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    @Magnus - which is exactly why I've never been even remotely interested in trying smack, meth or crack.
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    @Greasemonkey - And how many photojournalists have told your story to the world? Yeah, thought that'd shut you up. :p
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    @Magnus, turns out the NYTimes did a profile on that fella yesterday.

    Phenomenal photos. Thanks.
      CommentAuthorPurple Wyrm
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    TV Tropes Standard Snippets page.

    All those bits of music you know from TV and Movies without actually knowing what they are in one handy location.

    It's actually a bit annoying because now everyone will know what to call "the circus music", which is one of those bits of obscure knowledge I like to pull out and dazzle people with.

    The Circus Music
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    Dan Savage: "You know how Mormons 'baptize' dead people who weren’t Mormons—including Holocaust victims—because Mormons believe they have a right to choose Mormonism for the deceased? And you know how the Mormon Church says that being gay is a choice? The same church that doesn’t think you should have a choice about being posthumously baptized? Well, now you can choose homosexuality for dead Mormons! Just go to, enter the name of a deceased Mormon or ask the site to find a dead Mormon for you, and—presto!—that dead Mormon gets to have a gay afterlife!"
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    posted without comment
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    What's the story there?
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
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    True wuv?
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    Cassetteboy's back!
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    @magnus 1:46 "The government says it has NO plans to GET the economy moving again." & 2:20 "The British Prime Minister is a POSH English QUEEN." - brilliant.

    @Sobreiro & Jay Kay I found that on FB with the title "Release Your Inner Tiger" I think, considering the terrible job, someone should make it a t-shirt.
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    @ Greasemonkey - Hello Kitty Assault Rifle! Yay! That takes me back, was one of the earliest pictures / stories I linked to on the nascent Weaponizer site! I should go back to writing Jesus Christ's Internet Digest, that was loads of fun...
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    @Texture - Heh - someone sent it to me today and I thought it was funny.

    @Magnus - I'm happy in my addiction-free obscurity :-D
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    @Greasemonkey - I have a collection of stuff like that...

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    Regarding the mormons baptising dead people, my understanding is that the dead people are allowed to say no thanks and carry on being dead non-mormon heathens. Which doesn't make it any less batshit insane, but at least... you know I don't think there's any good way to end that sentence?

    Here's the wikipedia page anyway.
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