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      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2012 edited
    Cross post from my blog, thought there might be some folks interested around here?

    A reminder to all my cartoonist and doodling freinds, the submissions deadline for Issue #15 of carte blanche are coming up soon! March 1st, so you've got about half a month to go.

    There is more than one way to tell a story.
    Carte Blanche would like to know how you would!

    There’s no theme for this issue, it’s wide open. There is a small honorarium, and you retain all rights to your work.
    Stories can be 1 to 25 pages long – If you want to hit us up with something longer write first before submitting. We accept original submissions through our  online submission form. See here for instructions. If you have problems using our submission form, please send us an email.
    We're looking for 'grafic fcition' anywhere from a page to 25 pages long, ideally has not been widly publshed yet, or seen at all perhapse? It could be an exerpt of a longer peice if you're working on a graphic novel?
    There’s no theme for this issue, and there is a small honorarium.
    You retain all rights to your work, we just need a non-exclusive agreement that lets us publish it on the site, and possibly in a futrure print endition [we're putting out what we're calling our first 'pilot' edition of carte blanche with issue 14] 
    This is an international call, you don't have to be local to us at all [Montreal].
    Checkout the site for our current and past issues.
    We've recently merged with Tally Abecassis's This Really Happened.  A live nonfiction storytelling series. Which means we now have some great spoken word stories, along with fiction, nonfiction, peotry, photography, and graphic fiction!
    For an idea of our editor’s taste in sequential art [that would be me, max douglas aka Salgood Sam.] check out the last few stories we’ve published.  Stories by Daniel HaAinsley Olsen,  James RombergerShannon WheelerNina BunjevacMara Sternberg, & Dustin Harbin!
    So, Do you have a story to tell?