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    When fixing typos tomorrow, please also edit to follow the magnificent new Three Act Structure, like EVERYONE ELSE ON THE THREAD. Or I shall deliberately not answer your question about Disenchanted, and may also set fire to the Internets.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2012
    1. I really get annoyed when dudes scan me up and down, sizing me up. I feel like a piece of meat. Must be what every woman has to fucking deal with every fucking day. But this week made me realize that people don’t fucking get it. I’m not better than you and you ain’t better than me. We’re all in this together whether you know it or not. It’s the villains that own the world that want us at each others throats while they watch from their castles, sucking down caviar and gaining more power. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Then again, everyone just loovvves shooting each other so knock yourselves out and leave me out of it :P

    2. Day ain’t over just yet but I FINALLY made a decent sale in this miserable store after weeks of nothing. SO I guess I can safely say I kicked this weeks ass just like I said I would. Something snapped Monday and I decided to be fucking alive. Got Space Shark back on track and made my smooth mother fucker impression on hot mohawked chick which sent my confidence/swagger through the roof! Hahaha, anyway I learned a lot. +1 manhood! Also +50 BALLS!

    3.the Andre's Occupation of Europe Tour 2012 makes me happy.
    @Roo - Hope you feel better. I'm glad you're getting paid to ART. I know that is something you've been wanting. I am teh jealouz ;D
    @Brittanica - Glad you got some money coming in! It sucks being broke, I've fucking been there. I'm still afraid to spend all that I've saved, unless it's for gasoline. In my mind the wild west/road warrior days are already here so that has helped me learn to save money and hide it for emergencies. I quit trusting the bank!
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    1. I've had some bad runs of silkscreening of late and thus, have been beating myself up something awful for not executing something difficult that I've never tried before absolutely flawless. It's the perfectionist side to me, where I feel like I'm being super unprofessional that I haven't yet MASTERED this thing that I barely know anything about (when you really get down to it). So, lots of bad thoughts and moping and being angry with myself. It hasn't helped that I dialed back my vices and so now when I would most like to indulge them, it's unavailable. Which is to say, I haven't gotten wasted or laid in a proper while and this is all putting me on edge to the point of nearly having a breakdown on a particularly harrowing night this week that involved thinking I lost my client's product that I spent weeks creating while also being assaulted by many drunken vagrants and rich finance dudebros.

    2. The good, of course. The good is that I'm embarking on a most exciting project that is on the verge of being something Really Good and could change my trajectory for a bit. And of course, when I get down to everything, I am running all of my shit & doing things proper, despite what some set backs might mean. Clients are happy, money is flowing, enjoying the company I've allowed to remain in my life, etc etc. Also, tomorrow (Sunday) in NYC is my Dr. Sketchy's session with two gorgeous models & Ben Templesmith (who I will try to convince to pose with a squid for the masses). So yes, right, even when things are bad, they always snap back into the right place after a couple days.

    3. Andre's Occupation of Europe also makes me so happy. SPAGHETTI.FUCKING.ICE.CREAM! is my new war cry.
    The applesauce going to all of you for getting through it all & especially Pooka for having an amazing event. I know you've been working damn hard on that event for ages & I'm glad it's happening.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2012 edited
    Right off the bat, I'd like to thank everyone who gave the lovely and helpful words.

    - Been feeling more introverted than usual. Some days staying in bed seems a bit more preferable than going out.
    - Self-esteem still is as bad as it usually is.
    - Been missing Alan a hell of a lot more than usual...just been getting down about it.
    - Really worried about a friend of mine. She's kind of on the top of my list of "friends who will most likely kill themselves" and she hasn't been responding to any e-mails. This isn't really a new thing, but still. Worried. And feeling a bit depressed about it because this woman was one of the strongest role models I've had. We were best friends for years and she was the strongest person I knew and...well, I know that fighting your problems head-on can take it's toll, but I never would have thought that she'd be a shadow of the woman she was. Just...shit.

    - You'll be pleased to know that I AM fighting the introversion by making attempts at being social. Most recently I went to a friend's Jazz concert, which ended up being a lot of fun AND led to some paid work (the Jazz Quintet need photos and a group biography. I happen to specialize in both).
    - Took some photos recently, which I kind of like.
    - Yesterday I have decided that I'm going to get in to the habit of regularly getting flowers for my room. They really brighten things up beautifully. Currently I have some bright red tulips.
    - I started up a facebook page for my beer blog, The Thirsty Wench and it's gotten a nice amount of likes in the two days of its existence. Excited about the possibilities of it.
    - Today I went out just for the sake of going out. I knew I needed to, so I gave myself the mission of getting groceries, decent booze and the Too Much Coffee Man Omnibus (at a reduced price!). Even though it was about -23 degrees with the windchill (what I've come to call a "Saskatchewan Summer") I had fun walking around.
    - Alan got a package I sent him filled with Maple cookies and a letter. Glad he liked both.
    - Decided the diet could go fuck itself and bought a few veggie samosas for lunch and had some burgers for dinner. Mmmmm....
    - And now, I'm sitting back in my room sipping on a Lava Smoked Imperial Stout and watching Evil Dead 2. I don't need to explain why this is wonderful, do I? IT'S EVIL DEAD 2.

    So hey, more huzzah than boo!

    Andre's occupation of Europe also makes me smile.
    @glukkake I really get excited when I hear about new projects from you. I stand by in saying that you're one of the hardest working people I know and the final results always show that. You'll be fucking awesome (P.S. The Vagina Dentata panties are my favorites out of my collection.
    @Pooka SO fucking glad that the show is happening. I know how hard you've been working for it. Also, thanks for the Tea Tree Oil suggestion. Currently I'm using this cream that my dermatologist gave to me as free samples. It at least seems to be putting the rash at bay (Thankfully, my psoriasis is pretty mild, but this rash pencil moustache...really fucking sucks)
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012 edited
    The Shits:

    I am working so hard I literally see procedurally generated caves every time I close my eyes.

    The Giggles:

    I am working so hard I see procedurally generated caves whenever I close my eyes.


    @Pooka: Me and a few friends are putting together both a video game and a small company (the latter mostly as a preemptive measure against any sort of legal difficulties or paperwork complications for the former). It's a physics based first person puzzle game a la Portal, but set in a cave system underground with a heavy exploration aspect built in. We're calling it Karst (which is a type of rock that is ideal for cave formation, apparently).

    We have website, one of those tweety-box things, and even a Bookface page.

    The procedurally generated caves I mentioned above are starting to look like this:

    @Oldhat: I just threw another like at your facebook page. Good stuff.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012

    cute girl says "hey, i think your wanna get all artsy with me?" I say yes...she says she'll come over...she does not. Pooka is sad faced...
    i am desperately waiting for my tax refund. my truck is broke, my drier is broke (so my house is festooned with underwear and socks...on every hang-able surface.)
    and i haven't really been out of the house in forevers. also..hip went stupid...must have strained it somehow while i was sleeping (i wouldn't care so much if i had hurt it doing something interesting)...hurts like a motherfucker every time i try to walk.
    bitch bitch bitch...lonely lonely lonely...bleh bleh bleh...same old story i always have...i just wish i could find a girl to share my day with, instead of this asshole boy who keeps bringing me down (not my husband, he's great. doing the best he can to keep this poor old cripple girl happy...i'm talking about the one friend i see on a regular basis, yeah DJ boy...guh)...what makes it twice as annoying. he introduced me to a lovely young lady who had a crush on me...but the DJ decided he was going to warn me away from her (saying she was too innocent and did not need to be corrupted by the likes of us), then a few months down the road, after I've adjusted my behavior around her as to not encourage her crush, she turned her attentions on him, and now he's debating on reciprocating...after he told me to leave her alone...asswaffle...pure asswafflery...god dammit. i swear, as soon as i get a working car, i'm going out every night i can afford it to try to meet some people. I can't keep doing this. it's driving me absolutely batshit to spend every day just sitting here in bed with the same people every day (that...sounds dirty...but nooo, i just tend to stay in bed at home because it's the comfiest spot)...

    I've vowed to spend the day know I really can paint and one of these days when I get a deviant account or something like that i'll show you heh..
    i am sooo god damned glad my show is folks are the only ones who have seen my desperation and misery at trying to get it all worked out. I NEEDED it. badly. If I can't get friends to visit me at home, then I'll just put on a big party and have them come see me there. I'm kind of tickled a lot of folks i haven't seen in years are making the effort to come out. I know it's not a big huge thing...little dinky bar...only about two hundred folk capacity, but two hundred folk spending twenty bucks each will definitely get us to our goal.
    My husband and I have been spending a whole lot of quality time together and it's been pretty nice. We've been working on some creative projects together including a sixteen years in the making roleplaying world/system (he's been helping me with it for the last ten years). I've started reading to him again and it's been a lot of fun. My hubs is legally blind so reading novels is really tiring to his poor eyes. He reads comics because it's not so rough on him, but I love sharing my books with him. He kept saying he was going to read stephen king's dark tower series (one of my favorite epic quests). after waiting ten years, I decided to read the whole series to him. This is going to be rough (acid reflux started kicking in after a few chapters), but it's been a lot of fun going back through the stories. I notice that there's a lot of details I didn't notice the first time through and it's pretty cool discussing the gn's telling of roland's past.
    Ahh, and another sweet and wonderful thing, my hubs knew i was bummed out over the whole DJ/cute girl situation so he gave me one of my valentine's day presents early: a hardback edition of mark millar and steve mcniven's Nemesis. fun book :D
    Oh...I had this box of crackers called "applause" brand crackers...and everyone that's seen it has thought it said Applesauce crackers at I got a good chuckle outta that...

    OOoey Gooey Crispy Crunchy Applesauce:
    @oldhat i think i know what kinda cream your using. the trouble with psoriasis is that it stops responding to one treatment after a while and you have to switch up eventually, i've got four different treatments that I use, and each of them work for a while then stop. So if that cream stops helping after a while, try the tea tree oil. Oh, I'mma giving you a like on your facebook too. I need more entertainments for my face. :)
    @morac gave your company a Like too :). I love videogames and one day hope to help my hubs get some of his concepts off the ground. I'll keep an eye out for more news as your game develops and share it with my geeky friends. :)
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    I am writing this on my Cleverphone in a warehouse canteen somewhere in the grey, frozen suburbs of north London, while I wait for tonights load for the London run. Please forgive me if this looks a bit odd, i'm struggling with the teeny tiny touchscreen.

    The Bad:

    Bloody medical niggles are driving me insane and despite much poking and prodding, the quacks are little help. The general unpleasantness is a near constant background presence and takes the edge off everything. Work is actually a welcome distraction, on days off i'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to do anything at all. I hate to admit it but I am actually feeling a bit lonely and beginning to worry that I might be drifting into another little patch of depression. There's a lot of it about.

    The Good:

    Work and finances are in good order and I have pleasing quantities of spare time to hand, I also have one or two ideas, perhaps even the beginnings of a plan. The world is not perfect but things could be worse, I just need to get up off my fat arse and GET ON WITH IT. Yes. Watch this space Whitechapel, I have plans!

    The applause:

    (This is difficult as I can't see where I am using this phone)

    @ Fishelle: I've already told you how impressed I was with your work, it's a shame to see your blog disappear. Dealing with parents is often tough and i'm in no position to offer anyone advice on that one. I would say though that it helps if you can try to work out why they think the way they do, you don't have to agree with them, just try to understand their motivations. You might find it helps avoid more problems in the future.

    And now i've got to go and move a lorry.

    More later if I get the chance, but for now, Ta Ta.

    Be strong Whitechapel, be strong!
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    Home again now and proper computer thing, bit tired but just room for more quick applause stuff before i sink into unconsciousness:

    Oldhat, your pictures are wonderful and it's great to see some new ones, your self is most esteemed in these parts.

    Trini, the date pic is most dashing, you make a fine looking couple - am i allowed to say suave?

    Chris G, The Space Shark, he ROCKS!

    John Carpenter, living out of boxes? There's a lot of that about too. i've been told that doing a bit at a time eventually whittles it away, i have yet to find out where it all goes though.

    Everyone else, i am now too tired to think straight, just try to remember that when the depression tells you there is no hope and all is lost, IT LIES!

    Now take care and be safe and happy you lot, i need to go and find a bed to fall into.

    Nighty night.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    Before this closes, I just want to give applesauce to the folks that had kind words for me.
    @nelzbub Thank you. I won't.
    @oldhat You have been so good about keeping my spirits up in times of woe. I appreciate it every time, more than I can say. Really, you're a perfect stranger in a lot of ways, we've never met, and yet I feel like I could share anything with you. So thanks.
    @Beamish I love you too.
    @allana Thanks. I think that having my work be anonymous would sort of make it lose something that I really like. But I will continue to post other work on my blog, depending on the piece. And anything goes for gallery shows.
    @Anchorbeard Thanks. I can understand why the piece makes them uncomfortable, but I still think my folks are proud of me. And you're right. The rough times will be over soon enough.
    @trini_naenae I've always been terrified such a thing might happen. As much as it boggles the mind, I just can't stop laughing about it. I think that madness may be my next screenprint. Also, hugs back.
    @Rachæl Tyrell I'd like my name attached to my work, but maybe it would be good to have it in a place my folks don't go. Maybe I'll just keep the more controversial stuff on the Whitechapel artist's thread and such.
    @roadscum Thank you. I really do appreciate it. I really do understand where they're coming from. For now, it's just keep some stuff offline. Eventually, when I'm completely on my own and married and stuff, it'll be different.

    And since I'm here, short little boo and huzzah.

    I have 2 papers due tomorrow and I haven't begun writing either one. Also need to make an Artists' Book by thursday. Gonna be a busy week.

    My sister's baking cookies. We're gonna go have dinner with a bunch of folks, one of whom seems to be crushing pretty hard on her. This makes me happy. My sister is beautiful and smart and every good thing, and she deserves more attention.

    @everyone I wish I had time to respond to everything that's happening to you all. If you've posted it here, I've read it, and I wish you all the best.
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    OK now i have an hour or so before i go to bed, here's my tale....


    Am not getting much sleep. Usually only make 4/5 hours a night. find myself filled with strange, morbid irrational thoughts. Such as last week i somehow convinced myself that something really bad was going to happen to Sigga and it had me up all night concerned and depressed. Also find myself getting almost hysterically angry at things i shouldn't be. This means that having a pint/session with friends is becoming a liability. I think i need to get some space from things.


    As of yesterday, i am an Uncle! Yes my name is now officially Uncle Bob. My brother's fiancé gave birth to a 6lb baby girl, which despite a bit of blood loss went fairly quickly and smoothly. My suggestions n calling her Jamelia Beyoncé Mango Cluness are apparently falling on deaf ears.

    And..... it looks like i may also soon become a dad too! Sigga is late and she took a test which appears to have come up positive! she is seeing the Doctor on Tuesday to confirm it, but .... oh fuuuuuuck!

    And work wise it seems to be going fine. I'm getting lined up to run the music arm of the papers writing. This means i'll be responsible for the album and live music reviews. This may mean some extra money. Apparently people seem to read what i have to say about stuff,. This cannot end well!


    Of course everyone in W/C deserves a shout out, but special Big ups go to Oldhat, Vertigo Jones, Chris G, Vornaskotti, Taphead, Rachæl Tyrrell, WORSETHANDETROIT, JP Carpenter, et al.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    ZOMGYES!!! UncleDaddyIcelandbob!!! I hope I hope I hope (because you've been hoping!) *knocks wood*

    I can't help but think you'd be awesome parental/guiding figure. *grins*
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    @roadscum: You can say suave as much as you want. SUAVE SUAVE SUAVE SUAVE.

    @icelandbob: I'm eagerly awaiting confirmation on the pregnancy because woooo! Congrats on being an uncle.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    1. Layoffs at work. I really can't go into things too much, but while no one I work with day-to-day was shown the door, and things look solid for my product group, it is still damn scary. I've survived eleven years of this stuff. It never gets less terrifying. There's a PTSD aspect to it. There's a certain pattern of meetings that I associate with trouble that leads to sleepless nights.

    2. My mood improved dramatically by the end of the week, when it looked like purges were over. And in any case, through it all, I'm writing, writing, writing! It's just superhero RPG stuff currently, that I'll get a pittance for. But the few hundred a year I get for writing feels so important. I wish so much I could push myself over the hump and start writing fiction.

    3. Kudos:

    I'll single out Rachael for maintaining nerve while battling bedbugs and government spy for whacking away at debt and being a rock in a tough situation.

    But everyone, hang in there and thrive.
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012 edited
    The Boo: The car failed its WoF (that's warrant of fitness). Now we have to fork out a lot of money for repairs so it will pass. And we have no car until it's fixed.

    The Hurrah: I have been reaping the benefits of positive thinking. Like so many of the other people here I get bouts of depression. So I have been exercising some of the techniques I have been learning. When one of my old, familiar negative thoughts intrude, I stop it and replace it with a positive one. I've been using positive thoughts like a mantra to stave off the depression. And I've been using my meditation techniques more than usual (don't always find the time). And wouldn't you know, I feel so much more relaxed and less prone to stress than usual. Actually, I felt a bit hard pressed to find a boo because I was feeling more positive. The one about the car was the only one I had available.

    Kudos: See hurrah. I see a lot of you have been talking about feeling depressed and stressed.Use a positive thought like a mantra and see what happens!
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012
    Okay, look, Si, you seem like a nice guy, so I'm just going to point out once real quietly that a bunch of us were all "Hey limited-time Open Mics were aaaaaaaaaaalright" and then you were like "Cool, I'm game, let's do that again" and now ... we're not, again. Because what our venting really needed was to be compartmentalized, with headers? I just.... Just because we're trying your new format doesn't mean it's succeeding. You can suggest, but you probably shouldn't demand.
    I am maybe not the most open-minded person on the planet these days, yeah. But it's just that we had this conversation already.
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    @Allana. A "conversation" allows both sides to be aired. What you're referring to is a request-for-change, which I listened to. I then proceeded to listen to a series of alternative views - completely contrary to your own, don't-you-just-hate-it-when-that-happens - via this site and via Twitter. Yes, a few people want Open Mic to run for a single day - a lot more people want it left open longer, which is why we're back to a week-long vent. The new 3-act gimmick is included specifically to prevent the major complaint of the previous week-long threads: that it risks turning into a moanfest. Frankly I think it's been rather successful.

    I will continue to fiddle with it, because I'm allowed. You can politely suggest what setup you'd prefer, because you're allowed. My polite suggestion to you is that you don't start confusing your own preferences with entitlements, and that if you just can't stand the idea of your fellow boardmates being allowed to express themselves for a whole week, the other thing you're totally allowed to do is Not Let The Door Hit Your Ass.

    Enough. Open Mic will now take a break, because I'm pissed off.