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    Week of February 15, 2012


    Activity #3
    Amazing Spider-Man #679.1
    Army of Darkness Ongoing #1
    Avengers #22
    Avenging Spider-Man #4
    Batman #6
    Betty & Veronica #258
    Birds of Prey #6
    Blue Beetle #6
    BPRD Hell on Earth Long Death #1
    Captain Atom #6
    Catwoman #6
    Daredevil #9
    Dark Tower Gunslinger Way Station #3 (of 5)
    Darkness #99
    DC Universe Online Legends #23
    DC Universe Presents #6
    Domino Lady's Threesome #1
    Dungeons & Dragons Drizzt #5 (of 5)
    End of Nations #4 (of 4)
    Fables #114
    Fear Itself Fearless #9 (of 12)
    Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #3
    Formic Wars Silent Strike #3 (of 5)
    Generation Hope #16 XREGB
    Ghostbusters Ongoing #6
    GI Joe 2 Retaliation Movie Prequel #1
    Glory #23
    Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters #12
    Gold Digger #135
    Green Lantern Corps #6
    Grimm Fairy Tales The Library #4
    Halo Fall of Reach Invasion #2 (of 4)
    Hellblazer #288
    Hellraiser Masterpieces #8
    Heroes of the North Dark origins one-shot
    Infestation 2 Dungeons & Dragons #1 (of 2)
    Infestation 2 TransFormers #2 (of 2)
    Invincible Iron Man #513
    Legion of Super Heroes #6
    Misadventures of Adam West Ongoing #1
    Moriarty #9
    My Greatest Adventure #5 (of 6)
    New Avengers #21
    Nightwing #6
    Peter Panzerfaust #1
    Planet of the Apes #11
    Red Hood and the Outlaws #6
    Return of the Monsters Phantom Detective vs Frankenstein
    Richi Rich Gems #44
    Robert Jordan Wheel of Time Eye of the World #21
    Roger Langridge's Snarked #5
    Sherlock Holmes Victorian Knights #1
    Simpsons Comics #187
    Sonic Universe #37
    Star Trek Legion of Superheroes #5 (of 6)
    Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Force Storm #1
    Super Dinosaur #8
    Supergirl #6
    Thunderbolts #170
    Ultimate Ccomics X-Men #7
    Uncanny X-Men #7
    Vampirella #14
    Venom #13.2
    Warehouse 13 #4
    Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #10
    Wasteland #34
    Winter Soldier #2
    Witchblade #153
    Wolverine #301
    Wonder Woman #6
    X-Factor #232 XREGG
    Young Justice #13


    G Fan #98
    Life With Archie #17

    Trade Paperbacks

    Amazing Mysteries Bill Everett Archives HC Vol 1
    Annihilators TP
    Astonishing X-Men Whedon & Cassaday Ult Coll TP Book 1
    Avengers Omnibus HC Vol 1
    Chico & Rita GN
    Daredevil Reborn TP
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Amazing Mini Mutts
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Attach of the Invisible Cats
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Backward Bowwow
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Barnyard Brainwash
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Battle Bugs of Outer Space
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Hopping Hero
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Salamander Smackdown
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Sleepy Time Crime
    DC Super Pets Yr Tp Starro & Space Dolphins
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Super Pets Showdown
    DC Super Pets Yr TP Superpowered Pony
    Deadman TP Vol 2
    ERB John Carter of Mars Mars Trilogy Omnibus SC
    Explorer The Mystery Boxes SC
    Fables Deluxe Edition HC Vol 4
    Fear Itself Deadpool Fearsome Four Prem HC
    Glitz 2 Go TP
    Hellblazer Phantom Pains TP
    Is That All There Is? HC
    Justice Society of America Monument Point TP
    Kolor Klimax Nordic Comics Now GN
    Marvel Zombies Supreme TP
    Naoki Urasawa 20th Century Boys GN Vol 19
    Pigs TP Vol 1 Hello Cruel World
    Power Girl Old Friends TP
    Sonic Universe TP Vol 2 30 Years Later
    Spider-Man Spider-Island Companion HC
    TransFormers TP Vol 6 Chaos Police Action
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Benis Prem HC Vol 1
    Uncanny X-Force TP Vol 2 Deathlok Nation
    Under the Moons of Mars New Adventures of Barsoom HC
    Vengeance HC
    X-Factor Super Unnatural Prem HC
    X-Force Necrosha TP
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012
    Daredevil #9
    Hellblazer #288
    Invincible Iron Man #513
    Wasteland #34

    BPRD Hell on Earth Long Death #1

    14 Volumes behind....
    Naoki Urasawa 20th Century Boys GN Vol 19
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012
    Fear Itself Fearless #9 (of 12)
    Green Lantern Corps #6
    Invincible Iron Man #513
    Winter Soldier #2
    Wonder Woman #6
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    Nothing for me this week. I'll pick up Invincible Iron Man #513 in trade.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012
    Pigs Volume 1 the two issues I read were great and I want to enjoy the whole thing together now.

    Activity #3 I will grab in the collection.

    I will check out Glory #23 it may be my loan single issue purchase if I like what I see from flipping through it.
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    DAREDEVIL (my last issue for reasons im sure no one wants me to whine about related to the past week of marvel shitstorm)
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012
    Peter Panzerfaust #1
    BPRD Hell on Earth Long Death #1
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    Joe -- I wanna hear it. Lay it on me.
    • CommentAuthorPow
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2012 edited
    Wow, Peter Panzerfaust looks properly ridiculous, in a good way.

    Also Atomic Robo showed up this week, which is nice.
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    regardless of who is at fault or whether gary friedrich 'deserved it' for selling prints/sueing for rights/etc, i find the lawsuit to be disgusting and a prime example of everything i was already upset with in the world of corporate comics. people may (and have!) say that all im hurting is retailers, or that editorial and the current creators didnt make the decision, but i dont care. im not supporting them anymore. so im buying the stuff my shop already ordered for me, and thats it. im done with marvel.
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    Seriously though, there is an argument to be made that Marvel, acting as a business, had a duty to their stockholders (or whatever it is for them) to fight the suit, as doing so protects them in the event of suits that are really are bullshit (no opinion on the merits of this specific one).

    If you must hate Marvel, hate them because superheroes is a fundamentally ridiculous genre (and slightly more seriously, as a man, you should be embarrassed to be seen with any media featuring women fighting intergalatic evil wearing skin-tight leotards).
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    im aware of the business reality of it, but like i said, i was already sick of a lot the types of things happening in major comics. this was just one more push over the edge. once OMAC ends in two months i will likely drop dc stuff too.

    (except for batman inc...because im still a nerd haha)

    ANYWAYS due to the lack of other stuff i was interested in, i picked up PETER PANZERFAUST #1 today and it was a nice start. enough that i will be getting #2! and GLORY was just as good as PROPHET. this wave of extreme relaunches has me stoked
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    @Joe -- I am really sorry if other people turn this into an argument, but I'm trying to get this whole thing figured out... Gary Friedrich co-created Ghost Rider, doesn't have much money, sold prints / sketches / signed stuff of Ghost Rider at cons, (note here: from what I've found, some of the prints that he was making weren't his own), then he sued Marvel for money due to the new Ghost Rider movie coming out, Marvel counter-sued for him selling prints that other people drew / coloured and he lost...
    Let me know what I have wrong 'cause this is the first that I've heard about it and most of the sites that I read through were talking about end results and opinions rather than what actually happened (or, when they do talk about what happened, it tends to come across as really aggressive and one sided in either Gary's or Marvel's favour. I've found a fairly even amount of each.)
    PS: You're not just hurting retailers... not buying something from Marvel means that they're making just that little bit less money. As for hurting the retailers, yeah, you are... but then again, you also are for not buying Domino Lady's Threesome #1. Hell, you're hurting retailers and publishers by not running out and buying 39 copies of Twilight because that's 39 more copies that they aren't selling. But you'd be hurting yourself if you did buy those things so hey, you have to do what's right by your standards.
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2012
    *remembers to pick up Ghostbusters*
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2012 edited
    yes, gary may have been doing some things that fall in a gray area, but
    a)i was already on the verge of dropping all the corporate comics anyway, as i am not happy with their policies/output/general treatment of people
    b)im not saying marvel isnt within their rights (also, im not trying to be a dick to you but anytime a conversation about something i oppose involves lines like 'acting as a business, had a duty to their stockholders', it usually cements my postion as being on the side that i want to be on)
    c)i also dont care, and dont want to support companies that have shitty business practices. i am a punk kid at heart- i refuse to shop at walmart if at all possible, i dont give money to businesses that support anti-gay legislation, i support local when i can etc etc
    d)as far as the retailers, well i dropped my 2 marvel books and at the same time added 3 image books and put in orders for two indie trades. its not like im withdrawing monetary support, i have friends that work there and have known the owner since before he even opened the shop.
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    All legitimate gripes aside....

    I'm really enjoying Brubaker and Guice's Winter Soldier. You can tell both of them are really enjoying putting this book together.
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    @Joe -- Hey, it all makes sense to me. My cousin (who also collects comics) and I were chatting the other day about what we're currently buying. He gets one monthly comic from Marvel (Iron Man) and I get one series in trade from them (also Iron Man). And we're both thinking of cancelling it due to it appearing as if Fraction has run out of ideas for the character.
    Don't worry about being a dick to me... I can take it. And hey, it really is just opinions. Opinions don't hurt my feelings. That, and you've always come across as a swell guy.
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    ha, fair enough.

    if im being 100% truthful though, the fact that almost all of the books the big 2 put out just dont interest me anymore had about as much to do with this decision. the stomping of a broke old man was just the final thing for me.

    as a semi related issue, am i the only one who is sick of the trend of the past few years to be constantly filling in the blanks? like 'oh shit, guess what? HERES SOMETHING ELSE THAT HAPPENED TO THE XMEN/BRUCE WAYNES PARENTS/GREEN LANTERN CORPS 20 YEARS AGO
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    With the big Avengers X-Men crossover on the way, I'm about to dump New Avengers from my list. Bendis writes a fun superhero book, but I really don't care in the slightest about any of this. Until Bendis finally gets the Jessica Jones/Luke Cage series I wish he was writing, I think I'm pretty well done with mainstream superheroes.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2012
    @Joe - everything you ever read for the last twenty years was a fake/hoax/cover-story-for-something-even-more-shocking-and-likely-to-be-retconned-anyway-at-some-point-down-the-line. Nah, I'm not sick of that at all... :-/

    Anyhoo I shall be getting DD this week despite all the anti-MarvelDisneyCorp sentiment (AFWIW, I don't really share the sentiment but totally see why other people do), and apart from 2000 AD probably nothing else. Which suits me fine as i'm totally skint.