that owns a lab ends up being a total ass crack- they seem nice in the beginning but magically are a dick after a bit a real serious dick that takes it all out on the employees.

    Huzzah: Things with the hubby are good we found out some stuff about him that is good that he is still processing about his brain. It makes a lot of sense and helps A LOT. His teeth We hope will be done by early march. This has been a long road and i so want to see him smile happily. Went to a convention this weekend to vend make up the cost of everything but had the best time evers!!! Met Sellmeyoursoul and geeked out totally, got a batman dress, and someone gave me the smiley psychotic button! Saving up money to buy a very good camera to take likely so so pictures of cool things I have in my head- want to bring them to life on the models, and To finally get the website going.

    @Allana Keep trucking on sweetie- it was 2 plus years before anything opened up in my market I'm glad that you are keeping at it and school is making for the happy! :D

    @Government spy- maybe an interim ring?? I may be able to help you out with this depending on what you were looking for as the ring. I HATE to see you not be able to do this and as silly as this sounds I just so happen to have two rings just sitting around- I am horridly allergic to gold (the copper they use in it actually). One is diamond and the other is amethyst.
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    Quick @jp- going to doctor about it this week. Prolly need to slowly ramp down meds and try something new. But been chickenshit about seeing doctor because he seemed upset the meds weren't doing great last time. Time to find my courage.
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    I'm changing up the order because I'm a loose cannon that doesn't play by the rules. (And you've only got two days until retirement).


    The game I am working on finally has something to show! I can't stress how huge this is for me. I've been working on this game since May of last year, and we're finally getting to the point where we actually have stuff to show for it. Attempts to wield ourselves like an actual company are also becoming more successful (getting some business cards and the like).


    I'm in the middle of a depressive episode right now, which makes appreciating all the above rather difficult. It may not sound like much of a boo, but the depression is making me feel like crap, and knowing that I should be feeling ecstatic is making me feel even crappier. Attempts to do any sort of creative writing never seem to get off the ground, either (probably because of aforementioned brain crap), which just compounds this cycle of shit-feeling. Bleaaaaaargh.


    @Roo: I hope this all works out soon. Crappy brain stuff is crappy.
    @Govspy: Congratulations on your impending debt-free life! Also all that other mushy stuff.
    @Oldhat: Given how highly everyone here thinks of you, you really shouldn't have any sort of self-worth issues. (Of course, these issues cannot be dispelled so easily, but at the very least I can try).
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012 edited

    @nezlub: Jesus, that's awful. Bad enough that anyone should have to sit in a hospital waiting room once in a single month. Glad to hear the two recoveries are coming along, though. Yikes...

    @fishelle: More or less what My Better 'Alf said, with the added opinion that, even if your parents don't necessarily approve of what you do draw, they should at least be happy that the have a child with talent and the will and skill to do something with it (especially if it's something as therapeutic as that piece appears to be). Again, once you're out, all of that will seem so fucking silly, you really will laugh about it. Trust me.

    @oldhat: I'm about to crawl through the internet-eyes and say naughty, naughty things to you. So there's that.

    @Fauxhammer: It's okay if it was a dick week, because you're neither a pussy nor an asshole, so you've naught to fear. (Yeah, yeah, I know, that was a bit silly, but my point, I hope, comes through nevertheless)

    @Beamish: I'm in almost the exact same spot as you, minus the night classes. Right there with you, brother. One day, things will be better for us.

    @allana: I wish I could come up there and hire you as my Executive Snarkometer and Assistant Street Guide. I'd probably only be able to pay you in homebrew, but... well. Hang in there, kiddo.

    city creed: Amen, father. Amen...

    texture: ... well, shit, dude... I am sorry to hear that! Motherfuck...

    brittanica: Believe it or not, it's really good to see you around here again.

    Roo: Gosh, hon... if it's any consolation, I miss the Skype meetups. Way too much.

    govspy: If you can swing it at all, it would be super-fantastic to meet you while The Lady and I are in Chicago. Obviously, I understand if that's not a possibility, but at the least, I promise whatever watering hole we end up at, we'll raise a glass to you and yours. On that note, any picks for good places for a young couple to hit up in town?

    JP Carpenter: For what it's worth, you're a good dad. A bad dad wouldn't even think twice about future dental problems. You're doing alright. Also, yes, FUCK COLDS. Fuck all diseases of the lungs and sinuses, for that matter.

    Comicbookbunny: I hope the new job works out a bitter better than you expect. And, you know, it might. Sometimes jobs'll surprise you. One of the cooler experiences of my life was working a summer camp populated by gangsta-wannabe suburban ghetto kids.

    Morac: Sometimes, all it takes is a bad swing of things, and nothing looks bright and good anymore. I know. Been kinda that way myself, lately.


    Work is... hell, I've been experiencing Groundhog Day for the last three months, or at least it's really starting to feel that way. Nothing ever seems to get FINISHED, and we've just been handed an assignment which has so many flaws and gaping holes of logic, but which we're unable to change or improve upon. There's some hope that my duties will swing over to more of a professional blogger, which would be cool, but honestly I'm not holding out a lot of hope for that, either, if only because, again, nothing seems to ever be accomplished with this job, it's always perpetually at the 85% Complete point. The money is good (the money is very, very good) and by this time next year I will be very glad I took it (I don't plan on staying past then, however), but for right now... right now, I walk out of the office every day with a stone in my stomach.

    I'm very ready to go see the doctor. I've been suffering some kind of nasal and throat congestion which has been making it very hard to sleep, and when I wake up, there's so much crap trapped in my esophagus that I sound like the Godfather when I try to speak until I swallow a half-shot of mouthwash (or, as I did this morning, rum) to burn it all off. Yeah. Sick days be damned, I think Wednesday is doctor day.


    My record collection continues to grow. It's a little thing, but it's become sort of a nightly ritual to put an album on right before I talk to oldhat, listen to the A side, then listen to the B side after I've gotten off Skype with her and am getting ready for bed. Also, though I wanted to hold off to avoid infected it with my nasty, nasty head-meats disease, my first solo homebrew (well, sort of - oldhat helped) is ready to be bottled any day now. Here's a link to the label design. I'm going to be, I'm sure, a very proud papa.