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    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012
    Here's the new story, written today, in response to a challenge by @256.

    Your challenge is to provide art: either a spot illustration or a two page adaptation. One set inside this time, so a chance for you to show some rooms if you want...

    Title: Our Lady of Artillery
    Word: pub
    Length: 200 words exactly

    She slapped another ammo pack into the firearm and emptied it at the moving targets. A shout to her left and she shifted around quickly, but a flash of red obscured her view, and then she felt an impact and the rifle fell out of her hands.

    Before she could find another weapon, there was a klaxon and then --


    The two words insulted her in their bluntness.

    There was a discreet cough behind her and she started, before she said quietly, “just a moment.”

    “Of course,” came the reply and she heard the door shutting.

    She stood up and stretched. She needed a drink. She smiled at the thought of leaving the office, walking until she found a pub and... no. The smile faded. Never again. She’d never be able to do that unaccompanied.

    She sighed, and walked through the connecting passage from her private office to the large room with the curved walls. Her aide was patiently waiting there, and as she took her place behind the desk, she barely even noticed the seal in the heavy carpet, thinking instead how much simpler it would be if getting legislation passed was just another level to complete.

    (c) Lee Barnett, 2012

    The Rules

    You’ve got until evening on Saturday 18th February, say midnight British time, (4pm Pacific) to put up either a one panel spot illustration or a two page comic book depiction of the entire story. The art can be pencilled, inked, coloured, lettered... entirely up to you. But ART ONLY – no story ideas, or suggestions. This is an opportunity to showcase your art and storytelling abilities.

    We’ll announce on Sunday 19th February the winner who then gets to pick a new four word title and word, and I’ll write a new story which will go up Monday 20th January... which will start the whole thing running again for the following two weeks.

    If possible, please can you make sure you've got your email address registered in your profile so we can email you to let you know you're challenging me next time (just in case you're not able to visit that weekend).

    OK, what are you waiting for? Start drawing...!
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012
    Hello...? [echo] :-)

    Just curious what folks are planning for this challenge...?
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    i have an idea dont wanna give it away
    i am starting it today though.
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2012
    I have an idea as well. I'll look at it this evening.
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    gotta wait till next week for spare time for this.
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2012
    Don't think I can play, got a site launch next week... :(
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    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2012
    Looks nice, Imaginary People! I've just finished the inks on mine.
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    @dnewling - thanks! and cant wait to see yours
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2012
    Our Lady of Artillery
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012
    Great pieces, guys... looking forward to more before the deadline...
    • CommentAuthordnewling
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    Dead quiet, this thread is. Where is everyone?
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2012
    I've had a crazy busy few weeks, some job alterations (all good, but requiring more time for the present), so I've had to just watch on this one.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    A quick one from me...
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    Rush job except still took all evening....
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012 edited
    by Felipe Sobreiro
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    nice last minute mojokingbee & sobreiro
    • CommentAuthorRaid71
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    Sobreiro :) lovely idea
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012 edited
    Our Lady Of Artillery Spot Illustration By Oxbrow
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    Heading for bed - enjoy a few extra hours. These have been superb...